Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Olive Tree (4 ft. 7 in)

Artificial Olive Trees | 17 Best Fake Olive Plants That Look Real

If you want to check out olive plants to add to your home or office, great! You’ve come to the right place. While gardening your plants and decorating your home is no doubt exciting, but can also be overwhelming. And then all the efforts go up in smoke when you’re out for a few days and forget about your plant. If this is related to you, we have an excellent solution in the form of artificial olive trees, which is the oldest symbol that brings peace and prosperity to your home. 

Why Artificial Olive Trees are a Good Choice for Your Home and Office?

Olive trees are a trending and popular choice among decor lovers who love to keep your home with the best look. And additionally, olive trees are known as the oldest Greek symbol of peace and prosperity. The Greek and Mediterranean people have close ties with the olive tree for its nutritional value and antiquity.

You would have already known that a dove holding a branch of leaves is a widely popular symbol of peace messenger. Don’t be surprised if we say a branch of leaves is none other than from the olive tree!

Let’s dive straight into the ultimate collection of artificial olive trees!

17 Best Artificial Olive Trees

1. Silvery-Green Tall Artificial Olive Tree (6 ft.)

Desperate to add some fresh life into a plain space? We know just what you need: a silk green faux olive tree! No matter how big or small your home might be, this green plant with olives is the perfect match.

Did someone say that it was too tall? Its 6 ft height makes for an excellent centerpiece or room divider! Use one of these artificial plants and never worry about watering again. The silk leaves are unlike any other, guaranteed not to fade in direct sunlight.

  • Brand: Viagdo
  • Material: silk, plastic, metal
  • Recommended for: Indoor usage
  • Height: (6 ft.)
  • Weight: 9.68lbs
  • Total number of leaves: 1176
  • Maintenance: no maintenance required
  • Long slender branches with dark purple olives

2. Indoor Real Touch Faux Olive Tree (5 ft. 8 in)

Make your bare space come alive with this artificial olive tree. The indoor olive tree will make a great addition to the home and workspaces that help freshen up the surroundings. With its vase, faux moss, and plant included for you to stage, this decorative plant is perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to spice up their interior design space.

  • Brand: SIGNWIN
  • Material: polyester, silk, plastic
  • Recommended for: indoor usage
  • Height: (5 ft. 8 in)
  • Vase dimensions: (2 ft. 6 in)
  • Base Type: vase
  • Includes: vase, faux moss, and plant
  • No maintenance required
  • The vase is made of hardboard
  • Carefully crafted sturdy silk leaves

3. Lifelike Fake Olive Tree for Home and Office Decoration (5 ft. 3 in)

A lifelike fake olive tree is an essential accessory in your living room, bedroom, or office. Impress your guests and friends with this lifelike fake olive tree. This artificial decorative plant will make it easy to create a beautiful home or business atmosphere.

Why not add this real tree with 1014 leaves? Bring life, warmth, liveliness, and comfort into space for adding more fun and also giving people more choices for decoration!

  • Brand: Viagdo
  • Material: polyester, silk, plastic, metal
  • Recommended for: indoor
  • Height: (5 ft. 3 in)
  • Base Type: black nursery pot
  • Weight: 4.7lbs
  • Total number of leaves: 1014
  • Available heights: (4 ft. 6 in), 6 ft
  • No maintenance required
  • Applicable occasions: living room, bedroom, guest room, office, shop, restaurant, party decor, wedding ceremony, etc.
  • 3 branches and dozens of lifelike olive fruits

4. Artificial Olive Tree with Vase (4 ft. 8 in)

When you’re done with fake Christmas trees this winter, take your love of olive green into the middle of summer! This artificial olive tree is sheathed in fauxsity for easy maintenance and looking impeccable. Give it to your loved ones like a mini olive garden and keep it year-round picnicking on false grass over indoors. Artificial plants are never ridiculous, and they don’t ever die!

  • Brand: SIGNWIN
  • Material: polyester, silk, plastic
  • Recommended for: indoor usage
  • Height: (4 ft. 8 in)
  • Base Type: vase
  • No maintenance required
  • Realistic look leaves
  • It contains natural-looking olives
  • Durable and retains the shape and color for a long time

5. Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Olive Tree (4 ft. 7 in)

The addition of this indoor and outdoor artificial olive tree from IPreference will make every house feel equally fascinating and refreshing. Made out of polyester that’s sturdy yet lightweight and created to look real, it is designed to create a carefree atmosphere for your home or office.

So remember that natural goodness doesn’t have to be sacrificed by pursuing some quick shortcut when you can design ambiance with this faux olive tree– so all-purpose it should go without saying, but we said it anyway!

