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10 Best Orchid Wedding Centerpieces and Decorations

Wedding is the most important ceremony in anybody’s life. It’s that defining moment when you embark on a new journey and you seek blessing and good wishes from everyone who matters to you. Thus, you try to make it as perfect, memorable and beautiful as possible. From the food, the venue, decorations to the wedding attire, you want it to be just perfect.

Flowers play a very important role on your wedding. And there is no perfect and exotic flower than an orchid that can make your day a dream come true. Its unique and mystique style, and the structure will add grace and elegance to your wedding ceremony.

Orchids are so universal and versatile that you can mix and match it with other flowers like hydrangeas, amaryllis, roses, carnations, bearded iris, peonies, lilies, and gerbera daisies.

Orchids can be used in a great variety of ways in a wedding. Now before we jump on to the ultimate list of best orchid wedding centerpieces and decorations, lets peep into the various orchid wedding decoration ideas. Who knows you might land up applying one more idea on this list?

Some orchid decoration ideas for a wedding that will make your day a dream come true:

Orchid decoration ideas

Bride’s bouquet

The most obvious and essential orchid decoration for a wedding has to be the bride’s bouquet. A perfect orchid bouquet of your choice in your hand while walking down the aisle can make all your dreams a reality on your special day. Orchid bouquets are arranged in various styles starting from hand-tied to cascade and Biedermeier to composite bouquets.

On plates

Dining tables at the wedding venue are crucial place to handle. You want it to be just perfect- you don’t want to go overboard or keep as dull as can be. Orchids can help find the right balance between the two. Place a full bloom orchid on the plates alongside the menu to create a blend of sophistication with panache in your wedding. Make every guest feel they are welcome with the warmth and poise of an orchid.

Hanging decor

Little orchids hangings can look as charming as a fairy-tale without making your wedding look like a theme park. Hanging orchids bring grace and elegance to the wedding venue when placed strategically over the doors, near the window sill, the wedding arch or over the aisle you are supposed to walk through. Choose the color or type of orchid based on your overall décor, theme and color sequences.


Grooms have a narrowest option when it comes to dress, hairstyle or make up (eye roll). So, you have to find little possible ways to radiate your personality through your best behavior and accessories; like a boutonniere. Wear a small orchid boutonniere color coordinated with your bride’s dress (of course) to sprinkle your inner charm on your special day.


A wedding dining table without an appropriate rather perfect orchid wedding centerpiece as incomplete as a wedding without the bride and groom. Small, big, round, oval, vertical horizontal or a cascade style centerpiece; there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Centerpieces are designed with various elements but the most stunning feature is the flower arrangement. Orchid centerpiece are looks soothing, calm, lovely and peaceful. They set the mood and create a poignant ambiance for your wedding ceremony.

Wearable orchids

Orchids can be worn or carried a variety of ways on a wedding. From a simple bouquet in the bride’s hands to a flourishing garland style orchid arrangement; your options are plenty. Orchids comes in various colors so don’t forget to match or contrast your wedding dress with your choice of orchid.

Faux orchid cake topper

How can you forget your wedding cake? Faux Orchids can create magic for your wedding cake. Cake designers around the world love to use fake orchids as cake toppers to create elegant and stunning cakes for weddings. Be it all white or an ombre orchid cake; artificial orchid cake toppers have the potential to create marvel in the name of a wedding cake.

Overhead orchids

We have already discussed hanging orchid on this list before so why come up with overhead orchids. Well, by overhead orchids we suggest an orchid flower arrangement placed over head of the dining table or the entire seating area at your wedding venue. Clusters of orchid arrangement with leaves and lights falling down over the dinning seats and table is what the overhead orchid is all about.

Dining chairs ribbons

Dining chairs are often the neglected piece of essentials when it comes to decoration. Mostly people leave it just naked (which has its own charm). Instead, think of an orchid garland rolling down the handles or the back of the chairs entangled with ribbons or maybe lights. Voila! You have a stunning wedding decoration on your way.

Now let’s find out the Best Orchid Wedding Centerpieces and Decorations that will leave your guest spellbound:

Best Orchid Wedding Centerpieces and Decorations

01. Cute LED Orchid Light

The Cute LED Orchid Light is an amazing way to decorate your homes, offices and venues for special events or occasions. The LED lights are placed at the center of the orchid flower heads. The orchid heads are made of high quality and realistic looking silk. These fake orchids look as real and life as possible. The entire fake orchid flower arrangement with lights is placed on a white rectangular pot so that you can easily use it as an orchid wedding centerpiece for dining tables, coffee tables, kitchen counter tops, etc., at home, offices or weddings.

  • Made of high quality.
  • Powered by 2xAA battery.
  • Safe and easy to operate.
  • Includes 9 warm white LED Lights.
  • Perfect for weddings, home and office decor.

02. Artificial Orchids Arrangement in White ceramic Vase

Made of silk, the Artificial Orchids Arrangement in White ceramic Vase is a beautiful, delicate and realistic. The fake orchid arrangement includes life like orchids heads, leaves, flower buds and long, curved stems. The flowers and leaves are made with fine detailing and finesse that accentuates the look of the orchid flower arrangement. They are prefect as a orchid centerpiece for weddings, corporate events, cafes, coffee shops, offices and home.

  • Made of high-quality silk.
  • Perfect for home, office, weddings.
  • Life like, realistic appearances.
  • Vivid orchids and leaves.

