Battery Operated String Lights – 20 Best Battery Powered String Lights

Battery operated string lights are often used for Christmas decoration, the use of the string lights has spread to other horizons. It can, therefore, be used to decorate a bar, a restaurant, at a candlelit dinner, for the home, etc. Simple, it gives a festive and cheerful atmosphere. But, the models available on the market are numerous, and, usually, you are spoiled for choice. That’s why we made a list of 20 best battery operated string lights.

But before going to check the list out, first, let’s talk about the types of different string lights along with some tips and tricks.

The different types of battery-powered string lights

First of all, there are several types of battery string lights on the market, and each one corresponds to a specific use.

  1. The guinguette garland: It can be used indoors and outdoors. Practical and easy to use, just put it down and connect it using the batteries. As for colors, it offers a multitude of choices between transparent, white, multicolored bulbs, etc. The size of this type of garland varies between 3 m to 10 m. If the length does not suit you, you can add it to your liking.
  2. The led garland: It is ideal for all occasions. It provides optimal lighting without the risk of heating. It is very economical and poses no danger to children. It is also available in several forms.
  3. The micro-led garland: It adapts to the decoration of winter parties. It is placed in jars that allow it to light. Like the led chain, it does not heat up during use.
  4. The letter-shaped garland: It represents the letters of the alphabet. So ideal for decorating the children’s room.

If none of the types we have just mentioned meets your criteria, you can make your light chain yourself.

The criteria for choosing the battery operated led string lights

Design material

Most light strings available on the market are made of copper, plastic, abs, etc. Plastic is not often flexible. Garlands made with copper or abs are more natural to handle, you can fold and unfold them as you wish. Besides, once lit, the elements that constitute it become invisible and leave room for light.


It is essential because it will allow you to have a precise idea of the number of garlands that you must buy for your space. The length of the light garlands varies between 3 meters and 10 meters. It also depends on the model and type of crown.

Garland protection rating

You must necessarily take this criterion into account for safety reasons and also to know if the garland can be used everywhere. Indeed, it allows telling if your decoration accessory is waterproof or not and also it resists water. This is for the safety of your family. Note that the garlands with the ip63 protection index are not waterproof. On the other hand, those bearing the protection indices ip65, ip66, and ip67 are.

Quality of the light chain

The presence of certain elements such as the number of LEDs, the autonomy of the remote control (if it has one), the transformer, the connector, the controller is significant. Indeed, a single garland cannot have all its strengths, only one of its criteria will determine whether the garland is of good quality, and this has a cost.


What colors do you want for your decoration accessory? This is one of the questions that will help you in your run. You will have the choice between a light garland with several fixed colors and one whose colors change gradually, in short, according to your tastes.


It is imperative because it determines the lifespan of the garland. It includes a kind of clock. If the garland is of good quality, the autonomy is just as better. However, there are entry-level garlands that offer perfect autonomy.

Bulb shape

A priori, you will find on the market string lights with round bulbs, spiral bulbs, and long bulbs. Then you should make your choice according to your preferences. On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account the bulbs which consume more electricity more than others even if the garlands can be economical.

Best battery operated string lights

01. Battery operated pink rose flower string lights

Isn’t this light garland too cute! As a lampshade, it has 50 small white roses in acrylic. It is simply perfect for all types of decoration, and mainly to obtain a cozy atmosphere. It produces a warm and soft white light to bring a delicate touch to your room. Its led lamps work with three aa batteries, not supplied. We can already imagine it around our headboard, on a fireplace, or a mirror!

Things we liked:

  • Beautiful pink roses
  • 16.4 fit long cable suitable for anything
  • Cozy soft light
  • Suitable for indoors

02. Battery operated mini led copper wire string lights

This string light is super flexible and foldable. You can use almost everything else; very economical and energy saving. It will not overheat or shock. Saves the battery- the new aa battery (not included) can last longer than you can imagine with continuing lighting. It comes in various colors such as white, warm white, blue, mixed color, red.

Things we liked:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Full application both indoors and outdoors
  • High quality

03. Battery operated string lights (cherry blossom)

We love this beautiful flower garland! It is made up of 30 led lamps that illuminate little cherry blossom. Its electric wire is transparent, which makes it very discreet to adapt to your decoration. The light chain diffuses soft and warm. It works with three aa batteries, which means you can place it anywhere in the house. Besides, the 10 ft cable allows hiding the battery compartment.