  • Brand: IPreference
  • Material: polyester, plastic
  • Recommended for: Indoor and outdoor
  • Height: (4 ft. 7 in)
  • Base Type: planter, pot
  • Assemble: no
  • No maintenance required
  • It comes with river rocks which makes the plant look natural
  • Realistic foliage and natural-looking olives

6. Real Touch Fake Olive Tree for Indoors (4 ft.)

The CROSOFMI real touch artificial olive tree is an easy way to add greenery without the water and hassle of a live plant! Made from faux silk or metal material, this indoor olive tree would look great in any home – especially near floor level. The adjustable branch will give you endless options when staging your space with ease. All you have to do for maintenance is wipe down these leafy green beauties with a damp cloth or duster if they get dusty!

  • Brand: CROSOFMI
  • Material: silk, faux silk, metal
  • Recommended for: indoor
  • Height: (4 ft.)
  • Base Type: pot
  • No maintenance required
  • Designed with real touch technology, waterproof and eco friendly
  • Durable and bendable branches enable fluffing.

7. Artificial Olive Tree with 160 Lights (4 ft.)

We’ve found the perfect plant to complete your Christmas decor. Let this artificial olive tree with lights inspire you this holiday season! This sleek and elegant LED-lighted tree is a joy to behold.

It features 160 cozy warm white fairy LEDs, so it looks just like the real thing, but without all of that pesky maintenance required for live greenery! So if you’re looking for an eye-catching decoration this year, then we have exactly what you need; this artificial olive unit comes pre-lit, making it easy on you and even easier on your wallet.

  • Brand: Hairui
  • Material: plastic
  • Recommended for: Indoor and outdoor usage
  • Height: (4 ft.)
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • No maintenance required
  • Organic textured natural-looking olive leaves
  • Features 160 LED lights for an enlightening look
  • Waterproof for outdoor use
  • Designed with low output voltage to ensure safety

8. Nearly Natural Artificial Olive Tree (3 ft. 6 in)

This artificial olive tree is an easy way to add lush greenery to your home or office or give it a Mediterranean flair. From the gnarled trunk that mimics a real tree to the numerous rich-green leaves with a realistic appearance, this artificial olive pot of olives will liven up any room in need.

  • Brand: Nearly Natural
  • Material: clay, polyester, styrofoam, iron, plastic
  • Recommended for: indoor
  • Height: (3 ft. 6 in)
  • Base Type: white tower planter
  • No maintenance required
  • Brings Mediterranean look
  • Numerous rich green leaves mimic a true tree
  • It comes with white river rocks to cover up the foam.

9. Artificial Olive Tree in Woven Pot (2 ft. 8 in)

This artificial olive tree may not be edible, but it sure is something to have around the house for decoration. The faux olive looks so real and will liven up any space with its green leaves and leafy branches. Treat your friends to a comforting Mediterranean feel!

  • Brand: SLanC
  • Material: silk, foam, iron, plastic, metal, steel
  • Recommended for: indoor
  • Height: (2 ft. 8 in)
  • Base Type: planter, woven pot
  • It comes in a durable and unbreakable woven pot
  • No maintenance required
  • Branched leaves with steel wires can be adjusted to a full, sturdy shape 

10. 2 Combo Silk Olive Trees in Black Plastic Pots (2 ft. 8 in)

This artificial olive tree is perfect for the person who likes convenience. The silk leaves are waterproof and easy to clean up after! With vivid colors as well, this fake plant can brighten up any room. It’s also designed with realism and exquisite craft; this faux plant will grace your home with its beauty!

  • Brand: Treeish Décor
  • Material: silk
  • Recommended for: indoor
  • Height: (2 ft. 8 in)
  • Base Type: black plastic pot
  • No maintenance required
  • Adjustable leaves and branches
  • Realistic with vivid colors and exquisite quality
  • Contains brown colored olives

11. Faux Olive Tree in Pot (2 ft. 7 in)

Don’t look any further for the perfect faux olive tree: Nearly Natural’s faux olive tree in a pot is sure to fulfill your needs. This artificial green and brown “tree” is 2 ft. 7 inches tall, perfect for smaller spaces or those who enjoy a feminine touch to their living room decor. It requires zero maintenance, so you never have to worry about watering or trimming this lightweight plastic plant.

  • Brand: Nearly Natural
  • Material: plastic
  • Recommended for: indoor usage
  • Height: (2 ft. 7 in)
  • Base Type: planter
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • No maintenance required
  • No watering or trimming
  • Features thin brown trunk
  • Adds a delicate touch

12. Nearly Natural Faux Olive Tree in Pot (2 ft. 6 in)

The Nearly Natural faux olive tree in a pot is the full package. You’re spared from those dreaded maintenance tasks, can enjoy your recent purchase right now while it looks good– and never have to worry about upkeep. Admired for its multi-hued leaves and olives, you’ll wonder if the olives are ready to eat.

