Artificial Fake Orchid Plants

10 Best Artificial Fake Orchid Plants [+Faux and Silk]

Orchids are lively, elegant and beautiful flowers that can instantly uplift anyone’s mood. They have an innate mystique quality enhanced by their unique structure and built. Orchids are instantly identifiable flowers, as it does not bear similarity with any other flower in the world. That’s what makes them even more special.

Artificial Orchid Plant are highly appreciated and in demand in recent times. This radical change in acceptance of faux orchid plant has been instrumental due to the emergence of more real looking fake orchid plant. Nowadays, these faux orchid plants look so genuine that people can hardly tell the difference at the first glance; sometimes not even after feeling them through touch.

The best part about the artificial orchid plant is that do not require any maintenance of any kind. You can easily wipe off the dust with a damp cloth wipe without once in a while and that’s it. You can place them anywhere you like them to be without worry about the direct or diffused sunlight, temperature or any other constrains that are required to be monitor for a real orchid plant.

They look beautiful and appealing anywhere they are placed. They are perfect for people who like to have plants but are unable to keep up with the monitoring of the well being of the plants.

Finally, you can have an orchid plant that won’t die on you because didn’t have the time to tend to it.

Reasons keep an orchid plant in your home or office

01. Improves mood

Orchids brings calm and soothing thoughts to your minds. Even thinking about a vivid colors and smooth texture of orchids can bring a nice smile on your face. Fake Orchid plant help you to enjoy the goodness of orchids in all seasons without worrying about its care and maintenance. This automatically improves your mood and set the tone for your day as well.

02. Aesthetics

It’s a no brainier that orchids are one of the most beautiful and aesthetically grand flowers found on the face of the earth. So, embracing its beauty and welcoming it to your homes allows you to upgrade your home decor aesthetically. as they are available in various colors and types, you can easily choose one that suits your home decor style, your personality and most importantly, adds sparks to your life.

03. Lasts long

Thanks to the real looking fake orchid plant, now you can enjoy the beauty of orchids in all seasons. You don’t have to wait for the particular seasons and feel disheartened when the season is gone. These faux orchid plants stay with you as long as you want them to be with you. They don’t wilt or fade away. They are waterproof and crease resistant. Bring as many as you like and let your home forever look as beautiful as they are.

04. No maintenance

The best part of bring artificial orchid plant is that they don’t ask for any maintenance. You don’t have water them, check the temperature, look for direct or indirect sunlight or monitor the soil nutrients to have an orchid in your home. With fake orchid plant, all you have to do is bring home your favorite orchid, place them wherever you want and enjoy the sight.

05. No allergies

Fake orchid plant is a bliss for people who are allergic rhinitis (allergic to plants and/or their pollen’s). With the faux orchid plant, you don’t have to worry about the sneezing or running nose caused due to the allergic reaction. Feel free to bring home a stunning orchid and feel delight by the view.

06. Promotes innovation

Plants are a great thing to seek inspiration from. Looking at the marvel of an orchid you are bound to have good thoughts that in turn triggers your imagination. It helps you harp on your ideas and come up with innovative ideas. Fake or not, orchids look beautiful, soothing, and has a great calming effect. In such an ambiance you are bound to delve into your thought process and bring the best out of you.

07. Helps to improve focus

Plants always allow you to focus and helps you retain the focus for longer time period. Though we are talking about the fake ones, the calm demeanor of orchids has a positive effect on you and your mind. This can help you relax and be able to focus on things that matter to you most.

08. Stress relief

As we already known that orchids are very pleasing, soothing and calm looking flowers, they allow your nerves to settle and relax. They visually please you and bring in a positive sight to encourage positive thoughts to enter your mind. This allows you to feel relaxed. This allows you to forget and relieve your stress and rejuvenate your cells and soul for the time being.

Let’s hop into the list of 10 Best Artificial Fake Orchid Plant that will transform your interiors drastically without you spending your fortunes:

Artificial Fake Orchid Plants

01. White Artificial Orchid Plant potted in a Ceramic Vase

The White Artificial Orchid Plant potted in a Ceramic Vase is super cute and stylish. The flower heads are made of high-quality silk fabric material and the leaves and stems are made of plastic. The detailing is matriculate and enhances the real and natural look of these fake orchid plant. You place these orchids almost anywhere and where you like. The ideals places would be living room, dining area, bedroom, bathroom, any window sill, office desk, office receptions, cafes, restaurants, and the list goes on.

  • Made of silk and plastic.
  • Looks real and feels natural.
  • Ideal for home and office decor.
  • White orchids with White ceramic vase.

02. Fake Orchid Plant (Phalaenopsis)

The Fake Orchid Plant (Phalaenopsis) is designed with meticulous detailing. The flower heads, leaves, stem and the base look very real and lively. The base is covered with artificial moss to accentuate the natural appearance of the fake orchid plant. As it does not come with a vase, you can choose a vase or pot of your choice. You can cut and trim the base to adjust it to your preference. This fake orchid plant is perfect for indoor decor. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture while placing it in your home, office or event venue.

  • Perfect for home and office.
  • Looks real and feels natural.
  • White faux orchid plant, tall and beautiful.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and moisture.

