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Decorative Light Bulb – 20 Best Decorative Light Bulbs

The decorative bulbs play a vital role in decorating projects that require pampered to the last detail. This type of light bulbs fulfills the function of illuminating and decorating at the same time since they are items that are entirely on purpose.
In the market, there is a complete variety of decorative light bulbs, and we have compiled all the models to help you choose the best decorative light bulb for your project.

Types of decorative light bulbs

1. Vintage incandescent light bulbs

The incandescent bulbs vintage were the first bulbs with decorative purpose began to manufacture. Obviously, with the appearance of decorative LED bulbs, these types of bulbs have seen their use diminished. Of course, it has a feature that is not yet in the same LED version; it can be regulated.

Its consumption is higher than that of the LED bulb, and its life is considerably shorter. At the end of this article, you will find a comparison of the main characteristics of all light bulbs so that you can compare them.

Another characteristic of this type of incandescent bulbs is the light hue. With 2200K, the light is a warmer shade than their respective ones, which can generate a bit of a “low light” feeling depending on what kind of projects, so you need to install more. This is why it is so important to take a look at the lumens of the bulbs rather than the watts of consumption.

2. Vintage decorative led bulbs

These types of light bulbs are the bright replacement bulbs for string lights. Reasons are not lacking; lower consumption, more exceptional durability (from 3,000 hours in incandescent to 25,000 hours in led), 360º opening, and A + energy rating.

Without a doubt, if you need to decorate with these types of bulbs, and you do not need to regulate the intensity, do not think about it, these are the ones you need.

We must also highlight the great variety of models of this type of vintage led bulbs.

3. GOLD series led bulbs

Another type of decorative light bulbs are the GOLD series led light bulbs. A kind of light bulbs that differ from the usual ones because the filament is visible. Precisely, the old-fashioned way. Of course, with a much lower consumption than traditional incandescent bulbs and with a brightness comparable to a led bulb with the same characteristics. And yes, they are beautiful.
If you need light, decoration, and durability, this is possibly the best option, because it meets all the three premises.

So that you can see the specifications of each of these decorative bulbs and can compare them, we have made a table with the main characteristics of a standard bulb of each of the models.

CharacteristicIncandescentVintage ledGold series light bulb
Hours of life3,00025,00025,000
DimmableYesDo notDo not
Light type ºK2200K2500K3000K

How to choose the right decorative bulbs?

To choose the bulb that best suits your project, you must take into account:

  • The type of lamp where it will be installed by size and socket.
  • What shade of light do you need
  • How bright do you want the bulb to be?
  • If you are going to regulate it

All these factors will influence finding the ideal product, and above all, most importantly, creating the exact environment you have in mind.

20 best decorative light bulbs

01. Dimmable Vintage LED Light Bulb

An excellent bulb from the famous company Kicikio produces a warm white light of about 500 lumens at 4,000 k of temperature, with a uniquely futuristic and elegant design. There is no need to wait to see it shine at its maximum power; in fact, as soon as it is turned on, we can immediately enjoy the fullness of its brightness.

The power on the box is reported at 5.5W. This may seem small, but it is saving us a considerable amount over a year if replaced by a standard traditional bulb.

Things we liked:

  • Each set has six bulbs
  • Suitable for the retro decoration of any corner of the house
  • Environment-friendly and safe (UV and mercury-free)
  • Energy saving

02. Halogen Faceted Vanity Light Bulb

Now we have this vanity light. The energy class is A +, the shape is g25, and the voltage required to operate is 120 V. The longevity of the product stands at 2.1 years, considering it to be a daily start around 3 hours. Recall that the current consumption is deficient, given that old incandescent bulbs tend to waste a lot of heat, translating only 20% of the energy into light. The halogen instead uses almost one hundred percent of the energy it absorbs to produce light.

Things we liked:

  • Energy and money-saving
  • Comes with six pieces each set
  • Very warm and cozy lightings
  • Dimmable as per your wish

03. LED Filament Lamp for Xmas Home Decor

This LED Filament bulb is an excellent product in terms of mechanical and electronic construction, it appears decidedly robust in hand, and during use, it never presents any type of noise.

Even it is rigorously ecological and energy saving. Mercury or strange vapors will not escape if it breaks, which is always an advantage to be taken into consideration.

Things we liked:

  • This bulb requires the only 110V to operate
  • Eco-friendly and energy saving
  • Suitable for regular use as well as for events like Christmas, wedding birthdays, etc
  • Appropriate in size

04. Generic Filament Edison Bulb (Warm White)

Let’s move on with our review with this vintage Generic bulb. This manufacturer is proving to produce the right quality products with an excellent look. This model has a globe shape, measuring large enough to be noticed but not too large. With its 40W equivalents, it produces 370 Lumens and a color temperature of 2200K, a suitable solution for the bedside table, and if instead, you want to use it in a larger space, it will be useful to install at least 3-4.

