Faux Money Tree for Indoors (5 ft. 1 in)

Artificial Money Trees | 8 Best Faux Money Trees [Look Real]

Are you ready to bring positive vibes, good luck, and fortune into your home? Great if you’ve come here to check out artificial money trees. Real money plants need excessive moisture and cannot survive without water. Artificial money trees are a great alternative for people with non-green thumbs to bring a green touch and keep the home look refreshing.

Why are They Called Money Plants?

Have you ever wondered where their names come from? It is believed that once upon a time,  a poor man was praying for money. When he did, he saw the money plant and brought it home with him. Soon, he made money by selling more plants growing from its seeds. He credited the tree by the name “ money plant” for his newfound wealth.

Why is Money Tree a Good Gift Idea?

According to feng shui, money plants are believed to bring fortune, good luck and create positive energy in our homes. With their interesting symbolism and natural beauty, money plants are popular gift ideas for executives, colleagues, and clients. Money plants can be a great conversation starter while bringing a refreshing touch to any dull corner of your house.

Impressive right? Let’s now take a quick look at the best-selling money trees and find the right one for you!

Artificial Money Tree

8 Best Faux Money Plants

1. Tall Artificial Money Tree with Braided Trunks (5 ft. 6 in)

Standing (5 ft.6 in) tall, this artificial money plant is a perfect striking point for a living room, reception, entrance, next to your living room, and mantle. Look how the trunk is designed in a braided design. Additionally, this plant comes with a grey decorative planter and matching river rocks to take the natural look to the next level. Get it now!

  • Brand: Nearly Natural
  • Material: High-quality synthetic fabrics
  • Height: (5 ft. 6 in)
  • Recommended for indoor usage
  • It comes with a decorative planter
  • It comes with matching river rocks
  • Lifelike foliage with braided trunk design
  • No maintenance required 

2. Faux Money Tree for Indoors (5 ft. 1 in)

Check out the (5 ft. 1 in) artificial money tree, designed with deep green textured foliage, with a curved thick trunk. This money tree can beautifully match any decoration theme, taking the elegance of your house to the next level. Since the leaves are made up of plastic, they are not prone to damage and can survive harsh windy conditions.

  • Height: (5 ft. 1 in)
  • Material: made up of plastic
  • Recommended for indoor usage
  • Suitable for living room, bedroom, front porch, sitting area, office
  • Lifelike foliage which looks natural
  • No maintenance required, and it looks realistic

3. Artificial Money Tree with Decorative Planter (5 ft.)

Check out this gorgeous statement piece, artificial money tree, which comes with an attractive planter pot that will give an appealing look for any corner. Designed with rich green leaves with braided trunks, this decorative plant needs no watering and looks lifelike with the authentic-looking rustic pot.

  • Brand: Nearly Natural
  • Height: (5 ft.)
  • Material: Styrofoam, PVC leather, wood, moss, plastic, iron wire, polyester
  • Recommended for indoor usage
  • Suitable for living room, bedroom, front porch, sitting area, office
  • Lifelike foliage
  • It comes with a decorative planter and moss to give a natural look
  • No maintenance required

4. Faux Money Tree with White Planter (5 ft.)

Imagine how classy your sunroom looks with this money plant with a white oval-shaped planter. The money plant is designed with real-touch leaves and braided brown trunks, which fade to green as it moves upwards. Since the leaves are polyester, they have long-lasting durability and retain the fresh look for a lifetime.

  • Brand: Nearly Natural
  • Height: (5 ft.)
  • Material:  polyester
  • Recommended for indoor usage
  • Suitable for living room, bedroom, front porch, sitting area, office
  • Designed with real touch technology and looks natural
  • It comes with a white decorative planter
  • No maintenance required

5. Artificial Money Tree with White Planter (5 ft.)

Liven up your room with this artificial money tree designed with vibrant green leaves and twisted woody trunks. Additionally, it comes with a white ceramic planter and rocks, making the plant look stylish for any space. This is also a beautiful gift idea for a decor lover to bring instant smiles!

  • Brand: Nearly Natural
  • Height: 5 ft.
  • Recommended for indoor usage
  • Suitable for living room, bedroom, sitting area, garden, front porch, backyard, patio, balcony
  • It comes with a stylish white ceramic planter.
  • Vibrant green lifelike foliage with twisted trunks
  • It looks realistic with no maintenance

6. UV Resistant Artificial Money Plant for Outdoor Usage (4 ft. 11 in)

Are you searching for an artificial money plant that can be inserted into your garden? This is the right choice. Designed with high-quality fabrics with exquisite craftsmanship, this artificial plant has long-lasting durability. Wondering if they have antifading properties? Yes, these fake money plants are UV resistant and prevent fading under sun exposure. Go for it now!

  • Material:  made up of synthetic fabrics.
  • Recommended for indoor usage and outdoor usage
  • Suitable for living room, bedroom, sitting area, garden, front porch, backyard, patio, balcony
  • Designed with UV resistant technology and prevents fading
  • It does not comes in a pot and can be planted either in pot or soil
  • No maintenance required

7. Fake Money Tree with Painted Wood Trunk (2 ft. 10 in)

Are you looking for an artificial money tree at affordable prices? This money plant is designed with 175 leaves, with perfect details. The leaves and branches are outfitted with iron wires which enables the plant to retain its shape for a long time. It is designed with real painted wood, which is long durable.  This plant looks great for small spaces; order now before it goes out of stock!

  • Height: (2 ft. 10 in)
  • Recommended for indoor usage
  • Suitable for living room, bedroom, sitting area, garden,
  • It comes with a black nursery pot to hold the plant straight and sturdy
  • No maintenance required

8. Golden Money Tree with Chinese Dragon Pots (7 in)

According to feng shui, money trees bring immense fortune and good luck. No doubt about it, this golden money tree is a gorgeous addition to your home! Another good news is, they can be arranged how you like.

It is 7″ tall and is a cute tabletop piece to add to your bedside table, office desk, or on top of furniture. What are you waiting for? Empty the old stuff from your table and add this to your cart after you check out their great ratings and reviews!

  • Height: 7 inches
  • Made up of resins and crystal stones
  • Recommended for indoor usage
  • Suitable for a bedside table, office desk, study desk, dining table, and on top of furniture
  • Believed to bring good luck and fortune
  • Wonderful gift idea for newlyweds, housewarming party, etc
  • The leaves can be arranged the way you like
  • No maintenance required, and looks luxurious

Which are the Best Places to Put a Fake Money Tree?

Until you have artificial money plants, you don’t need to worry about natural factors like sun, rain, wind, and soil.  Artificial plants are great to look at anywhere! They can be kept in your living room, bedroom, patio, front porch, sunroom, and guest room. They are also great choices for commercial centers, restaurants, hotels, public areas, etc.

How Much Does an Artificial Money Tree Cost?

Artificial money trees cost between 50 USD to 150 USD. The prices of the artificial money plants range according to the material, quality, brand, height, number of leaves, and additional features. However, the myriad of choices in our guide helps you to choose which plant you need according to your preferences and budget.

Best Artificial Money Tree

Final Thoughts

No doubt about it: money trees are widely popular and are believed to bring good luck and fortune to your home. They are space-saving and are beautiful ornamental plants to bring positivity and add a green touch to your home.

Are you struggling to pick the right one for you?

Think about the depth and dimensions of your home and the space allocated for your artificial money tree. Select by height.  And don’t miss to add the golden Feng Shui money tree to your cart to welcome luck and fortune to your home too!

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