20 Best Summer Door Decorations & Wreaths

Each one has their style of decoration, but the houses and apartments in which we live often have generic entry doors. And these do not always agree with the design of our interior. To refine your decoration, you must choose the right door. And when you decorate according to the season, the house becomes more alive. Especially in summer, when everything is bright and shiny, why not your front door?

There are many resources and a large number of variants to achieve the best summer door decorations that we always wanted for our house.

Below, we show you some of them so that they all start to admire your home every time they visit you.

Tips to decorate your front door

Having a house that makes us feel comfortable inside is essential. It is our space in the world, so everything should be as we prefer. However, the exterior should not be neglected; it is the visible face of your dwelling. These are some useful and beautiful tips to decorate the entrance of your house.

It is not about being vain or believing yourself better than the rest. If you are looking for ideas to decorate the entrance of your house for summer, surely those that we will describe below will help you. Take a pencil and paper and write down the following tips.


One of the most common and traditional door decorations is crowns. These are very common at christmas time and can be found with flowers or with the same balls from christmas trees. But why not for summers? Creativity always surprises us, and we can also find crowns with bows or pom poms. However, if you like this type of decoration for your door, do not limit yourself to put it only at christmas. Dare with less festive designs to place it throughout the year.

If you are one of the people who like to decorate their house according to the season, for example, when autumn arrives, or spring, or easter, halloween, etc., you can take advantage and make a crown to complete the said decoration.

Also, they are effortless to do. On the internet, you will find endless tutorials that will teach you how to do them.


Mobiles are also a classic indoor decoration. It is widespread to find a pineapple mobile for the christmas season. However, a very original idea that we have loved is to hang a portrait frame with the name of our family on the door. This idea is also great for the smallest doors.


Yes, the vinyl also comes as one of the most modern ornament doors we can find. You already know that this material is being a trend in interior decoration due to its infinite designs and ease of application. It is even used for decorating refrigerators. It is great if one day you want to change the color of your door or be a little more extravagant.

Also, best of all, you can remove it whenever you want, and it is very resistant.

Door stickers

Door stickers are probably the most comfortable decoration to make. There is a wide range of varieties of labels to stick on the door. You can find a sticker according to the seasons.


The knob is the system through which we can open the doors. Door knobs are often simple and go unnoticed. However, this need not always be the case. The doorknob can be the center of attention, becoming one of the simplest, most durable, and most accessible to find door decorations.

They come in different sizes and designs and are usually made of metal. One of the examples is the knob that we find in many of the homes in salamanca, the button charro. The button charro is a symbol of the province of salamanca and can be found in jewelry, although it is also common to find it on portals or doors of houses throughout the area.

Wrought iron door trim

Another of the decorations for doors are those of wrought iron. This type of decoration adds a lot of personality to the doors, leaving unique doors and authentic works of art.

They are easy to find since, in any locksmith or diy store, we can have them. Of course, if you are looking for something more personal and unique, you can always send to make your forge ornament. Forging ornaments are very resistant; they are ornaments for life. For rustic wood doors, they look great.

20 best summer door decorations

01. Garden wreath with butterfly and flower

Summer is all about flowers and butterflies and all the bright things. Why not add a welcome sign related to that. This wreath is made with fabric and plastic, which makes it suitable for outdoor decoration. Not only summer, but they are also ideal for all year round. It has a ribbon loop so you can hang it from the door. The butterflies and flowers are embroidered.

Things we liked:

  • Made with quality fabric and plastic
  • Can withstand weather diversity
  • Bright and colorful
  • Embroidered pieces

02. Handworks welcome sign with rainbow birds

We have a welcome sign on our list next. This sign has five birds figure with different colors. In the end, there is a written sign saying welcome. Just the perfect sign for your door in the summer. Although you can use it all year round. The birds are connected with a vertical chain. Remember, this can be a beautiful wall decor too.

Things we liked:

  • Powder-coated bird figures
  • Five different colors
  • Long-lasting and strong
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor

03. Wild daisy floral twig door wreath

What is one common thing in summer? The wildflower, right? How about hanging them on your front door? This one is a unique door wreath made with wild daisy flowers, leaves, twigs, and some small flowers giving a full summer vibe. This delightful and bright wreath has a hook at the back for hanging purposes. Made with high-quality material so that it can withstand the outside weather.

