Outdoor Artificial Flowers – 20 Best Fake Outdoor Flowers

Flowers have always been elements that have helped to transform the beautiful spaces of home and office quickly. Natural flowers for years were the choice of many women to integrate a small part of nature into the outdoor decoration.

Nowadays, the use of fake outdoor flowers and plants has emerged as the simplest, most practical, and affordable way to continue having that same natural touch in our homes and offices, and this is because they achieve a natural appearance. Today, we are going to discuss the 20 best outdoor artificial flowers, fake flowers, faux flowers. But before that, let’s see why they are so popular.

Advantages of Outdoor Artificial Flowers

The use of artificial plants is increasingly popular, and if you have not yet dared to make the change, here we share some benefits of having faux outdoor flowers and plants in your home.

01. They are easy to care for

With faux outdoor flowers, you don’t have to worry about putting water on the cactus or asking a neighbor to take care of your orchids while you travel. They do not require fertilizers, water, spraying, soil transplantation, and new pots.

02. Hypoallergenic

Many people suffer from pollen allergies, pesticides, and may even be allergic to specific plants. Artificial flowers are hypoallergenic, so you no longer have to worry about causing allergic reactions with your decoration.

03. They stay fresh

Natural flowers are beautiful but have a short life, one day they are at the best moment and suddenly they wilt. That is something that will not happen when you have artificial flowers in your home because their color and lively appearance will not change.

04. They are not toxic to animals

Faux outdoor flowers and plants do not awaken the olfactory sensitivity of your pets. They may be curious at the beginning, but they will eventually see the plants as part of their environment.

05. You can put them anywhere

Most plants require special care, such as: verifying their exposure to the sun, the amount of water they can receive, and the temperature of the room they are in, so they must be placed in specific places in the house. You can put your artificial plants wherever you want!

06. They are flexible and light

Most flowers are incredibly flexible, so you can mold them to your liking so that it looks exactly as you want. Being light, it is elementary to place them on large furniture and pedestals without causing any damage. Besides, you can move and relocate as many times as you want without fear of spilling anything.

07. Zero insects!

We all love natural plants, but not everyone loves the insects that often come with them. It is usual for specific flowers to attract insects to our home, and this can lead to diseases and allergic reactions that are best avoided. Artificial plants, despite being very natural, lack aroma, and therefore insects are not attracted.

Best Outdoor Artificial Flowers, Fake Flowers, Faux Flowers

01. Artificial Silk Sweet pea or Lathyrus flower

The Lathyrus belongs to the family of butterflies and exists in several colors. Whether or not butterflies come to this synthetic version is always a question, even if this artificial bouquet looks a lot like the real flowers of Lathyrus.

This fake bouquet has four stems (which becomes eight on the top) tied together in 2 color variations, from light pink to purple. The stems are silky and tied with raffia.

The height of the bouquet is approximately 16 inches.

Things we liked:

  • Internally joined stems
  • Bright and variant colors
  • Long-lasting

02. Artificial Heather Fillers Bush

This artificial heather plant with its many small flowers is very decorative in the garden or the windowsill. To be used alone in a pot or a group in a larger container. This artificial bouquet is entirely made for this! The height is about 20″ (including stem), and the width is 12.5″. This standard synthetic heather version is delivered without a pot, so place it in a container of your choice.

Things we liked:

  • Beautiful bright purple color
  • Suitable for outside weather
  • Can be used in any pot

03. Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant or Strelitzia Reginae

This branch of Strelitzia is sold as a single stem and can be combined with other fake outdoor flowers to make beautiful and colorful faux outdoor flowers and arrangements. The realistic false branch is very well imitated with firm bracts from which the orange flower grows and which is counterfeit to every detail. The total length of the flower stem is 90 cm. The flower is 7 x 20 cm.

Things we liked:

  • The real-like combination of orange and purple
  • Made of premium quality plastic
  • Environment-friendly
  • Safe and pollution-free

04. Artificial hydrangea plant

This artificial hydrangea bouquet is really like a natural! The artificial bouquet is made up of different branches with seven large flower heads. By the diversity of colors and numerous small and large leaves, this bouquet of artificial hydrangea is a pleasure for the eyes. The artificial plant measures approximately 69 cm in height, including the stem. Hydrangea bouquets are available in cream color.

Things we liked:

  • elegant creme color
  • enormous flower bulbs
  • perfect for outdoor decoration
  • made with high-quality materials

05. Artificial Chrysanthemum

This magnificent set of chrysanthemums, with its beautiful plastic flowers, is a very decorative plant whose rendering is superb on the garden patio or on sidewalk. Ideal as a solitary plant in a decorative pot or several in a decorative pot or container or in arrangements!