03. Minimalist Fake Phalaenopsis Orchids Centerpiece

The Minimalist Fake Phalaenopsis Orchids Centerpiece is a striking accent for your home and office décor. The fake Phalaenopsis Orchids are designed with accurate details to make it look natural and real. The orchid heads are made of polyester silk material and the polyurethane is used for the leaves. The flower pot is made of ceramic pot that is good looking and easy to easy.

  • Made of polyester silk and polyurethane.
  • Ideal for home and office decor.
  • Perfect as a wedding decorative.
  • Life like, natural appearance.

04. Yellow Artificial Orchid Arrangement with Ceramic Vase

The Yellow Large Artificial Orchid Arrangement with Ceramic Vase is a beautiful flower arrangement with double stems and lovely blooms. The orchid wedding centerpiece includes 12 blooms and 2 buds on two stems gracefully placed in a white ceramic pot. To a natural and life like appearance for the centerpiece, high quality silk flowers, silk leaves, plastic stems, and flocking stones are used.

  • Perfect for all year decoration.
  • Ideal for weddings, events, restaurants, homes, offices, etc.
  • Made high quality silk, plastic and ceramic.
  • Includes 12 blooms, 2 buds and few leaves.

05. Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid Wedding Centerpiece with a Golden Vase

The Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid Wedding Centerpiece with a Golden Vase is a perfect decorative for your wedding. The White faux orchids placed intricately on a golden vase has a charming appearance that can brighten up the mood of your guests. Made of high- quality and eco- friendly silk, the orchid flower arrangement includes life like orchid heads, leaves, flower buds and strong, flexible stems. The petals are waterproof, does not smell, and do not require watering.

  • Perfect as orchid wedding centerpieces.
  • Made of silk.
  • Waterproof, no smell, no watering.
  • White orchids with Golden Vase.

06. Orange Orchid Bonsai Flower Arrangement

The Orange Orchid Bonsai Flower Arrangement with white ceramic vase is striking piece of home decor accent. You can place it on your coffee table, center table, kitchen tops, book corner, office desk, etc. You can also use it as an orchid wedding centerpiece. The orchid petals are made of high- quality PU and silk is used for the leaves to make it appear as real and life like as possible.

  • Ideal for home and office decor.
  • Made of PU and silk.
  • Perfect for wedding decorations
  • Orange orchids with white ceramic vase.

07. Bright Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement in a Decorative Vase

The Bright Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement in a Decorative Vase is perfect for wedding decorations. The orchids petals look natural and feel real as they are made of high- quality silk and plastic are used for branches for strength and flexibility. The flower arrangement is classy and elegant whilst it bold and vivid purple color makes it stunning appealing. The flower does not smell, prevents insects, requires no watering, and its waterproof. It’s perfect for outdoor or indoor weddings. You can place them in homes and offices as well.

  • Harmless, non- toxic, Eco friendly.
  • Waterproof, crease resistant.
  • Perfect for home, office and wedding decorations.
  • Purple Orchid with White Ceramic Vase.

08. Artificial Long Stem White Orchids Bouquet

The Artificial Long Stem White Orchids Bouquet is a strikingly beautiful bundle of separate stems of orchids that can be easily arranged as you wish. The bundle includes 10 branches of orchids, 1 branch of gypsophila flower and a pine ball. Every branch feature 5 forks and 40 small orchid heads. The silk orchids are easily bendable and does not bear any irritable smell. Perfect option for people allergic to pollens and real flowers, children, pregnant women, and old people.

  • Eco friendly, non-toxic, no irritable smell.
  • Made of silk.
  • Looks lifelike, real and naturally alive.
  • Perfect for wedding, home and office decor.

09. Cymbidium Orchid Bouquet

The Cymbidium Orchid Bouquet is a nice refreshing bundle of artificial orchids. The bundle includes 12 pieces of faux silk orchids that are designed to look and feel naturally real. You can place them in jars, vases or pots and arrange them in any style with ease. They are amazing for homes, offices, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, books stores and various other outdoor or indoor places. You can make your wedding bouquet or an orchid wedding centerpiece with these faux orchids while mixing them other flower like Calla Lily or Roses.

  • Perfect as orchid wedding bouquet.
  • Ideal for home, office, cafe etc.
  • Made of high- quality silk.
  • Includes 12 pieces of orchids separately.

10. White Phalaenopsis Orchid Wedding Centerpieces in the Crescent Vase

The White Phalaenopsis Orchid Flower Arrangement in the Crescent Vase is a spectacular piece of artwork in the name of a decorative accent. The pack includes 10 orchid flower heads along with leaves, flower buds and strong curved stems. The entire orchid flower arrangement is placed on an elegant white ceramic crescent vase. This piece can easily be used as an orchid wedding centerpiece to accentuate the wedding decor to another tangent.

  • Made high- quality silk cloth, plastic and ceramic.
  • Perfect for wedding decoration and other events.
  • White Orchid arrangement in crescent ceramic vase.
  • Looks real, natural and lively.


As we already know, that orchids are beautifully mystical. They bring elegance and grace to any place they are part of. Be it home décor or as big as a wedding ceremony, orchids never fail to impress you. They are amazingly versatile. They can be sober, wild, romantic, or exotic and times, all at once.

Orchids have a natural quality to up lift the mood and ambience that makes it a great choice for a wedding. Make some place for an orchid wedding centerpiece on the dining table or be the showstopper as a cake topper. No matter how you place them, they are going to make you wedding a complete fairytale without going overboard.

What are you waiting for? Choose the orchid wedding centerpieces and decorations that will match perfectly with your wedding theme and decorations.

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