Things we liked:

  • Polyester, vine, and iron make it durable
  • Beautiful bright colors
  • Imitates the real flower
  • Easy to hang

04. Flip flops outdoor summer door decor piece

If you have something different in mind, try this out. A very unique and fun piece of décor with a pair of flip flops saying, “life is better in flip flops.” measuring in 22 x 12 x 0.25 inches, this front door decorations summer is lightweight yet durable. The bright-colored fabric is we finished and has a color guarantee.

Things we liked:

  • A ribbon loop makes it easy to hang
  • Vibrant in color (pink, white and green)
  • Suitable for outside
  • A fun addition to your summer decoration

05. Sweet summertime door hanger

Just like summertime is incomplete without refreshing drinks, summer door decoration is incomplete without a hanger like a drink! This door hanger is from a renowned brand evergreen flag ensuring the quality for years. This time they bring a polyester made handsewn front door decorations summer

Piece. Imitating a jar of drinks with straw and lemon, this door hanger is just the cherry on the top of your summer decoration.

Things we liked:

  • Just the right size (13 x 22 inches)
  • Beautiful and colorful
  • Handsewn and thus ensures the quality
  • A hanging ribbon

06. Vintage metal butterfly sunflower welcome sign

If you are not in to over the top and like to keep things simple yet stylish, we propose to give it a go. Consisting of one giant sunflower along with a small butterfly, this welcome sign is unique and a multipurpose decorative piece. You can use it not only on the door but, kitchen, hall room or any other place. Being 41*32cm in size, it is suitable for any corner of the house.

Things we liked:

  • The hand-painted metal structure
  • Bright orange color resembling the real sunflower
  • Perfect for summer
  • Environment-friendly and safe

07. Wooden sign: wall hanger/door hanger

This one is somewhat different from usual welcome sign or wreath we see on doors. The rectangular wooden board has colorful flip flop paintings on a grey background. The wooden board is 2″ long, 6″ tall, and 3/16″ thick. It has a hanger made with a rope long enough to hang from the door. This can be used in home, bar, or beach restaurants also.

Things we liked:

  • Long-lasting color stays for a very long time
  • A thick wooden board is suitable for outside weather
  • Multicolored paintings of flipflop
  • “welcome” written in white paint

08. Faux boxwood wreath

This magnificent garland of boxwood wreath is very well made with precise detailing. The boxwood leaf has a natural color, perfect grain, and superior quality. The printing of the leaves of this garland, with multiple small side branches, will allow you to make your decoration very realistic and summer-like. This unique decorative drop in green tergal is about 15 in width.

Things we liked:

  • Projects a summer-festive vibe
  • The base is strong and sturdy
  • Précised detailing in the leaves
  • All-green garland

09. Floral glass hanger for front door

Although being made of glass, this one seems a bit fragile but no less in look and style. A rectangle glass plate with some beautiful words in colorful letters can complete your summer decoration. Also, this beautiful front door decorations summer piece comes in a beautiful gift box, so you can turn it into a gift for your loved ones.

Things we liked:

  • The vibrant and colorful letters and floral design on white background
  • Includes a chain for hanging
  • Made with glass making it resistant to weather change
  • Comes with gift box

10. Vintage designed wood owls welcome sign

Next, we have another welcome sign made of wood, but this time with some cute owl figure. The wooden sign with excellent finishing and rustic built is suitable for outdoor summer decoration. This décor piece measures 6.75″h x 8.75″w x 0.25″ d, which means it looks good not only on the front door but also on the kitchen, living room, or any corner of the house.

Things we liked:

  • Three multicolored owls (2 smaller and one larger)
  • High-quality wood material
  • Hand-painted and durable
  • The vintage look

11. Artificial rose flower wreath for summer

This beautiful artificial garland from lvydec is a realistic natural reproduction and of high quality. The pink and crème flowers are a real eye-catcher! The freshness and liveliness of the colors of rose flowers combined with its stems and green leaves make this garland decoration in high demand for front door decoration.

Things we liked:

  • The artificial garland of petunia has a diameter of about 13 in
  • No care or maintenance is needed
  • Can be used in multipurpose
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor summer decoration

12. Bumblebee door knocker

At this point, we bring something different than the usual summer door decoration. This one is a door knocker that can be used as a piece to decorate the door not only for summer but all year long. The metallic bee is just as vibrant as a sunny day of summer. It measures .5″x 2.25″x 4.5″ which is perfect for using alone or with other summer decoration like a garland.