Things we liked:

  • The technology is CE approved and is dimmable
  • Uses 220v to operate
  • Long-lasting and durable

05. Antique Style Incandescent Light Bulbs

We continue with another set of 6 pieces of light bulbs, in this case, with the shape called pear. The equivalent power is still 40W, like the previous model, and is dimmable. The emitted glow will be very amber and suffused, making it suitable for a relaxation space, less in an area where more excellent brightness is needed. The internal filament is lovely, with a construction known as “squirrel cage,” which gives the bulb a beautiful retro look.

Things we liked:

  • The manufacturer guarantees 35000 hours of use
  • Comes with a UL certification
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • 110v is needed

06. Philips Vintage Edison A50 LED Decorative Light Bulb

This is the most vintage model of the Philips series. Also, this time, the globe shape measures 7 cm in diameter, but the glass has a bronze reflection, and the color temperature drops to 2000K, for a hot glow. The luminous flux is, however, more significant than the other models, 400 Lumens. Philips bulbs guarantee 15000 hours of use, demonstrating the quality of this brand

Things we liked:

  • Has the shape that will be more familiar to us
  • This type of brightness is ideal for everyday use
  • 7.5-Watts energy needed
  • I’ts classic bulb size can make installation more comfortable in the narrowest light points

07. Philips LED Dimmable A19 Clear X-Filament Glass Light Bulb

Let’s move on to the review of another vintage globe bulb from Philips, a world leader in the lighting sector. However, this bulb has impressive qualities: first of all, it emits up to 800 Lumens of light. It will, therefore, be suitable for larger spaces, such as the kitchen or a large living room. The light has a temperature of 2700K, less warm than other models present, but still sufficiently warm to be considered as vintage.

Things we liked:

  • Exhibit a slightly less vintage appearance
  • Needs 8w to operate
  • e26 medium base
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly

08. Dimmable Vintage Edison Tubular Bulb

We move on this review with a pear model with an E26 attachment by EmotionLite. The product is interesting for its price; in this set of 6 pieces, the unit price is about half compared to most of the others. The filament is standard, not as convoluted as the ones previously exposed with squirrel-cage shape, but emits a hot glow at 2200 Kelvin and a great luminous flux at 360 Lumen.

Things we liked:

  • Has a more elongated shape, measuring only 6.4 cm in width by 14 cm in length,
  • I’ts pear shape is prevalent
  • 4 w is enough for operation
  • UL certified

09. Vintage Retro Edison Style Decorative E14 Candle

The Vintage Retro Edison Style Decorative LED spiral filament bulb has a retro and original look but keeps all the advantages of LED: does not heat up, low consumption and long service life. With 1800K, it has a ha lifetime of 15000 hours. It is the ideal decorative bulb for a trendy interior. This decorative LED filament bulb will be suitable in all your E14 luminaires, where the lamp is an essential and highlighted element.

Things we liked:

  • The candle-shaped compact bulb with 2k color temp
  • Energy-efficient and requires only 2W
  • Can be used as a luxury lighting
  • Maintains a retro yet productive ambiance

10. Kohree Vintage Edison LED Light Bulb 60W Equivalent

These fantastic lights produce beautiful intense light, made by the three, they diffuse light of a warm, bright, and obvious white shade (2000K warm light). For those who love to see the color of illuminated objects without distortions or strange filters, the superstar is a light bulb that never tires the sight. The heat production of the lamp is practically zero, as is energy consumption.

Things we liked:

  • In hand, it appears very robust and impact resistant
  • The ideal replacement for traditional filament lamps
  • The promised duration is at least 27 thousand hours
  • Energy efficient (6W) and excellent output (500 lumens)

11. Dimmable LED Edison Bulb

This lighting is as usual instantaneous and compatible with many dimmers currently available on the market, to adjust the light intensity to your liking. The maximum value is 800 lumens, and it will be like lighting up your home. The nominal power is 6 W, compared with a traditional bulb; it would, therefore, be about 60 W.

Things we liked:

  • Recommended for those who are about to enter the world of LED bulbs for the first time
  • Guarantees excellent chromatic stability over the whole range of colors
  • Energy-efficient and safe

12. Decorative Daylight Full Spectrum Light Bulb

what we have now is a beautiful warm white. The light bulb is in the shape of a vintage candle to remind the old models of lamps, therefore it offers a beautiful frosted finish with a declared retro and old full glass effect. The energy class of belonging is the A +. The power on the box is 60 W.

Things we liked:

  • In some ways, it reminds us of those old opaque incandescent lamps
  • The average lifetime of 3000 hours
  • Clear and warm lighting
  • Energy-saving bulb

13. Dimmable Vintage Amber Led Tubular Bulb

Next, we have this fantastic decorative light bulb. The luminous flux is 270 lumens, while the projected temperature is 2200 K, so that we will see a beautiful warm white light with constant chromaticity. The sought-after effect is also, in this case, winking to the vintage world. The life of the bulb at full load is 15 thousand total hours.