The height of this artificial plant is about 12 inches (including 6 bundles), the width is about 8.6 inches.

Things we liked:

  • Ability to withstand any adverse weather
  • Soothing color combination of yellow and creme
  • Made with high grade plastic

06. Artificial Poppy Flower Bouquet

This beautiful artificial poppy flower, also known as Papaver, should not be missing in rural silk bushes! The flower consists of a stem with three head and poppy balls made of flowering faux silk and a side branch with a button. Also, the hairy rod is real! By default, the false poppy flower is sold individually, and it will be easy for you to integrate them into one of your flower arrangements. This natural style flower measures approximately 70 cm and is available in orange and red.

Things we liked:

  • The large tergal flower is very sophisticated
  • Real looking
  • Soft orange in color

07. Artificial hanging Bougainvillea

This beautiful artificial Bougainvillea artificial hanging pot is particularly faithful to nature and of very high quality. The many small flowers and leaves are a feast for the eyes. This artificial hanging tree can be presented in all decorative pots. The artificial Bougainvillea comes in a container measuring about 10”x6”.

Things we liked:

  • Vibrant pink and green colors
  • Easy to hang
  • Synthetic
  • Long-lasting

08. White Orchid Flower

These are So beautiful that you have never seen it before! This silk Phalaenopsis comes in a graceful, ready-to-use ceramic pot, which the artificial plant making is not only fun for the home, but also perfect to use in the outdoor. The natural Phalaenopsis orchid has two branches and flowers abundantly! The decoration height is approximately 31 inches. The pot is a matte black square.

Things we liked:

  • White fluffy orchid
  • Green real looking stem and leaves
  • Matte black square pot
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor both

09. Artificial Rose Flower Plant

This artificial Deluxe rose plant is one of the best artificial flowering trees. The trunks are made of premium grade plastic, which gives the model a very natural look, as you see in many gardens.

The height of the artificial rose plant is about 95 cm, and the color of the flowers has many variants. The foliage is very well done, and its large number of flowers makes it a great decoration! It comes in an internal plastic jar.

Things we like:

  • A wide range of color from creme to cherry pink
  • Comes with a suitable pot
  • Suitable for outdoor decoration
  • Real looking

10. Artificial Lilac for garden

This beautiful counterfeited Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris) Deluxe purple is an artificial flower with lots of possibilities! Our natural-looking Lilac branch is imitated very detailedly, with several side branches, and does have some dressy silk flowers. By default, the fake flowering branch comes as a single stem with three heads and can, therefore, quickly be processed into beautiful artificial bouquets. The stem has a total length of approximately 50 cm. The flower width is between 8 cm.

Things we liked:

  • Many flowers with three branches
  • Silk flower with a soft texture
  • Feels like a real flower
  • Goes with any outdoor decoration

11. Artificial Geranium Bush

Who doesn’t know it: geranium. Perhaps one of the best-selling and still trendy artificial plants. Our artificial geranium has some large flowers, some small and some even in bud. The silk sheets are of different sizes and shades, which makes this artificial plant very natural. This exuberant flowering geranium has a height of around 19″ each. Although it doesn’t come in a pot, it is easy to place in decorative containers.

Things we liked:

  • Vibrant and realistic in look
  • The green leaves pop the red color of flower
  • Long-lasting

12. Artificial Gerbera Daisy

These gerberas are Characteristic in the double row of petals, which is so typical of the Gerbera. Much attention has also been devoted to the heart of the artificial flower. This has been copied with precision. The artificial plant is composed of some large flowers and some small ones. The color of the flowers begins with a yellow and ends with orange petals with yellow ends. The large silk leaves give the plant a complete view. Inches. The total height, including the pot, is approximately 17 inches.

Things we liked:

  • Colorful and vibrant
  • Many colors available
  • Silk flowers feel smooth to touch

13. Artificial Bonsai Tree with flower

This lush 7.5 inches artificial flowering bonsai will give each space a distinctive spring atmosphere! The artificial tree is built on a sturdy wooden false trunk, has leaves of several shades of green and many flowers in various stages of growth. With its brown stems, this artificial bonsai is natural. The diameter is about 2.6 inches. By default, bonsai is delivered flat, as shown in the image. The artificial floor is finished with natural-looking moss.

