15 Best Light Wood Dining Tables and Dining Sets

When we want to buy a new dining table, it is imperative to know what we want, to be successful in our purchase. Indeed, because it is on the dining table that the family meets every day to share the meal, this is why we must take into account the shape of the table, the material from which it is made, as well as its size. You want to buy a new light wood dining table and choose the one that best suits your needs, but you do not have enough time to visit the buying guide that we provide? We invite you to take a closer look at the two models below.

But before that, let us enlighten ours with some crucial information about the materials.

What is the best wood for light wood dining tables?

We want you to understand better what makes solid light wood dining table sets so special. If you like decoration and are curious to know what different kinds of wood they use, don’t miss a thing.

  • Pine: it is a very versatile and abundant wood, which also makes it economical, a combination that makes it one of the most widely used woods, especially in Europe. The sapwood is light yellow, and the heartwood ranges from brown to reddish. Although it is not a superior quality wood, it is semi-soft and does not have the best of behaviors against humidity, its use is prevalent, from furniture to construction, panel manufacturing or carpentry to assemble (friezes, fences, moldings…).
  • Cedar: although within the softwoods, this is somewhat harder. It is an aromatic, durable and dense wood, although fragile. The wood of this type of cedar is fascinating since its aroma repels insects, including moths. For this reason, it is commonly used to cover drawers, wardrobes, and chests of drawers.
  • Redwood: it is an aesthetically beautiful wood thanks to its reddish color, and high quality since its resistance to rot and humidity characterizes it. It is a perfect wood for almost any purpose, standing out as interior furniture, doors, windows, and general carpentry as well as for internal cladding
  • Ash: depending on the subspecies used, it can have darker tones, but it often has light tones. It is a quality wood primarily used for the manufacture of furniture.
  • Hemlock: the wood of hemlock, whose scientific name is tsuga, is a block of wood with origins in the North American west, although we can also find it in the British isles, and which bears a lot of resemblance to pine and fir, hence it is included within what is known as “false firs”.

What to consider before buying light wood dining tables?

If this is your first purchase of dining room furniture, and since this is an important decision, here is a list of things to consider when making your choice.

1) Space

You must first assess the space you have for your table. We recommend that you start by calculating the dimensions of the room. You must leave between 42 and 46 centimeters (107 to 117 centimeters) between the table and the wall so that everyone can get up quickly by pushing back their chair.

2) Traffic

Examine the circulation in the room and through which people enter and leave the dining room. Is there enough space around the table? Do you prefer to provide the service or let the guests serve themselves?

3) Different styles of dining tables

To create a spectacular dining room, there are many styles and designs. So, let’s see how to find the right shape, size, materials and form for you. For minimalists, the perfect dining table should be made of wood, industrial and straightforward style. If the design of your home is country-style, a shabby chic-style table is the one for you. Since the shabby chic style tables have a “ruined” base, they give the rest of the furniture a vintage and antique style. Are you a nature lover? The best choice should fall on a shabby natural wood table, which shows the beauty of the tree’s artistry.

4) Dimensions of the dining table

One of the essential things to consider when choosing the perfect dining table is the size. In a small apartment with a kitchen only, opt for foldaway or folding tables. On the market, you will find new solutions, such as kitchens with removable peninsulas or counters that hide among the kitchen drawers. Then there are the multifunctional islands equipped with a hob, washing, and table in one element. If, on the other hand, you have a large house with a dining room, you can indulge yourself in choosing the dining table that will be the size you prefer.

5) The shape of the table

Always taking into account the space you have, the options are:

  • Rectangular tables: is the most usual way. Having more space between diners is the least intimate, but it is also usually more comfortable and spacious.
  • Square tables: they are best suited for small spaces. Its ideal size is 150 x 150 cm, although the extendable ones usually double its capacity.
  • Round tables: there is a wide range of measurements ranging from 70cm to 180cm in diameter, although the perfect size ranges from 120 to 180. They are warm furniture since diners are closer and can speak comfortably.
  • Oval tables: halfway between the round and the rectangular is the oval table. Its main feature is that it has rounded edges, which also softens its appearance. It can occupy between 6 and 10 people and is more than convenient for narrow spaces. Its ideal size would be around 240-335 cm in diameter.
  • Extendable tables: virtually all meals can be, and they are perfect if your dining room is not very large. You just have to confirm that you have the space to open them and to have a minimum of comfort around.