Things we liked:

  • The attack is the usual one E26
  • The current needed to turn it on and make it work 120 V
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient
  • 4 lights per set

14. Non-Dimmable Warm White Candelabra Bulbs

An excellent candle bulb, as you can see. By now, you know, with a few LED watts, you can replace the many watts of the old incandescent bulbs. And here we are almost in front of a real miracle, the 15 watts of this lamp corresponds to 100 W of a standard bulb. With a single lamp, it is possible to illuminate an entire medium-sized room, even if the fact that the light emitted is 2700k in color must be considered well.

Things we liked:

  • Suitable for sleeping area conditions
  • The effect created by this type of lighting is relaxing and tends not to stress the eye
  • Has a life span of 30000 hours

15. High-Value Decorative Globe Light Bulb

The shape is typical of a matte globe, already famous for many incandescent lamps of the past, but in this case, we are faced with a real gem, which can project 350 lumens of light, maintaining the usually reduced consumption typical of the LED world. The energy class it belongs to is A +, and The product will last up to 15 years

Things we liked:

  • The lamp is particularly suitable for illuminating large rooms
  • Ideal for regular use in bathroom, living room and decorative purpose also
  • Comes 2 pcs per set

16. Dimmable 4W 2200K Amber CA10 led Bulb E12 Candelabra led

The LED bulb could not miss in this review of lamps. This product is surprising both for the quality of artistry and for the potent light emitted. The power output is 40 watts with a meager consumption of only 4 watts. All the energy captured is directly translated into brightness.

Things we liked:

  • The savings will be significant and immediate.
  • The heat given off is very low
  • The absence of flicker and the irradiation of a homogeneous light is combined with an excellent color rendering of the illuminated objects

17. Half Chrome Light Bulb Dimmable

This one in our belongs to the energy class A +. Therefore the performances are very high, and the price is meager. Not to mention the possible savings in the bill. The nominal power is 6 watts, which, as we know, must be multiplied about ten times; in fact, the useful watts will be 60. It is not difficult to understand how much you can save by filling the house with such bulbs as replacement bulbs for string lights

Things we liked:

  • Indeed a perfect bulb for all rooms in the home
  • Easily dimmable therefore it will be possible to dose the light intensity if necessary
  • Silver mirror on the half top of the bulb
  • Energy efficient

18. Squirrel Cage Edison Bulb

A well-built Bulbrite light bulb of high manufacturing quality and the light produced is exceptionally intense but does not bother. Longevity is 3,000 hours, or about three years at 3 hours a day, a little less if you intend to keep them on often. The color temperature is 2,200 K like most bulbs of this type, the ignition is instantaneous and sudden, without any flicker or noise whatsoever.

Things we liked:

  • The luminous power is 490 lumens
  • The light is hot
  • The filament looks much thicker when it lights up
  • Very energy efficient

19. Minetom Vintage Edison Light Bulbs

Who said that light bulbs could not be decoration? Fall for this beautiful decorative bulb with pear-shaped filament and enhance your light. Warm White & pear Shaped Edison bulb: A modern Renaissance-style decorative bulbs, perfect for restaurants, bars, hotels, karaoke, coffee shops, windows, and showrooms to create warm and intimate lighting. Dimmable filament bulb: 120v, fits standard e26 accessories for the home. 200-400 lumens, and 2700k dimmable.

Things we liked:

  • The average life of 5000 hours,
  • Saves energy more efficiently than standard incandescent lamps
  • Pear-shaped
  • Warm and soft light

20. Frosted Soft White Medium Base

We are committed to finding you the best, and that is why we only offer products free of contaminants (mercury, lead) and radiation (UV). With a warm white color, the led bulbs produce instant and intense light without flickering or humming. Its transparent sphere showing the led filaments gives it a vintage retro style ideal for all kinds of environments. Thanks to its useful life of many hours, added to its low consumption, you can save up to 85% on your energy consumption.

Things we liked:

  • Energy saving
  • A vintage and retro atmosphere
  • The warm natural warm white color with retro bulbs creates a cozy and friendly atmosphere, suitable for bedroom, living room and restaurant, etc

Why are decorative light bulbs necessary?

Decorative bulbs have many applications, functions and we could say that until now. If you want to create warm, personalized, relaxing environments with an intimate touch, vintage bulbs are undoubtedly the best option.

Dimmable light bulb: why choose it?

The dimmer is an electrical device that allows you to adjust the power delivered to a user, which, in our case, is a light source. Through the dimmer, we are therefore able to control the light intensity of the lights and to choose the desired brightness for our rooms. If your switches are on-off, without adjustment knobs, you don’t need to ask yourself the problem; one type or the other will do equally well.


when looking for the best Decorative Light Bulbs, it can get tricky. Due to a large number of products and manufacturers, we recommend reading our guide before making your purchase.

Don’t forget to check the date of the best product lists (they must be current). If you use outdated directories, outdated information may prevent you from finding the best product. Hence our last recommendation: always look for information about the winner of this year’s test and, if possible, with a detailed test report.

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