Things we liked:

  • The combination of green leaves and baby pink flower
  • High-quality material
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Long-lasting

14. Artificial Anthurium plant

Deluxe artificial Anthurium 18 inches red with eight flowers and a diameter of 22.5 inches. The plant made up of a huge number of leaves; it is ideal for decorating homes and offices. This artificial plant is delivered in a standard ceramic pot. The artificial plants do not require any special maintenance to accompany you for many years.

Things we liked:

  • The ceramic vase is a different touch
  • Bright and shiny Silk flowers
  • Almost identical to the real flower
  • Long-lasting

15. Eucalyptus Camellia Plastic Plants

Let yourself be surprised by this artificial Camellia, which will seduce you with these double flowers of beautiful pink color. This Camellia artificial plant is made with a plastic trunk whose natural ramifications allow excellent distribution of branches and serrated green leaves. The Camellia flowers, made of high-end plastic, have a pink color with a delicate yellow heart, and all have different sizes. The height of the plant is approximately 35 cm, and it is delivered without a pot. Which allows you to place it in any container or decorative bowl easily.

Things we liked:

  • Made with environment-friendly plastic
  • Beautiful pink ad green color
  • Vibrant and bright

16. Hibiscus artificial plant

This beautiful artificial reproduction of the orange-red Hibiscus on a Black Hexagon Vase is one of the most beautiful flowering plants. This Hibiscus is built from fake silk with a very natural shape, identical to that of the plants that can be found in the gardens. This artificial Hibiscus has a height of about 18 inches and a diameter of about 22 inches. The delicate flowers of Hibiscus in artificial silk are orange in color with a subtle yellow heart.

Things we liked:

  • A genuinely eye-catching product in any outdoor decoration!
  • Good to look
  • A stylish black vase

17. Artificial Kalanchoes pot set

This beautiful set of artificial Kalanchoe plants with its many small flowers is very decorative on the terrace, the windowsill, or the garden. This artificial plant is entirely made for this! The size of the artificial plant is about 8 x 8 x 9 inches. This version of artificial Kalanchoe is delivered in three pots, one color in each container. This tergal plant is available in pink, yellow, and red.

Things we liked:

  • Three different pot with three different color
  • Appropriate size
  • Faux silk made flower
  • Bright and vibrant

18. Faux Hanging Petunia Bush

This beautiful artificial garland from Pétunia is a realistic natural reproduction and of high quality. The purple flowers are a real eye-catcher! The freshness and liveliness of the colors of Petunia flowers combined with its stems and green leaves make this garland decoration in high demand for weddings, for the parties, or just outdoor decoration. The artificial petunia garland is about 32 inches.

Things we liked:

  • Very realistic to look at
  • Ten stems with flowers and leaves
  • The soft purple color is very eye soothing
  • Long-lasting

19. Artificial Spathiphyllum plant

This Spathiphyllum silk plant is a feast for the eyes. Made with top-of-the-range flowers in a unique latex, which makes the touch of these as real as life. The artificial plant is very natural and can be placed in living spaces as well as outdoors. This artificial Spathiphyllum is about 6 inches and comes in a plastic pot. It will also work well in a high or low bowl.

Things we liked:

  • do not require any special maintenance to accompany you for many years.
  • made with the best materials and faux silk
  • the most beautiful imitations of the market

20. Artificial Purple Clematis Hanging Basket

The clematis stems are attached to a hanging basket made of metal. The artificial plant is characterized by its numerous and colorful flowers. The purplish flower and the thin stakes give a radiant appearance to the whole. It will go perfectly on a veranda, an entrance, or a reception desk. The size of the semi-artificial clematis is 9″ tall and 22″ in diameter. It is effortless to use.

Things we liked:

  • Artificial plants do not require any special or care
  • Beautiful color combination
  • Comes with a Strong metal basket
  • Easy to hang

Frequently asked questions

1. How to clean fake outdoor flowers?

We always have faster options to dust your artificial flowers when you don’t have too much time for cleaning:

  • Hairdryer: remove the dust accumulated in artificial flowers with the help of the air from a dryer.
  • Vacuum cleaner: place a stocking on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner and use it to remove dust.
  • Wet cloth: a remedy that we only recommend for flowers with large surface petals.
  • Spray of compressed air: the same ones that are used to remove the dirt between the keys of the computer keyboards.

2. What are the materials that are used in faux outdoor flower making?

This is a question that comes up frequently and that we will try to answer today. there are five different materials from which artificial flowers are made :

  • Plastic
  • Latex
  • Polyurethane
  • Tergal and
  • Fabrics

Now that you know about best outdoor artificial flowers, fake flowers, faux flowers along with the benefits of having artificial plants and flowers, it’s time to include them in your decoration. Dare to give more color and harmony to your home or your office without complications.

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