Things we liked:

  • The hand finishing and solid brass
  • The combination of golden and black
  • Comes with mounting sticker

13. Live love bark felt door decor

Are you a dog lover? Do you want a unique door decoration that can go with your furry friend too? This one is just for you. A three-storied door décor consisting of a dog paw sign, a heart sign, and a bone sign is just the right accessory a dog person needs. The high-quality materials are durable and resistant to the outdoor environment.

Things we liked:

  • Colorful and bright with long-lasting colors (red, blue and creme)
  • Three storied door decor with a ribbon to hang
  • Easy to use
  • A perfect summer decoration

14. Hanging wood plaque door decoration

This wooden front door decoration is quite different in the sense of having a summer essence with a little message. The welcome sign is 20×10 cm in size, with sunflowers printed on the edges. The bright sunflowers are just the right addition to your summer decoration need. This is a multipurpose décor piece as it can be used at the front door as well as a garden, kitchen, and other places also.

Things we liked:

  • Simple yet elegant
  • The bright sunflowers at the edge
  • Well built rustic wooden piece
  • Jute rope for hanging

15. Metal floral door decoration for summer

This beautiful floral door decoration consists of several flowers with different colors making your summer door decoration just perfect. Although you can use it in other seasons like spring also. The flowers are vibrant with pink, orange, white, lavender, and a dash of yellow here and there with three butterflies as the cherry on the top.

Things we liked:

  • Made with iron which is resistant to adverse weathers
  • Safe for environment
  • Colorful and bright
  • Just the right size

16. Wild daisy floral twig door wreath

This beautiful daisy garland is particularly faithful to summer and of very high quality. The yellow, lavender, and red flowers are a feast for the eyes. The bright colors and the diversity of hues of the leaves, as well as the secondary branches, make this silk garland a unique decoration for summer. A particularly decorative piece for the front door as well as the wall.

Things we liked:

  • Iron, polyester, and vinyl- all this material makes it just perfect
  • The greenery between the flowers make the colors stand out
  • A sharp hook for the ease of hanging

17. Hanging vertical paper door banners

Let’s check something different now. If you want to have something big that almost covers the door, vertical paper door banners will be a suitable summer decoration. These 3 piece vertical paper banners are made with ten high-quality paper cooled in pink and imprinted with flamingoes. It is super fun, festive, and quite different. The paper pieces are connected with satin cords.

Things we liked:

  • Bright pink in color with pictures of flamingoes and pineapple
  • Can be used as both door and wall decoration
  • Ready to hang with satin cord
  • Adhesives are also provided to use as a sticker

18. Artificial tulip wreath for front door decoration

We come back to garland as these are the most popular summer door decoration of all time. The best thing about flower garlands is that they can be used not only for summer but also all year round. Just like this tulip garland. Made with purple, orange, and red tulips, this garland can make your summer brighter than ever.

Things we liked:

  • Multipurpose decoration piece- suitable for the front door, window or wall
  • Colorful and vibrant
  • Handcrafted silk flowers which are long-lasting

19. Flower pickin’ time indoor/outdoor door decor

Here’s a fun front door decorations summer piece. This door décor imitates a flower picking truck with some flowers on it. Colored in bright blue, red, yellow, green, etc. It can be your right choice for summer. This piece is made of pvc, which ensures quality and durability. You can use it for any summer-based event.

Things we liked:

  • Made with high-quality pvc
  • Bright and colorful
  • Environment-friendly and safe
  • A ribbon for the ease of use

20. Hummingbird welcome sign

We would like to end our list with this metal welcome sign, which is a perfect contemporary summer decoration. With a 10.5”x11.5” dimension, this pieces us suitable for any front door. The main attraction of this décor piece is the vibrant hummingbird! A handprinted metal bird has a beautiful finish and durability.

Things we liked:

  • Made with long-lasting and premium quality metal
  • Handpainted and color protected
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Suitable for any corner

Why is it necessary to decorate your front door?

They say that first impressions are worth a lot. In fact, there is no second chance to make an excellent first impression. You could apply these sayings to your home. Just as you like to look good when you’re in public, your home should also be presentable in the eyes of others.


Door decorations make this essential element unique and personal. Placing any of the summer door decorations that we mentioned above will make a difference in your block or neighborhood.

As you have been able to verify, some of the ornaments that we have mentioned are only of the advantage that this entails. These summer decorations can make your door as bright as summer days.

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