Best Light Wood Dining Tables

1. Light wood dining table with two benches

The light wood dining table with two benches is a model that does not go unnoticed thanks to its superb central base. This rectangular table is the perfect combination of strength and creative design! Its primary base is the charming asset of this product. The bottom is associated with a dark top in the wood veneer.


  • Material: pine wood
  • Color: light brown
  • Dimension: 45 inches x 28 inches x 29 inches
  • Benches: 2 ( 36.2 inches x 14 inches x 18 inches)
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Assembly: easy to assemble

2. Pine solid wood dining table

The pine solid wood dining table will seduce you with its original base in a dandy chic style. With generous and pretty curves, the legs turned over the table give this table this majestic look so characteristic. Designed entirely in solid pine, it is a quality table resistant to humidity and above all very elegant! This solid wood table has an unequaled charm that will adapt to many decorations: contemporary, classic or trendy.


  • Material: pine wood
  • Color: natural brown
  • Dimension: 30 inches high x 42 inches wide x 96 inches
  • Seat: 8, with benches and chairs
  • Assembly: easy to assemble

3. Round dining table solid pine wood

The light wood round dining table inspires simplicity and conviviality for a warm interior. This dining table is made of solid wood and rests on a circular wooden base. The roundness of its contours will give a spirit of conviviality to your room. Indeed, the circular shape favors the exchange between the guests for meals placed under the sign of sharing. As for its thick central foot, it provides good stability and does not interfere with the legs of the guests


  • Material: solid pine wood
  • Color: white and ash
  • Dimension: 47″ x 47″ x 30″
  • Seat: 4, not included
  • Assembly: easy to assemble
  • Specialty: thick single leg

4. Light wood extendable dining table with solid pine wood

The light wood extendable dining table with solid pine wood perfectly reflects the creativity of designers. This table is a worthy representative of royal furniture. Its solid wood top and its original curvy base give the product a resolute design look that will undoubtedly modernize your dining room. The combination of the wooden feet and the solid wood top is a success and will imbue your room with a resolutely charming industrial atmosphere!


  • Material: solid pine wood
  • Color: natural dark brown
  • Dimension: 36.00 x 103.00 x 30.00 inches
  • Seat: 10
  • Assembly: easy to assemble
  • Specialty: beautiful designer legs

5. Redwood farmhouse dining table

It brilliantly combines warmth and softness of wood with a colorful central line that revitalizes the whole. This entirely successful association tends to break the codes of the traditional style while giving it a new impetus to be even more trendy. A perfect representative of the classic style, this product will charm more than one!


  • Material: redwood
  • Color: natural dark brown
  • Dimension: comes in different sizes, 4ft to 10ft
  • Assembly: easy to assemble
  • Style: customizable

6. White pine light wood dining table

The table has a pine veneer top and a wooden structure. Resolutely contemporary, it relies on the properties of its wooden tray to integrate your room. We appreciate its simple design with quality wood. On the practical side, this wooden table offers a guarantee of quality. With its beautiful finish, this table will match your interior.


  • Material: pine wood
  • Color: natural brown
  • Dimension: 59.76″ x 35. 00″ x 30. 00″
  • Finishing: white pine finish
  • Assembly: easy to assemble
  • Warranty: 5 years

7. Cedar white square light wood dining table

With an aerial design, the square cedar wood veneer table will seduce you with its great finesse and its impression of lightness! As if suspended in the air, the design square tabletop in cedarwood surprises and captivates us. This designer table seems to be levitating above the ground barely retained by beautiful x-shaped wooden legs subtly intertwined. Sporting a slender silhouette, this designer dining table is nevertheless excellent. 


  • Material: cedarwood
  • Color: white top natural brown legs
  • Dimension: 29″ h x 32″ w x 32″ d
  • Specialty: the x-shaped intertwined legs
  • Assembly: easy to assemble

8. Sequoia 5 pieces counter height light wood dining room set

The warm and bright table will bring a unique style to your dining room. Several elements distinguish the rectangular table. First of all, the particular shape of its tray brings a little originality to your table. Then, its u-shaped legs give the dining table a distinct design style. To combine conviviality and modernity, bet without hesitation on the u-shaped legs table card!


