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11 Best Blue, White and Purple Artificial Fake Orchids

The white, blue and purple orchids are very popular among the florists and people worldwide. Each color stand for a different value or symbolism like purity, royalty, and strength. Thus, florist use these symbolism to convey a deeper meaning and message through the colors of orchid. Many florists use all three white, purple and blue orchids for weddings to convey pure admiration and respect for the couple and wishing a strong bond of affection for the couple.

Not just weddings or special occasions, white, purple and blue orchids are widely used for home and office decor as well. They are a charming personality that create a stunning visual appeal.

Not just the single flower stems, florist used orchid plant pots to create drama and sense of elegance. Though it’s hard to procure particular orchids all year round, the florist across the globe have embraced the longevity and real like textures of fake orchids as well. In the recent times, florist have been seen used artificial orchids to events and occasions of massive importance like weddings.

You can similarly use faux orchids in your homes, offices and other spaces to enjoy a yearlong bloom in your vicinity. Moreover, you won’t have to invest any time for its maintenance.

Symbolism of orchids

Orchids are associated with fertility, love and elegance across various cultures and throughout the vast timeline. Although every colored orchid beholds a different symbolism.

White orchids symbolize, purity and innocence along with reverence and elegance.

Whereas pink orchids stand for grace, femininity and joy.

Yellow orchids are associated with new beginnings and friends. They are considered thoughtful gifts for friends in celebration of an accomplishment or a new beginning of a relationship.

Orange orchids are symbolic of boldness, pride and enthusiasm.

Blue orchids symbolize virility and strength. They also stand for power, peace and beauty.

On the other hand, purple orchids reflect admiration and royalty. Traditionally, purple orchids are presented to someone as a sign of respect.

Why are orchids so special?

Orchids have an aura that emits mysticism and exoticism. This makes orchids more appealing and sort for. There is an unreal perfection in its structure and design. It stands out even in a jungle of various other flowers through its exquisite appearance and personality.

Not to forget, it 20,000 species found all over the world. You won’t find a corner in the world where you wouldn’t stumble upon any type of orchid except Antarctica for obvious reason). Orchids are so universal that they can grow in gardens, indoors as well as in the wild.

Prominent reasons for orchids being so special:


Without any second thought, orchid is among one of the most beautiful and appreciated flower found on the face of the planet. They have a delightfully charming and unique appearance. No other flower in the world can be misjudged to be an orchid sue to its unique style, design and built. Their looks can vary from simple and elegant to multi- petaled and exotic. They are aesthetically appealing and appreciated by nearly everyone in his world.

Long- lasting Bloom

Orchids a have longer blooms in comparison to any other flower. some of the species tend to last 2-3 months even when put in indoor conditions. Though the average bloom of any orchid is about 6 weeks which allows you to display the grandeur of the flower at your place.

Now, think of the fake orchids. Their bloom can be displayed and enjoyed all year long without the hassle of tending them. The distinctive structure, vivid colors, and the everlasting blooms makes faux orchids a more convenient options for flower lovers.

Ease of Care and maintenance

Orchids in general are quiet is easy to care and maintain. They are less demanding than many flowers. Thus, labeling them as challenging flower is somewhat unjustified. Yes, there are some parameters that needs to be monitored but then which flower doesn’t ask for your attention and care?

If you are not up for even this much of a care then you are left with a super easy and convenient option- artificial orchids. They need no watering, soil, sunlight or temperature control. you can easily place them anywhere you to wish to keep and enjoy the sight as long as you wish. You can place as many of faux orchids as possible without worrying about their care and maintenance.

Let us find out the 12 best blue, white and purple artificial fake orchids that will instantly bring a smile on your face:

Best blue, white and purple artificial fake orchids

01. Artificial Orchid (Phalaenopsis)Branch

The Artificial Blue Orchid (Phalaenopsis)Branch is an amazing option for orchid lovers as its bright, sober and pleasant. It is very soothing to the eyes as the color is very subtle yet helps you create bold decor statement. The artificial blue orchid branches and flowers are made of silk and other harmless and non- toxic materials. They are perfect for home and office decor. You can also make a stunning Orchid Posy Bouquet with these beautiful orchids and include them in your wedding decoration as well.

  • Made of silk.
  • Harmless and non-toxic materials used.
  • Idea for home, office and wedding decorations.
  • Looks and feels real.

02. Artificial Blue Orchid (Butterfly) Bouquet

The Artificial Blue Orchid (Butterfly)Bouquet is a stunningly beautiful decorative to be added to your home decor. The artificial blue orchid flower heads are made of silk, leaves are made of plastic and wire runs down through the stem along the outer cover of plastic. The bouquet is bendable and flexible enough to allow you to change the angle of the flowers and create a better suitable version of it based on your requirement and preferences.

  • Ideal for home and office decoration.
  • Elegant design, bright and vivid blue colors.
  • Lifelike texture, feels and looks real.
  • Made of silk, plastic and wire.

03. Blue Silk Orchid Branches

The Blue Silk Orchid Branches look interesting, attractive and stunningly appealing. The small faux flower heads are designed to look real and natural. The silk fabric and its texture feel so naturally alive and fresh that even the experts won’t be able tell the difference. The stems are made of plastic with iron wire running inside for flexibility to bend the stems as per your requirements.

  • Made of silk, plastic and wire.
  • Looks and feels natural and life like.
  • Ideal for interior spaces like home, offices, etc.
  • Perfect for weddings, birthdays, office events.

04. Artificial White Orchid Plant in a Silver Ceramic Pot

The Artificial White Orchid Plant in a Silver Ceramic Pot is a classic inclusion to your interior spaces. Its minimal approach sets a bold yet pleasing statement for your homes and offices. You can use them for decoration on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversary. This bright and cheerful orchid centerpiece can easily jazz up your interior spaces like living room, dining area office reception, office desk, book corner, etc.

