Flock a Fake Artificial Tree

Flock a Fake Artificial Tree | Everything You Need to Know

Certainly, all of us dream of setting up a drop-dead gorgeous Christmas tree without any mistake for our guests to say, “heavens, your tree takes my breath away!”. Whether it is a real or an artificial Christmas tree, bringing them aesthetically pleasing is ridiculously easy and within your budget by flocking your Christmas tree.

Flocking fake Christmas trees is the new modern style that is becoming a popular economical choice among people for letting them off the hook of buying a real tree year after year. If you’re really serious about your task, don’t fret! We’ll walk you through the whole process of how to flock your tall Christmas tree very easily without getting messed up!

What is Flocking and Can You Flock a Fake Artificial Tree?

Flocking is the process of covering a bare tree with white flocking powder or flocking spray to give the illusion of snowing indoors while retaining the tree’s alluring beauty.

Instead of buying a flocked Christmas tree and breaking your bank, it’s a wise choice to flock your own artificial Christmas tree by yourself. You will certainly feel like a million bucks for saving your money and create the mesmerizing snow magic on your beloved bare tree!

How Much Time Does It Take to Flock a Christmas Tree?

Many of us are thinking that flocking a Christmas tree might take a day or even more! No! A standard-sized evergreen Christmas tree can be flocked in 2 ½ -3  hours when using flocking powder. And even better, a flocking spray does the job in just one hour!

  • ½  hour- for preparing your place with materials for flocking.
  • 1 ½ – to flock and complete the tree
  • ½ hour- for cleaning up the place!

Sounds easy, right? Let’s jump into the process now!

What to Do Before Flocking an Artificial Tree?

Step 1: Prepare your workplace

First things first! It’s very important to prepare your workplace. Even though it looks like a messy job, it can be neatly done when you’re all set perfectly.

  • Choose to work in a well-ventilated area, whether in the backyard or a spacious room. It’s better not to work inside the house if you’re using the flocking power technique since it can end up everywhere and make a mess. After flocking, you must leave the tree to rest. So make sure it is in an undisturbed area of your house. Move all your furniture aside.
  • Protect your flooring- Cover the flooring of the tree with a plastic sheet or a large drop cloth. It’s better to avoid newspapers.
  • Protect yourself- Wear gloves, a mask, goggles, slippers, and an old t-shirt. As mentioned earlier, flocking powders and sprays might be harmful, which may irritate. Even though they are not harmful, nobody likes to get their nose tickling and sneezing when working seriously.
  • Keep all the materials beside- Make sure you have all the materials you need under your tree before starting the job.

Step 2: Fluff the Christmas tree

No matter how tall or wide your Christmas tree is, proper fluffing makes it look full and enchanting.

  • Wear gloves before fluffing the branches since the needles can be rough on your hands.
  • You can also use a table to place and fluff different tree sections separately for a better result. (If your artificial tree contains different sections to be manually set up.) If it is not a manual setup tree, string the tree into separate sections and fluff from bottom to top.
  • Fluff from the inside moving out- This is a very valuable hack to keep in your mind!Fluff the branches of your tree from the center pole. Fully fanned tips help to cover the gaps. Also, be sure not to show the center stand of the tree.
  • Separate the individual tips- Separate each branch and angle them outwards from the center pole of the tree.
  • Shape the tree’s branches vertical upwards- This helps the tree get a fuller and realistic appearance.
  • Repeat the steps from bottom to top- Do one segment at a time to prevent confusion. Going from the bottom to the above is the favorable way to fluff the tree.
  • Put up the topmost branch vertical- Place the longest branch vertically to form a smooth slope and achieve a triangular shape.

Fluffing the tree allows the flocking powder or spray to be touched in proper places.

How to Flock an Artificial Fake Tree

There are two common methods to flock an artificial Christmas tree. Either you can use a flocking spray or a flocking powder.

Method 1: How to Flock a Fake Christmas Tree Using Flocking Powder

Flock a Fake Christmas Tree

Materials Needed:

  • Spray bottle with water
  • Flocking powder
  • Glue (you will thank us later!)
  • Mesh wire sifter
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Drop cloth


  1. Set up your Christmas tree in a ventilated area above a big plastic sheet, wear gloves and a mask. Cover the bottom of the tree. Also, read the flocking powder label instructions before starting.
  2. Secondly, put some glue with water in the spray bottle. Shake it well. Spray the water on a mist setting on the tree from top to middle. Glue with water helps the stocking powder to stick well to the branches. Spray the water whenever you need but keep an eye on not to oversaturate the branches.
  3. Add the flocking powder to the sifter and hold it above the moist branches to sprinkle. This ensures proper, even distribution across the surface of the branches and avoids lumps and bumps. Be careful not to add water on the sifter, which makes flocking difficult.
  4. Do one section at once! Start from the top to the bottom.  Work from the inner side of the branches to out by slowly shaking the sifter. Spread the powder at the needles or flock on the underside of the branches doesn’t give a realistic look. Also, don’t over flock on one part. Keep an eye on the powder you have remaining.
  5. Easy Hack: You can use your hands to add an extra flock to the tip of the branches for a more realistic look. Go back and observe how you have done. It’s a better idea to not over flock initially and do them layer by layer according to the amount of powder you have.
  6. Now, the last step is to spray the tree all over again. The last water spray is essential to activate the flocking powder and make it well adhered to the branches.
  7. Let your tree dry. You will know the tree is dried when you notice the dried and hardened snowy clumps all over the tree. Let the beautiful flocked tree sit dry for a day before you start decorating it.