  • Brand: Nearly Natural
  • Recommended for: indoor
  • Height: (2 ft. 6 in)
  • Base Type: pot
  • Maintenance: no maintenance
  • Admired for natural-looking olives
  • Thick branch with multi-hued leaves
  • Long durable

13. Beautiful Fake Olive Tree (1 ft. 8 in)

This is no ordinary olive tree. With its artificial green leaves and realistic trunk, this fancy fake plant will instantly add a lively splash of everyday naturalistic color around your home! Offering to make a nice centerpiece for any room in need of some extra glamour, you’ll have the opportunity to bring nature indoors with the beautiful fake olive tree.

  • Recommended for: indoor
  • Height: (1 ft. 8 in)
  • Base Type: pot
  • Available sizes: Medium and Large
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Applicable locations: fits great in a kitchen, living room, or office space
  • Elegant looking unique pot
  • Vibrant looking leaves and realistic trunk

14. Combo Long Green Leaves Silk Trees with Vase (1 ft. 6 in)

Bring the Mediterranean indoors with every side of it. Give yourself a luxurious olive tree. It’s perfect for any space and occasion with its glossy green leaves that are pleasing to both the eye and mouth. You will be tempted to pull off an olive as you admire this artificial tree in pot or vase height.

  • Brand: Nearly Natural
  • Recommended for: indoor
  • Height: (1 ft. 6 in)
  • Base Type: pot, vase
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Admired for its long green leaves
  • Simple and elegant look
  • Retains the natural look for a long time
  • Combo set at affordable prices

15. Table Centerpiece Silk Olive Tree (1 ft. 6 in)

Dress up your home with this shabby chic olive tree. Hand-assembled by professional artists, each branch is lovingly cared for and is a work of art in both color and detail.

Plus, his artificial olive tree comes in a cute pot perfect for any side table or desk space inside your house or at the office.

  • Brand: Flora Bunda
  • Material: silk, plastic, ceramic
  • Recommended for: indoor
  • Height: (1 ft. 6 in)
  • Base Type: clay pot
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Handmade to give an outstanding natural look
  • Easy to be twisted to any shape to give a fluffy look
  • Stays fresh and beautiful for years

16. Realistic Look Fake Olive Tree in Ceramic Pot (1 ft. 4 in)

A beautiful ceramic potted olive plant that brings the outdoors an enchanting look. With its realistic look, it’s perfect for placing near a window to bring some nature into your home or office! Ready for display after minimal assembly, and the height is just over 1 foot tall, so it can also be used as a plant stand.

  • Brand: Naturally home
  • Recommended for: indoor
  • Height: (1 ft. 4 in)
  • Base Type: ceramic pot
  • Maintenance: requires no maintenance
  • The top of the vase has a distressed look to look realistic
  • It can be displayed in any space
  • A long-lasting fresh look for years

17. Olive Artificial Bonsai Tree (1 ft. 1 in)

Last but not least, take a look at this creative Nearly Natural olive artificial bonsai tree. With delicate green foliage on glossy artificial bark, this faux tree with pot is the perfect decor to add to any space. It makes a delightful tabletop accent for just about anywhere—from your desk at work to a dresser in your bedroom or kitchen cabinet! At 1 ft., you’ll have lots of room left over for whatever else you want it next to (like flowers!).

  • Brand: Nearly Natural
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Recommended for: indoor
  • Height: (1 ft. 1 in)
  • Assembly Required: no
  • Maintenance: requires no maintenance
  • Ideal as a centerpiece for an end table
  • Manufactured by quality handcrafted materials

Why Are Artificial Olive Trees Worth Investing?

To be straight cut, artificial plants let you off the hook by watering it regularly, changing the soil frequently, protecting the plants from pests and bugs and harsh weather conditions. 

Let us be honest with you!

If you really want to add a refreshing green touch to your home immediately to make your guests gaze at your home, this artificial olive plant is a wonderful option to go for. Above all, they don’t die and stay with “ I’m alive look”  in the corner of your room.

How Much Does an Artificial Olive Tree Cost?

Artificial olive trees cost between 25 USD to 100 USD. The prices between artificial olive trees range according to their material, brand, quality, pot, number of leaves, branches, height, and additional features. The wide variety of options in our guide helps you to select which faux plant you need according to your preferences and budget. 

Fake Olive Plants

Final Thoughts

Faux plants are no shame, and you would be thankful when you realize they’re retaining the color and shape like a fresh live plant for a long time. If you are obsessed with greens but don’t have a green thumb, spoil yourself with an artificial olive tree, and you won’t regret it. Take your home to the next level of peace with this gorgeous green!

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