How to Plant and Arrange Fake Outdoor Trees and Plants

How to Plant and Arrange Fake Outdoor Trees and Plants

Who wouldn’t enjoy vibrant flowers and refreshing plants greeting you at the front porch when you walk inside the house or any commercial place? And at the same time, we wouldn’t enjoy the leaves dropping at the front, making a mess and causing a headache? Right?

That’s where artificial plants and trees come in to let you off the hook for watering them regularly, fertilizing, and changing the soil frequently. Now, many of you may think that “are artificial plants really worth it, and can they be kept outdoors? what to do if they fade?”

Let us be honest with you. Not all artificial plants and trees can be kept outdoors.

But still, many fake plants and trees are designed with UV-resistant technology to keep them outdoors and cheer up your visitors. Want to see how it works?

Let’s dive in straight!

How to Plant Artificial Outdoor Plants and How to Protect that?

plant and care artificial outdoor plants

Can You Put Artificial Trees Outdoors?

Gone are the days where artificial trees look tall, straight, and fade when you keep in the sunlight. At present, artificial trees are designed with UV-resistant technology, which forms a protective layer around the foliage and prevents ugly discoloration.

Even UV-resistant sprays are a big hit among people who want their favorite plant or tree to be fade resistant. Additionally,  spraying your plants with a couple of coats makes them repel rainwater, snow and also retain the color of your beautiful flowers.

How to Use UV Resistant Sprays?

How to Use UV Resistant Sprays

It’s important to know how to use them to get effective results.

  1. Keep the UV-resistant spray on your hand and spray on your plant in sweeping motions.
  2. Leave them dry for 10 minutes before placing them outside or under sunlight.

Krylon Uv Floral Protectant Spray

How Long Does UV Resistant Plants Last Outside?

Many of our customers using UV-resistant plants have been impressed by their lasting quality and color for more than a year under sunlight. Although, it’s also good to keep them under the shade and make them last beyond expected.

How to Plant Fake Outdoor Trees?

We can call a plant real or fake by looking at the base of the plant. Of course, real plants wouldn’t be alive in woven baskets stuffed with newspapers. Here are some tips on how to arrange fake plants and make them look real.

Select the pot

Select the pot by checking the material- When you’re keeping your pot outdoors, it’s important to check the material of the pot. The pots you’re selecting should be weatherproof which are mostly made up of porcelain, concrete, and glazed stoneware.

cover the pot hole

Select your pot size according to the size of your plant- Measure your pot size, which will be useful later.  Even faux trees never grew out of the pot; the right-sized pot, according to the height and width of your tree, makes it look lively. If there are any holes, cover them using tape.

Create a base using sturdy materials

Create a base using sturdy materials- If your plant is small and goes too deep into the pot, add sand to create a flattened base. You can also keep bricks to hold your plant straight and sturdy. Stuff newspapers and rocks along the edge of the plant for extra support.

cover pot with decorative stones

Cover them with decorative stones- Lastly, fill the space in the pot with any materials of your choice. Rocks, pebbles, and artificial moss make your plant look attractive. We have also seen people keeping mud on their pots to give a more natural look.

Cover the base with mud- Yes, dumping the whole pot with mud makes cleaning a dirty job. To escape this, cut cardboard to be placed as a layer on the pot. Leave a gap for the stem to be placed in between. Cover the first layer of sand with newspapers followed by the cardboard. Add mud above the cardboard, and that’s it.

  A real-looking faux plant is planted in the soil.

How to Clean Fake Outdoor Plants?

Think about real plants. They need a lot of maintenance. Watering them regularly, fertilizing, changing the soil, cleaning the leaves litter and protecting them from bugs, and more! But think about fake plants.

All you need to do is dust them off regularly with a cheap paintbrush or feather duster as part of your routine.  Know more about how to clean fake plants more easily and prevent them from cobwebs, stains, and dust.

How to Protect Artificial Outdoor Plants?

Artificial plants are effortless to maintain and make any space of your home incredibly lovely. Whether it be a garden or a front porch, here are some easy tips and tricks on how to protect outdoor plants outdoors

  • Decide the place to keep your UV resistant plant- Even though UV resistant plants or trees can last for years under direct sunlight, it’s wise to keep them under a shape for extended usage. A plant under sunlight will fade faster than plants in the shade. If you want to keep them in the garden, keep them under the shade of other real trees.
  • Protect your plant from weather conditions: Since artificial plants don’t absorb water, a heavy downpour can ruin the base of the plant. Harsh winds can cause damage to the delicate leaves and branches. They can make your pots topple over. So, it’s good to position your plant under a sheltered area, shed, or garage.
  • Use UV-resistant sprays-  Read the instructions on the label. Position your plant in a well-ventilated area and spray a few coatings. Make sure all parts of the plant are sprayed. Leave the plant to dry for 5 minutes and keep it wherever you like.
  • Rotate the plant frequently- Even fading occurs with ineffective sprays, it’s good to rotate the plant when dusting is done. This makes the fading even all over the plant. Also, switch the positions of your plants in your house. It provides a new look for your house instantly.
  • Keep your plants clean- Not like real plants, artificial plants attract dust and dirty particles in the air due to the synthetic fabrics like plastic, silk, etc. Dust buildup on your plants is a tell-tale sign to find out that it’s fake. The  layers of dust can stain your plant and make it look even grosser. Cleaning your plants at least once a week prevents the accumulation of dust. Diluted vinegar is an excellent choice of cleanser,  retaining the color and quality of plants.