03. Silk Orchid Plant (Phalaenopsis) in a Decorative Vase

The Silk Orchid Plant (Phalaenopsis) in a Decorative Vase is a simple and elegant yet colorful idea to decorate your homes with. This silk orchid plant is intricately designed with silk fabric and plastic to make it appear as real as possible. The plant is almost 31 inches long from the base to the highest flower head. The Styrofoam base helps you to easily place it in the pot that comes along with the package. This looks stunning in living area, book corners, entry way or any other place in your home as well in your office.

  • Ideal for home and office decor.
  • Looks real, natural and lively.
  • Bright, bold and vivid colors.
  • Made of silk fabric and plastic.

04. Bright Purple Fake Orchid Plant

The Bright Purple Fake Orchid Plant is a nice way to bring some colors in your living or working space. The artificial orchid plants are designed intricately to look and feel real and natural. The lush green foliage placed in river pebbles and moss set against clear acrylic water adds to the authentic real appearance of orchids. The silk orchid plant is ideal to be placed in bathroom vanity, kitchen counter tops, coffee tables, bookshelves, windowsill and many other places as you please.

  • Made of silk fabric.
  • Comes with river pebbles, fake moss, decorative vase.
  • Ideal for home and office decor.
  • Looks and feels really natural.

05. “Dancing Lady” Fake Orchid Plant

The “Dancing Lady” Fake Orchid Plant is an elegant and smart choice as a home decor upgrade. The orchid flower arrangement is full of charming orchid blooms and accented with lush leaves and river rocks. The plant is placed on artificial water in a beautiful transparent glass vase. The faux orchid plant is perfect for accentuating the looks and appeal of your homes and offices. Made of high- quality silk, the flowers and the plant look as real as possible.

  • Made of high- quality silk.
  • Ideal for home and office.
  • No maintenance and no watering.
  • Looks real, natural, fresh and lively.

06. White Doubled Stem Silk Orchid Plant

The White Doubled Stem Silk Orchid Plant is a welcome fake plant in any indoor setting. It instantly uplifts the mood and setting of the interior decor of any place. The detailing of the orchid flower heads is intricate and beautiful. It makes it look stunningly real and lively. The orchid flower is made of silk and the plastic is used for other parts.

  • Made of high- quality silk.
  • Ideal for home and office.
  • Forever fresh, lively and natural fake orchid plant.
  • No watering, no soil, avoid direct sunlight.

07. Artificial Orchid Plant in a Decorative Vase

The Artificial Orchid Plant in a Decorative Vase is a great option for people who like to have plants but don’t have time for them. With the artificial orchid plant, you don’t have to worry about watering, soiling and overall maintenance of the flowers or the plant. The colors look very natural and they do no tend to fade away with time. Made of UVA and silk fabric the feel of the flowers is very light and real.

  • Ideal for home and office decor.
  • Made of UVA and silk.
  • Lively, real and natural appearance.
  • No maintenance, clean with soft damp cloth.

08. Silk Orchid Plant (Cymbidium) in a Beautiful Basket

The Silk Orchid Plant (Cymbidium)in a Beautiful Basket is an awesome alternative for real plants. The bright and bold apricot orange colors of the orchid is strikingly appealing and refreshing. It offers a bold and contemporary look to your interiors. It is made of silk to make it look natural and real like. It is designed to make your home and office spaces more appealing and visually appeasing.

  • Made of Silk.
  • Ideal for interiors, home, and office.
  • Feels real and looks natural, lively.
  • Includes Basket.

09. Hanging Faux Orchid Plant

The Hanging Faux Orchid Plant allow you to welcomes orchids in an interesting way. You can hang your orchid on a windowsill, or book corner to uplift the look of your interior space. The orchid is made of 100% high quality polyester. The vibrant purple orchid heads with bright lush green leaves and faux vine spilling out of the basket create a stunning view. It’s perfect for indoor décor.

  • Perfect for interior spaces.
  • Made of polyester.
  • Purple orchid bloom in a hanging basket.
  • Real like appearance and natural to touch.

10. Dark Red Faux Orchid Plant (Phalaenopsis) in a Ceramic pot

The Dark Red Faux Orchid Plant (Phalaenopsis) in a Ceramic pot is a beautiful and bold piece of decorative for your living or working spaces. It’s great for home and offices as it is designed interior spaces. Its vivid colors are sure to brighten up your spaces. It looks real and lifelike as it is made of 100% polyester

  • Made of 100% polyester.
  • Designed for interior spaces.
  • Ideal for offices and homes.
  • Vivid colors, no fading.
  • Artificial moss and Ceramic pot included.


The markets are filled with a great variety of artificial orchid plant and you are free to choose that best suits your requirement and preference. The fake orchid plant is a fantastic way to enjoy the blooms through the year. Meanwhile you don’t have to worry about watering, sunlight, soil quality, or temperature that needs to be monitored for real orchids.

Moreover, if you are allergic to plants and/ or their pollen’s, then fake orchid plant are almost your made in heaven option to keep a plant near you. Fake orchid plant is designed to be anti-allergen or irritant. They do not have any strong smell that might irritate your nostrils as well.

These faux orchid plants are designed to look absolutely like the real ones. Their detailing of every petal, leaves and even stems is so matriculate that you won’t be able to tell the difference. You won’t be able to differentiate even if you touch the petals.

In addition to that, the naturally beautiful and calming appeal of the orchids have a charming effect on your body, mind and soul. Let the soothing poise or orchids enhance your lifestyle and add value to your life.

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