Simple Dining Table Decoration Ideas

With an increasing number of open floor plans in our homes, the dining table has become a part of the living room. It is no longer reserved for special family dining occasions. The dining table has become a key area of our living space as it is not tucked away in a separate room. It also means that this piece of furniture has acquired a certain decorative element when not in use.

This brings us to our topic of listing out some of the best and simple dining table decoration ideas. Whether it is a big table or a small one, a traditional one or a modern one, there are a host of decorative elements and themes that you can use to beautify this piece of furniture. Further, these ideas are easy to implement and don’t require any professional knowledge on the subject. So, read on to discover how you can transform this everyday piece of furniture into an attractive feature in your living area.

A Quick Fix for A Simple Dining Table Decor

It is best to start small rather than go ahead with a full-fledged dining table decoration project. Especially for beginners.

1)  Clean the Table

The dining must be cleaned and polished (if required) before embarking on a decoration project. The cleaning must be done gently so as not to scratch the surface. It is best to use a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water. This can be used for cleaning the legs while paying special attention to tight corners.

2)  Set it up Functionally

Above all things, a dining table must be functional. So, the first principal in decorative ideas is to ensure that the table does not lose its functionality. For instance, a table runner can add an element of decorative elegance while protecting the table’s surface from everyday spills. A runner can be placed on its own or on top of a contrasting tablecloth. Both come in different patterns and colors, each of which can accentuate the dining table uniquely.

3)  A Focal Point

Focal points have become trendy features of modern-day rooms. Some of the most popular dining table decoration ideas include a focal point. This typically includes a centerpiece that can be a vase filled with flowers or a bowl holding the season’s blooms. Fresh flowers can always be replaced with silk, satin or paper flowers making them last longer.

4)  Go Creative

While flowers have been the most popular choice for dining table centerpieces, more eclectic options are being used to replace them. Rustic and raw looks like a metal dish, a colored glass bowl, lanterns, candles, tealights, etc. are some of the dining table decor ideas that can replace traditional centerpieces. However, it is important to make sure that the decorations and centerpieces do not block eye contact.

Once you have learned these basics of decorating you can explore some of the following dining table decoration ideas that are inspirational and inexpensive.

Top 10 Dining Table Decorations

In our busy and modern lives of today, dining tables are normally reserved for special get-togethers or family occasions. This does not stop the dining table from occupying a substantial amount of space in the modern-day open-floor plans. Using the following decorative ideas, you can prevent this piece of furniture from becoming an eyesore.

1.  Vases

Vases are one of the most natural choices for table decorations. However, here we are talking about signature vases that look elegant even without flowers in them. You can group a single type of vases (crystal or metal) or go for an interesting mix of textures and materials to give a unique look to the dining table. Vases as centerpieces can be handy even when you are entertaining as you can place flowers in them.

2. Urns

Like vases, monochrome urns have gained popularity in recent times as a favorite dining table decorative item. They can be focal points in themselves. You can combine 2-3 in different shapes, materials, sizes and create an interesting art feature for the dining table. You can also make this collection to match the rest of the decor in your home.

3. Plants & Fruits

Flowers are an all-time favorite decorative item for dining tables. However, it is not always possible to have fresh flowers handy. Interestingly, this can be overcome by decorating the dining table with potted plants. Plants like rosemary or lavender can be kept on the table in dainty pots. Just add a little moss to cover the mud. They look fresh and elegant and don’t require much care.

Fruits are another excellent way to add color to any corner of the house. However, they look most natural when placed on a dining table. Seasonal fruits placed in a transparent bowl can look exceedingly vibrant. You can either go with a single type or have a mix of different colored fruits in a single bowl.

4. Foraged Leaves

Foraged leaves have made it to this list because they are not just fresh and natural, they also last longer than fruits or flowers. Placing fresh leaves from your backyard into a plain white vase or even a pitcher can set a unique tone to the dining room. They are low maintenance and completely free of cost.

5. Vessels

Vessels of every kind are excellent for piecing together a decorative theme on your dining table. These can be curious items that become a topic of discussion when you share a meal with guests. There is no set rule for decorating your dining table with vessels. However, remember to keep the number odd. Also, use a variety of different heights and shapes.

6. Candle Hurricanes

Candle hurricanes look warm and inviting anywhere. By placing them on the dining table, they become an intriguing focal point, especially when the table is not in use. The combination of a lit candle inside a thick wax shell emanates a lovely glow. While candle hurricanes are readily available, you can also create them at home.