How To Arrange Your Outdoor Artificial Plants?

  1. Arrange the plants in groups- Rather than keeping one plant in one corner of your backyard, grouping plants in 3,5, or 7 adds beauty to your backyard and attracts your visitors.
  2. Arrange them in rows- Arrange the tall-sized plants on the back, the medium in the middle row, and the small-sized plants on the front. If you want to add an informal look to your garden, arrange them in rows and weave them in and out of each row.
  3. Keep your plants in the right places- It’s very important to keep the plants in the right place to look appealing. For example, potted plants can be kept in walkways or stairways on either side or just one side to give a spectacular look. You can place artificial banana trees, palm trees, yucca, and bamboo plants near the pool for an impressive view.
  4. Create a diversity of all sizes – If you’re gathering all your plants in your front porch or the balcony, don’t always arrange the same sized plants together.  A mix of short, tall, medium-sized plants together catches more attention. Oversized plants can be a beautiful statement to a plain landscape.
  5. Fluff the plants frequently- No real plant looks straight from top to bottom. Use your hands to bend down their stems gently. Next, pull out the branches and make the leaves droop. Place branches in different positions and avoid them overlapping each other. Fluffing makes you achieve a fuller look.

Where Can You Use Fake Outdoor Plants?

Don’t limit your imagination! As long as you love your plants, you can use them anywhere to give your home an instant fresh look. If you’re serious about updating your outdoor space style, here are some tips on where you can use outdoor plants.

  • For your yard- Of course, artificial plants are beautiful additions to your garden. Draw a simple map of your lawn to understand the features and dimensions of your lawn. Tall plants like fake palms, conifer, banana plants in a big-sized container are a perfect match for your lawn or backyard.
  • For your front porch- You can keep topiaries or potted plants on the front porch or also on either side of the doorway. It is usually used for an accent in the entrance or formal garden look. Works for business centers and workplaces too!
  • For your window boxes- Keeping rich coloured  flowers on the window boxes makes the exterior design of your house look top-notch. You can use climbers like faux vines and money plants to add an alluring touch to the wall. Use a trellis to create a climbing illusion.
  • For your walkway- To brighten your visitor who walks along the walkway, decorate it with artificial bougainvillea, azalea, butterfly bush, cherry blossom, or rhododendrons. Use them to create borders around your yard to enhance the look of your garden.
  • For your balcony-  Hanging plants are an excellent choice for your balcony, which saves space and adds a traditional, classic look.

What Are the Factors Considered When You Buying Artificial Outdoor Plants?

Yes, fake plants mimic real plants. But you can’t use all fake plants outdoors. If you’re looking for fake plants specifically for outdoor usage, there are a few things to consider when buying fake outdoor plants.

  • Check with the material- Artificial plants are mostly made up of three materials like polyester, silk, and plastic.
    • Polyester is the most durable manufactured material, which has long-lasting durability and will not wear out easily in weather conditions. Additionally, they keep your plants mold and mildew resistant.
    • Plastic plants are durable, weatherproof, and can be kept outdoors too.
    • Silk plants and trees are not meant for outdoor usage. Weather conditions might affect their quality and make them bleed when wet. Although, there are some outdoor silk plants available with UV resistant coating and suitable for regular usage. Check the label before buying.
  • Check whether they are UV resistant or not- UV resistant plants are specially manufactured with UV blocking technology to protect them from sun rays. They don’t fade and retain their shape and color for a long time.

These are the most important considerations when buying a plant for outdoor usage.

What Are the Best Artificial Trees and Plants for Outdoors?

Plants like croton palm trees, cedar bushes, ficus plants, topiaries, potted plants are getting widely popular among decor lovers! They love them for their realistic look, easy maintenance, fade resistance, and versatility to keep indoors and indoors. We can’t wait to show you too! Click to check out which are the best artificial plants for the outdoors.

Final Thoughts

Many of you might be obsessed with plants but couldn’t commit the time and energy to maintain real plants. If you feel like we are talking about you, these faux beauties are real gifts for you to take the charm of your house to the next level without any effort. Thanks to the UV-resistant technology in artificial plants, which is going to keep your plant evergreen as you expected! Go for UV-resistant plants, and your guests are sure to complement the grace of your home with the green touch.

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