Things we liked:

  • Can be used as battery operated outdoor Christmas lights
  • Emits a soft and warm light
  • Easy to use
  • Cherry blossom shape

04. Battery operated Xmas lights for the party (100led)

You will find this perfect ornament for your party, wedding, centerpiece, and Christmas party. 100 white and cold led lights to create a joyful and festive environment for your family and friends. Full application both inside and outside: an excellent decoration for the home and garden. It comes in different sizes, from 10 to 100 LEDs.

Things we liked:

  • Plastic body making it lightweight
  • Soft white or warm white
  • No risk of electric shock

05. Battery operated globe string lights in golden color

This light garland is merely sumptuous! Composed of 40 Moroccan globe balls, it will be perfect for your cocooning or party evenings. This garland works with three aa batteries (not included) to turn on the led lamps. It has a long wire of 16 ft, which is very practical to place it wherever you want in your home! Also, the cable is transparent, so it is easy to hide in plain sight.

Things we liked:

  • Unique and beautiful Moroccan globe
  • Emits bright golden light
  • Compatible with any indoor decoration idea

06. Battery operated globe rattan ball (pink light)

This pretty light garland is ideal for giving a cocooning atmosphere to your room! With its sixteen rattan balls in bright pink, it offers a beautiful shade to decorate the house. Its LEDs need three aa batteries, which are not supplied.

It has 30 LEDs, which is perfect for placing it where you want, for example, around a door, on a headboard, or even in the center of the table! Available in several colors.

Things we liked:

  • Bright pink in color
  • Rustic yet elegant look
  • Energy saving
  • Safe

07. Battery powered Christmas lights (maple leaf string light)

We love this very original light garland! With its 20 maple leaves in natural wood, it will be perfect for a cozy decoration in autumn and winter. It will diffuse a warm atmosphere thanks to its led lamps. Made with so much dedication, it works with aa batteries, which means you don’t need to have it next to an electrical outlet, and its cable is quite long (7.9 ft). You can imagine it around a window, or even in a vase!

Things we liked:

  • Unique and beautiful maple lead shaped light
  • Suitable for a thanksgiving decoration
  • Long cable for easy use

08. Natural rattan balls string light

This light garland is beautiful! We love the fact that it is very original with its brown rattan balls, which gives a wood effect. It will be ideal for providing a rustic and winter look to your interior decoration! It has a power of 3 aa batteries, which is not included. This is perfect for obtaining a cozy atmosphere. Also, 2.5 m long cable will make it easy to use anywhere.

Things we liked:

  • Rustic winter look
  • Ready to assemble
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Kid-friendly

09. Battery operated light string wire (micro warm white)

The battery string lights are made of 10 individual LEDs and measure 1 m long. Low heat emissions, the led remains cold after long hours of use. They can give warm yellowish warmth to create a pleasant atmosphere. Waterproof battery case (battery not included) makes the light away from all the hassles of connection of electricity. Ideal as battery powered Christmas lights for wedding, indoor and outdoor decoration, bedroom, patio, lawn and garden, porch, gate, courtyard, party, etc. as well.

Things we liked:

  • Durable copper wire
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor decor
  • Waterproof
  • Energy efficient

10. Battery operated, 16.4ft 50leds multi-color changing fairy lights

If you want a break from single colored light strings, why don’t you check this color-changing light? It has 50 led lamps in the 16.4ft long cable. It is precisely what it takes to bring a touch of madness to your room! Its wire is discreet, therefore ideal to be fixed on a wall or not to be seen when the garland is placed on a piece of furniture. It works with three aa batteries, so there is no need to install it next to an electrical outlet.

Things we liked:

  • Color-changing 50 LEDs
  • Remote-controlled string
  • Super flexible and foldable
  • Waterproof

11. Battery operated string light with remote control

Battery operated and remote controlled- what else can you ask for? Light garland made up of 120 led balls with mild effect on a long string. This colorful and festive garland will be perfect for decorating a wall, a window, or create a decoration. It includes a remote with a total length of 20′ and an integrated switch on the battery.

Things we liked:

  • Three aa 1.5v batteries (not supplied).
  • Waterproof copper wire
  • Remote control
  • Easy to assemble

12. Cactus succulents string lights decoration

With its colorful cacti, it will be ideal for summer decor or in a jungle style, and even for your cocktail evenings with friends! It has 40 led lamps, which is perfect for bringing a little touch of light without dazzling. You can imagine it around a plant or on a table. It works with three aa batteries, not supplied at the time of purchase.

Things we liked:

  • It will bring real originality to your decoration
  • Weatherproof lights
  • Ready to use

13. Battery operated led string lights – set of two

If you are done with the hassles of electric cords, opt for this one. Two led chains (with 25 LEDs each) warm white lights. It is flexible enough to be folded to any shape, the right choice for room decoration, weddings, parties, or other creative lighting projects. They come in multi-color and on/off switch. If you want something different, this is the right option.