7. Dining Vignette

Dining vignette is another excellent dining table decoration idea. A dining vignette is a cute little centerpiece that can sit on your table without taking too much space. This is usually recommended if you use the dining table regularly for meals or other purposes. The vignette can be a mix of personal touches and different textures or materials.

8. Candle Pillars

Adding height to dining tables can make them stand out. This is especially true for smaller dining tables. Tall candle pillars in contrasting or similar themes can look vastly elegant on the dining table. And, as they take more vertical than horizontal space, they can remain in place even when you are using the table.

9. Tablecloths

Tablecloths add a certain character and personality to an otherwise simple looking dining table. And they can remain on whether you are hosting or not. These pieces of linen can be combined with any of the other decorative ideas to create a unique look for the dining table. Additionally, they add a protective layer and keep your table from getting scratched or stained.

10. Feature Pendant

Dining table decoration ideas need not be placed directly on the table. A striking pendant light hanging over the table can do wonders by itself. Like the tablecloth, it can accentuate any other decorative items placed here. In fact, it has become a strong trend with more and more people choosing a gorgeous feature pendant light to hang above the dining table. However, keep your dining table’s shape and scale in mind before selecting the light as well as its intensity. This is a fabulous way to add panache to a dining room table.

Decorative Themes

While all our 10 dining table decoration ideas are attractive, they need to work with the overall theme of that corner of the house. Having a theme in mind can also help you decide on the decorative elements that you want to grace your table with. So, here are some themes that you can experiment with and give your dining room a completely new look and feel.

Eclectic Mix

A mixed-up theme works best when you combine modern with vintage. There are no set rules to following an eclectic theme, however, the key is to restrain the design. Have one or two bold pieces that stand out. These can be the dining chairs, the choice of the centerpiece, decorative pendant, or even the wall behind the dining room table. You can easily mix traditional components with contemporary artwork on the wall or vice versa. These mixed elements can make a glamorous statement while remaining within the theme of the rest of your house.

Color Themes

Colors are another excellent way to incorporate a central theme among different elements in a room. Some of the most popular dining table color themes include,

○    Whites

An all-white dining room combined with different textures and materials can stand out on its own. Adding a single piece of contrast to this can work wonders to transform your dining room. This exquisite piece could be a statement dining table, a tablecloth, or even a pendant light feature.

○    Neutrals

If you can’t handle a white theme on a regular basis, then neutrals are the perfect solution. Elegant neutrals can reflect in the upholstery used in the dining table chairs or even the color palette on the walls. Lighter colors also make the room look more open and brighter. Lighter tones work brilliantly in a modern setting.

○    Dark Opulence

Deep colors combined with plush dining chairs can add an interesting character to the dining room. It can be further accentuated with striking metal features like a low-hanging light in gold-colored metal.

Minimal and Modern

More is not necessarily elegant. Smooth lines and minimal furniture can express elegance and style just as well. You can still invest in a sturdy dining table that is designed with clean lines and curves. Let this become a feature. Adding a rustic dining vignette along with a bold overhead feature pendant can transform the look and feel of the dining table in a most minimal and modern manner. Of course, this theme should be carried across the room and the rest of the house as well. Also, minimal need not just be with modern furniture. If you have a unique antique dining table then that should become the central focal point of the room.


Country or rather, the contemporary country is another interesting theme. However, getting this theme right takes quite an effort and replicating it across the rest of the house may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For those who are brave enough to try, the contemporary country theme is a combination of different wood materials and linen textures without overtly bright colors. Adding timber beams to the ceiling can be the perfect accentuation factor for this theme. However, all the components must be balanced and should work well together. Also, contemporary country dining room themes work best in larger homes that have more open ‘country-home’ style spaces.

Lighting plays an essential in any decorative idea. Whichever idea and theme you select it must look the part in both in daylight as well as in the nighttime. Therefore, design your lighting elements in line with how you want to decorate the dining table. Be mindful of where the shadows fall. At the end of the day, a dining table is a functional piece of furniture. So, make sure that the lighting is done to enable your use of this feature.

Wrapping Up

As much as a dining table is an integral part of a household, it is becoming increasingly ignored in our casual lifestyles. This does not mean that it can’t be decorated or beautified to look its best. In fact, dining tables can look exceptionally sad and empty if left without any decorations. With the dining table decoration ideas and themes listed here, you have enough fodder to transform a boring dining area into a fabulous and inviting space. While most of these decorative ideas are designed to work in large as well as small spaces, you can go all out when decorating for special occasions and events.

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