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11 Beautiful Artificial Roses That Look Real [Fake Roses]

Oh, roses! Who doesn’t love them? They are so colorful, attractive, full of positive energies that can change the mood on a sad day.

In most cultures around the globe, flowers play an important role for ceremonies, whether it’s a birthday, a marriage proposal, weddings, and even we send flowers to our loved ones when they leave this world to remind them that we still think about them, and they are still present in our lives.

Flowers are also a great way to show up on the door of our significant other to say, without words, “I love you”.
As beautiful as they are, roses they are not as cheap as we would love them to be. Especially when Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are around the corner. Not only that, but there’s a big money leakage when a special event like a party or a wedding takes place, just because of the roses decorations.

But what if we told you that there is a way of having your dreamed event so beautifully ornamented, and no even spending half of what you were expecting in decoration with roses? Yes, there is a way: artificial roses that look real.

Why using artificial but real looking rose flowers instead of regular?

  • The most obvious: it’s way cheaper. You can find a bouquet of artificial roses for 1/3 the price of one of the real ones.
  • If you or your event attendees are allergic to pollen, be prepared to have people leaving the event early. Artificial roses will make a beautiful place, without having a sneezing concert.
  • There are artificial roses that look just like real ones. Your attendees will not even notice that. Instead, they will be amazed by the beautiful decorations you put your efforts on.

Places Where Artificial Roses Are Used

  • Wedding Decorations: Centerpieces, Ceiling, Church, Candy bar, Aisle, Dress, Groom’s gown
  • Birthday Party: Centerpiece, Walls, Candy bar
  • A Romantic Dinner: Table, Centerpiece
  • Prom Dance: Boutonniere, Gown
  • Baby Shower: Candy bar, Badges
  • Festivals: General decorations
  • Decor: Gardens, Fences, Home Décor, Office ornaments, House warming parties

And the list goes on. Honestly, you can use real artificial flowers everywhere to emphasize the beauty of the moment for the people that see them. They are great to harmonize any place and change from a sad face to a happy one when someone receives them. Imagine giving your loved ones a bouquet of fake red roses that look real. They will be amazed!

You don’t have to worry about looking for the best ones. We got down to the task of investigating which were the best artificial roses for many occasions, and to give you some ideas on when and how to use them. We made sure to find the ones that could replace real ones while making them look like they were just cut from the garden.


1. Moment Artificial Flowers (25 or 50 pcs)

If you are a lover of DIY decorations, this set is for you. You can choose either the 25 or the 50 pieces set. The boxes come with arranged fake flowers that look real that can work for any decoration you have in mind.

They look incredibly real because of the texture and the green leave detail. Not only that, but you can also choose from a variety of colors the seller has to offer.

2. Aromatic Artificial Petals

Maybe you are just looking for rose petals to give the mood of a romantic day or night. You may also be looking to decorate your wedding aisle with white petals, so you can walk towards the altar with a beautiful scenario.

If this is the case, you definitely want to buy this petals package made of artificial flowers that look and feel real. It comes with a total of 1,000 pieces, and yes, they smell like petals.

You can select from a variety of around 15 different tones, being the most popular red, gold and white, but you can also find more extravagant colors like blue, purple, and even black!

3. Artificial Fake Flowers with Vase

If you like a beautiful cute view of the decorations you have in mind, this is the perfect purchase. They come with 4 bouquets rose flowers, 1 branch of greenery plants, and 1 ceramic vase.

The artificial roses are made of high-quality silk, and they look natural and real. They are environmentally safe, and honestly, these are the most real looking fake flowers you’ll ever see.

4. Round bouquets

This is the bouquet that was specially made for brides and bridesmaids. This fake flowers that look real for weddings contain many colors for you to combine with your dresses and give a cute and fresh look while you are walking down the aisle.

You want to have one of these on your special moment because they have support for you to comfortably carry it with you all the time.

5. Artificial Silk Rose

Looking for a long bouquet? This is a great one! The length of the faux roses is 19.6’’. These real looking silk flowers for weddings and other events would look perfect to put on a large vase and to decorate centerpieces.

As the other roses, these ones come in different colors where you can pick from, and they look as fresh as real ones.

6. Garden Roses Wall

Ok, not only are the roses made to decorate tables, and to wear them as bouquets, but they can make a simple wall look gorgeous. This is exactly what DerBlue is offering: a 5.9 ft long rose decoration.

Thanks to the multi-layered petals pattern, these realistic looking artificial flowers look bigger and more realistic than others, and the green leaves have been carefully printed in order for them to have a vein simulation look. There are six different colors to pick from pink, light pink, oxblood red, white, yellow, and blue.

7. Artificial Silk Fake Roses Flowers

Have we mentioned all the different uses roses can have? One of our favorites is wearing them in your clothes, your hair, or even your shoes. You can be as creative as your imagination leads you to!

These real looking flower arrangements contain 5-piece set small roses that work as DIY decorations that would go perfect in a hairband, a braid’s veil, the groom’s gown, a prom boutonniere, etc. Options are limitless, and these flowers are made to explore all your imagination limits.

8. 1 Bouquet, 5 Branches, 15 Heads Artificial Roses

Want to go big? What about a 15 heads silk roses that look real bouquet? You can select between white, blue, green, pink, wine red and light pink. They are more extravagant than the others we have mentioned before, but again, you want to impress your invitees with extra luxury looks.

9. Natural Dusty Rose Artificial Flowers Combo

What about a vintage look? This set of flowers has an amazing combination to make the environment a little cozy and warm. The room they decorate will look like a mini Versailles Palace, and you will be named the host of the year. These artificial flowers really make an amazing job.

10. Artificial Silver Mini Flowers

If you are looking to not only decorate parties, tables, or your office but instead what you have in mind is give a nice look to a wedding scrapbook, your school supplies or even a romantic letter for your significant other, why don’t you try these mini roses?

They are the best artificial flowers that look real in a mini-presentation of 2 cm, and the package includes 144 pieces. There are 15 colors you can choose from!

11. 3-Pieces Bouquet

So here we have the perfect Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift. As you know, roses are your go-to gift when it comes to these special days, and, as we mentioned before, the real ones can become really expensive because most people want to buy them last minute.

Well, these 3-Pieces fake roses that look real package comes with a beautifully decorated box, wrapped in a cute little bow that will make your significant other sigh for you.


As conclusion, you really don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make your roses decoration look amazing. With the help of fake roses that look real, you can have a great ornamented party to astonish your invitees with a small budget, or at least way smaller than spending on real flowers.

Also, with these faux roses, you will forget about the allergies many people suffer from.

Not only that, but who doesn’t wish beautiful moments lasted forever? With artificial roses, you don’t have to worry about your plants dying and having to empty that vase that brought so many happy moments.

Simply, your roses will stay there for as long as you want them to be, and you can always re utilize them to decorate other spaces.

So now you know, real looking rose flowers are a great purchase and can get you out of trouble on many occasions and bring joy and beauty wherever they are placed.

Give them a try. You will not be disappointed, and your wallet will thank you for spending way less than you had originally budgeted.

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