Method 2: How to Flock Christmas Trees Using Flocking Spray?

flock christmas trees using flocking spray

Materials needed:

  • Christmas tree flocking spray
  • Plastic bag
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Drop cloth


  1. Don’t forget to cover the base of the tree. Use a big plastic bag and sheet to avoid untidy stains of the spray. Fluff the branches of the tree referring to the above technique.
  2. Take your flocking spray in hand and read the label’s instructions. Spraying is a very easy method compared to flocking, and you can even do it in a large room in your home.
  3. Divide the tree into sections. Do one part at a time.  Spray the branches with a steady back and forth technique. The closer you spray, the heavier the branches give a snowy look.
  4. It’s recommended to do a mist spray all over and add a touch-up, in the end to avoid over-flocking on one end and reduced flocking on the other end.
  5. Let it dry for 6-8 hours. Spraying dries faster than the powdering method. Make sure you protect your tree away from your pets and kids.

Method 3: How to Flock a Tree with Spray Snow?

Flock a Tree with Spray Snow

Materials needed:

  • 2-3 cans of artificial snow spray for an averaged size tree
  • Drop cloth


  1. It is recommended to keep your tree outside of the house. This prevents ruining the floorings and furniture.
  2. Spread the drop cloth on the base of the tree to prevent spillage.
  3. Divide the tree into sections and start spraying the snow spray. Don’t overspray in one section. It is okay to keep the spray far away in the beginning and move closer later for a more even appearance.
  4. To create a more natural look, spray on the outward tips of the branches but not on the interior branches that are sheltered by branches above them.

Which Is The Best Method to Flock an Artificial Tree?

Even though snow spraying is easier, it is better to avoid snow sprays for flocking the whole Christmas tree since they are only used to highlight the branches of trees or wreaths. Flocking a Christmas tree with specific flocking spray and flocking powder gives effective results of a flocked look.

Can You Flock an Artificial Tree with Lights?

Yes, that’s a great idea when you do it without electricity safely. Setting up the Christmas tree, wrapping it with miniature lights, and flocking, in the end, covers up your wires and makes them unnoticed and more beautiful.

Is Tree Flocking Toxic?

It depends on what is present in the flocking powder or spray. Most flocking powders are made up of water, cellulose, and even flame retardant adhesives which reduce the risk of your tree catching fire. Some flocking powder may contain harmful ingredients in significant amounts, which can cause serious problems when ingested.

Is Artificial Flocked Trees Safe for Cats and Dogs?

Pets and children can get very excited by the lights and shiny ornaments hanging in the Christmas trees. A live Christmas tree can be extremely dangerous to pets when they chew the branches. For instance, fir trees are toxic and irritate your cats, and show symptoms like drooling and vomiting. When pine needles are accidentally swallowed, it can cause serious issues like intestinal obstruction. So it’s necessary to keep Christmas trees away from your pets.

How to Protect Your Christmas Tree From Pets?

  • If you have pets at home, it is a wise choice to buy artificial Christmas trees since real needles can be dangerous and cause serious complications when ingested.
  • Electrical cords and wires can be tangled and cause injuries. Tape the wires to prevent electrocution risks.
  • Hanging them with heavy ornaments is easy to push them down for the pets. Fix your Christmas tree to the wall using strings for extra support.
  • Cats hate the scent of citrus fruits. Use an orange scent to keep cats or kittens away. Additionally, you can use pets deterrent sprays.
  • Build a gate or even protect the base of the tree with larger presents. It’s a good idea to tie bells on the gates so that you would know when your pets approach your tree.

How to Remove Flocking From a Christmas Tree?

Setup the Tree to Clean

  1. Make sure your pets are away again.
  2. Remove all ornaments and untie the heavy decorations very gently from the Christmas tree.
  3. Remove the lights slowly.
  4. Cleaning the flocking powder from your Christmas tree is not rocket science. Since they are made up of cellulose, they are surprisingly very easy to remove.

Clean the Flocked Christmas Tree

Remove Flocking From a Christmas Tree
  1. Firstly, use a drop cloth to lay down on the floor. Don’t miss to wear your mask and goggles.
  2. Secondly, use a bristle brush or a vacuum with an upholstery attachment to remove the flocking from inside of the branches to out. Be mindful with both types of equipment to apply a little pressure only to remove the flocking.
  3. Of course, you can’t remove all the flocking with a brush and vacuum. Use a damp cloth with acetone nail polish remover. Use it to wipe the flocking on a hidden branch of the tree. Check out for any adverse reactions for few minutes. If you didn’t notice any difference, use the cloth to remove the leftover flocking from all trees. 
  4. Last but not least, use another wet cloth and clean the acetone with water. You can also rinse your whole tree with a hose by keeping it in the garden.
  5. Mission accomplished! Let it dry outside and bring it back to your home. Don’t leave your poor tree uncovered in the garage, which catches a lot of dust. Store your Christmas tree in a proper storage container or a heavy-duty stretch wrap and wrap it tightly.

Final Thoughts

Setting up and flocking your artificial Christmas tree might seem like backbreaking work. But in the end, your efforts will pay off when your guests gaze at your lovely Christmas tree and compliment it!

It’s time to decorate your tree with twinkling stars, tinkle bells, colorful presents, and glittery balls. Are you ready to feast your eyes with your flocked Christmas tree, which is going to look like a breathtakingly beautiful, picturesque-looking winter wonderland’s centerpiece?

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