Things we liked:

  • Three aa batteries
  • Ready to use
  • Bright light
  • Multiple colors

14. Battery operated 120led string light

The light garland is made up of beautiful, low-heat LEDs, without the risk of burning, it is safe for children and pets. The copper metal part is lightweight and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This 20 ft long light string is effortless to use anywhere. The most exciting part is the timer, which allows saving the battery energy.

Things we liked:

  • 20 ft string with 120 LEDs
  • Flexible and strong
  • Stays cold even after a long-time use
  • Waterproof battery box

15. Battery operated lobster indoor string lights

Do you love shellfish or anything that reminds you of the seaside? This light garland is made for you! It has ten led lamps with very original lights since they are shaped like bright red lobsters! In addition to being very pretty, it will undoubtedly impress your guests. It can be perfect for serving as a centerpiece, for example, for the holiday season.

Things we liked:

  • Its wire is quite long
  • Timer with 6 hours
  • Clear cable makes it easy to hide

16. Battery-operated g12 led string lights – white

Get rid of the old battery string lights and get these. Made of acrylic, these lights seem like crystal glass but much more durable than glass. The 81″ long string has 12 lights. The most important thing is that this string is much more environmentally friendly. Being battery operated (not included), it is out of electrical risks.

Things we liked:

  • Environment-friendly
  • Large and bright lights
  • Ready to use
  • Cool to touch

17. Battery operated sunflower string lights

This light garland will be perfect for a subdued atmosphere! With its ten silver lights in the shape of a sunflower, it will bring a nice chic and elegant touch to your room. Also, the lampshades are beautiful because they are openwork and give a very worked impression. This allows the light from the led lamps to pass through. The 4.4 ft cable and the battery box (3 aa batteries not included) are transparent.

Things we liked:

  • It has a little oriental side that can give an original look to your decor.
  • Beautiful sunflower shape
  • Long 4.4 cable
  • Easy to hang

18. Battery operated multicolored light string

This light garland is beautiful! We like its originality, which is that that the lamps are inside the plastic and copper cable, which is very useful for outdoors. It measures 16.4 ft and is equipped with 50 multicolored LEDs. It works with three batteries, not supplied. We love the fact that it has a timer, which allows you to program the times it turns on, and then it turns off after 6 hours. You can also use it to decorate the Christmas tree!

Things we liked:

  • Times helps to stop wasting battery power
  • Beautiful multi-color lights
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for outdoor as well as indoor

19. Battery operated disco string lights

The least we can say is that this light garland is particularly original! With its ten silver faceted balls, it will bring a touch out of the ordinary to your decoration, and it can also be used for parties. And surprise! When you turn it on, the disco balls take on different colors: gold! It works with aaa batteries, so it can be placed wherever you want.

Things we liked:

  • Has the advantage of its long cable, which measures 5.4 ft.
  • Festive look
  • Battery operated so no electricity hazards

20. Battery powered leaf string lights

Don’t you think this light chain is beautiful? We love its leaves in green, which will warm the atmosphere of your room while preserving the cozy atmosphere. It is made up of 40 led bulbs, which is very good for having a subtle effect. The stars measure 0.8in, so they will be large enough to be seen without hiding the other elements of your decoration. It works with three aa batteries, which are not supplied.

Things we liked:

  • Original look
  • Ready to use
  • Beautiful bright color
  • Suitable for indoor decoration

LED Battery String Lights – Take a look what you can create

How to install your light garland inside the house?

To install the string lights inside the house, it is easier to place them on a mirror, a piece of furniture, a cupboard, a clock, etc. To highlight them. If you want to fix your garland to the wall, you just need to point nails to hang them. You can also use staples to avoid holes in the wall, turn to the patafix or velcro. Furthermore, if your wall is covered with wallpaper, you cannot use its elements. Among other things, there are suction cups on the market that allow you to fix the string lights.

How to install your light garland inside the house?

Here you will use an excellent fishing line. Use the fixing of the shutters or the one in relief to install your lights. You can also place them on the gutters. Installation in the garden is even more straightforward, you just have to use the tree branches, plants and voila.


After these various researches on the battery powered string lights, you know that they are not designed only for the end of the year celebrations and other events, your opinion will be quite different. You can use it at any time, permanently or not, and it depends on the circumstances under which you will need it. By taking into account the 20 best battery operated string lights that we have listed, you will be able to choose the model that you need more quickly. Also, they will allow you to buy the decoration accessory that will bring you total satisfaction.

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