  • Made of polyester.
  • Ideal for interior spaces.
  • Perfect for weddings, birthdays, office party, etc.
  • Vivid artificial white orchid in a silver ceramic pot.

05. Beautiful Artificial White Orchid Branches

The Beautiful Artificial White Orchid Branches are a perfect choice for home and garden decorations. You can use them to jazz up your office decor as well. With such vivid color and precise detailing of textures, these orchids can be used for wedding decorations and no one will know they are artificial orchids. The artificial white orchids are made of PU that gives them the real touch and natural appearance. The pack contains 4 branches and each branch features 7 flower heads and 4 fruits.

  • Made of high-quality PU.
  • Perfect for home and garden decor.
  • Ideal for weddings, office events, birthday parties.
  • Feels real and looks natural.

06. Artificial White Orchid (Butterfly) Branches

The Artificial White Orchid (Butterfly) Branches are made of latex that offers an astonishingly real looks along with the natural flawed texture of flowers, leaves and stems. Latex is derived from plants which adds to the natural feel of the flowers. The pack contains 2 branches of white butterfly orchids featuring flowers and fruits. You can use these fake orchid branches as centerpieces for home, offices, events or weddings. They can be included in a bouquet along with other flowers to create a stunning flower arrangement.

  • Perfect for home, office and wedding decoration.
  • Made of Latex.
  • Feels real and appears naturally live and fresh.
  • 2 branches of white butterfly orchid.

07. Artificial White Orchids (Dancing Lady) Branches

The Artificial White Orchids (Dancing Lady) Branches are visually stunning that can bring drama to any interior spaces. The flower heads are made of high- quality silk that convincingly imitates the natural textures of real flowers. Non-toxic and harmless plastic is used for the stems along with iron wire running inside. The stems are highly flexible to allow to bend the stems easily to the exact shape and size you want them to be. You can use them in your homes, offices, garden areas, office events, weddings or in any other special if you like.

  • Made of high- quality silk and plastic.
  • Ideal for homes, offices, and weddings.
  • Stems are bendable and flexible.
  • 5 Artificial White orchid branches.
  • Vivid colors, real looks, natural feel.

08. Artificial Purple Orchid Plant in a White Ceramic Pot

The Artificial Purple Orchid Plant in a White Ceramic Pot is a cute, elegant and bold decorative to add some colors to your home, offices or any other interior space. It can be used a nice centerpiece for wedding tables, coffee tables, kitchen counter top, bathroom shelves, office desk and many other places. You can gift them to your dear ones as well. The artificial purple orchid flower heads are made of silk, latex is used for leaves and plastic for stems to enhance the natural look of these fake orchids. There are three stems with 3, 4, and 5 flower heads respectively.

  • Made of silk, latex, and plastic.
  • Ideal for wedding decoration.
  • 12 artificial purple orchid heads with 1 ceramic pot.
  • Elegant and real looking Fake orchids.

09. Artificial Purple Orchid (Dancing Lady) Branches

The Artificial Purple Orchid (Dancing Lady) Branches are a great option for people looking for fake flowers to decorate their outdoor spaces. These UV resistant plastic orchids are designed for high temperatures so that they don’t wilt or fade in contact with direct sunlight. They look appealing in gardens, front porch, veranda, home entrance, back deck, fences, and walkways. The pack contain 4 bunches and each bunch features 7 stems. They can place them in a vase of your choice to enjoy the full and blooming arrangement for a long time.

  • 4 bunches, 7 stems each of artificial purple orchids.
  • Made of plastic.
  • UV resistant, no wilting, no fading.
  • Perfect for outdoor spaces.

10. Artificial Purple Orchid Stem Branches

Add some bright and bold colors in an interesting way with the Artificial Purple Orchid Stem Branches in your interior spaces. The long stems of the artificial purple orchid are designed to allow flexibility and enhance the beauty of the flower. There are 4 stems in the pack featuring 11 flower heads each. The stems can be trimmed and cut to achieve any desirable shape and size to create a pleasing flower arrangement. You can use them to decorate your home, office, café, restaurants, hotels, book stores, or any occasion like wedding, birthday party, Christmas, thanksgiving, etc.

  • Made of PU.
  • Looks natural and feels real.
  • Contains 4 pieces featuring 11 orchid heads.
  • Ideal for home and office decor.

11. The Purple Fake Orchid Plant in Pot

The Purple Fake Orchid Plant in Pot is perfect for your home and office. They are made of high- quality PU that makes the flowers look convincingly real and life like. The flowers are designed with great meticulousness to achieve perfect shape and texture details. The colors are vivid, realistic and they do not fade easily. The pack contains 2 stems with 12 faux orchid flower heads in total. 3 types of leaves are added to the pot to make it more appealing.

  • Made of high-quality PU.
  • Ideal for home and office.
  • Pack contain 12 flowers and 3 types of leaves.
  • Vivid, bright bold purple colored orchid.


Orchids are one of the most stunningly beautiful and undoubtedly unique flowers found on the face of the earth. Their distinctive structure is unmatched, thus, cannot be confused with any flower in the planet. With more than 2000 species flowering plants found across the world, orchid is the largest family among the flowering plants.

Orchids are largely used to decorate homes, offices and special occasions like weddings. They are considered very auspicious for their being symbolized as refinement, beauty and timelessness. Orchids can add a sense of exoticism and mystique to the venue and overall occasion when used for decoration.

Bring blue, purple or white orchids in your home and office to create a visually stunning and soulfully soothing ambience for you.

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