  • Material: acacia wood
  • Color: dark brown tabletop and black legs
  • Dimension: 58 x 32 x 36 inches
  • Seat: 18 x 19 x 36 inches
  • Assembly: easy to assemble
  • Specialty: u-shaped wooden legs

9. Sequoia 7 piece counter height light wood dining set

The sequoia 7 pieces counter height light wood dining set imposes itself with panache in your dining room thanks to its solid wood top and its rectangular wooden base. The rectangular dining table will fit perfectly into any decoration. Its massive structure allows it to establish itself as the central element of your decoration. You can thus shape your desk as you wish and match it perfectly with your interior decoration.


  • Material: acacia wood
  • Color: dark brown top and lack legs
  • Dimension: 58 x 32 x 36 inches
  • Seat: 5 wooden chair
  • Assembly: easy to assemble

10. Hemlock light wood outdoor patio dining table

The hemlock light wood outdoor patio dining table with benches is worthy of being a part of your household if you have kids. Its simple and timeless style and the quality of the multiple finishes offered to make it a top-rated product. Its tray conceals two benches attached to it to accommodate up to 4 guests. The latter are in wood veneer with a color that matches to the top.


  • Material: light wood
  • Color: natural light brown
  • Dimension: 31 x 35 x 19.6 in
  • Seat: 4, with benches attached to the table
  • Assembly: easy to assemble

11. Light wood rectangle dining table

The wooden table is one of those tables that will quickly become essential in your dining room. It has an oak veneer top and a central base with solid wood. The leg is shaped like a box. Indeed, it has a very unique and different design with a rustic and retro look. A worthy representative of fine craftsmanship, this exceptional product is very easy to use daily.


  • Material: solid pine wood
  • Color: rustic brown
  • Dimension: 76l x 42w x 30h in
  • Seat: 8, not included
  • Assembly: easy to assemble

12. Solid wood dining table

Beyond time and fashion, this wooden elliptical table will play on its authenticity and its silhouette to seduce you. Handcrafted work and natural materials have given birth to a unique stand. We like its oval tray which will give softness to your room just like its wooden design. Its exclusive wine rack will also contribute to the success of this product.


  • Material: acacia wood and rubberwood
  • Color: rustic white and brown
  • Dimension: 60” l x 30” w x 36” h
  • Seat: 4
  • Assembly: easy to assemble
  • Specialty: an exclusive wine rack added to the side

13. Red cedar log stump dining table with 8 chairs

The red cedar log stump dining table with 8 chairs is made with so much creativity and exquisite craft. Its fluid lines and modern design will accompany you with class and elegance over time. This aesthetic and contemporary creation has been designed for your interior, so it will integrate very quickly, bringing warmth and authenticity to your stay. The unique part is its stamp-like leg.


  • Material: cedarwood
  • Color: reddish-brown
  • Dimension: 30 inches high x 42 inches wide x 96 inches
  • Seat: 8
  • Assembly: easy to assemble
  • Specialty: stamp-like leg

14. Espresso wood dining table (3-piece set)

This original pinewood table will be able to play with its silhouette to integrate with delicacy and softness in your interior. Its simplicity will make you love the compact rectangular table! Recognized for its manufacturing quality, it is made of solid pine wood. This original creation will of this modern light wood dining table give a style to your interior thanks to its authenticity!


  • Material: pine wood
  • Color: dark brown
  • Dimension: 45” l x 28” w x 29” h
  • Seat: 4, with benches of the same color
  • Assembly: easy to assemble

15. Modern light wood dining table

This pure product will play on its timeless style and its practicality to find a place in your room. Composed of solid pine, this red and white dining table is environmentally friendly. Capable of accommodating up to 4 guests thanks to its four beautiful matching chairs, it makes its practicality a driving force of its success. With the unique and beautiful color combination, this truly is an eye-catching product.


  • Material: pine wood
  • Color: white and red
  • Dimension:  42.5″ lx 25.6″ wx 28.7 ” h
  • Seat: 4 (16.3″ lx 17.7″ wx 33.5″ h each)
  • Assembly: easy to assemble
  • Specialty: the combination of red and white

Final thoughts

Choosing our dining room furniture will always remain a personal choice influenced by factors such as our lifestyle, our tastes in terms of style, our budget, our space, and the number of years that we want to keep our furniture. Anyway, do not be afraid to think outside the box, whether in the choice of finishes or the combination of unexpected elements. Enjoy our article on 15 best light wood dining tables and choose yourself.

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