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16 Best Sunflower Themed Party And Birthday Decorations [Ideas]

Nothings better than sunflowers to set a cheerful and amiable ambiance. Sunflowers are bright and vibrant flowers known for following the sun across the sky. The flower stands for affection, faith, hope, and loyalty. That’s why sunflowers are frequently used for party and wedding decorations to brighten up the party mood.

Due to its vivid color and texture, sunflowers make attractive and stunning bouquets, arrangements and other decorative items. Generally, they come in bright yellow color but they are also available in a variety of other colors like copper, red, orange, brown, bi-color and others. They are also found in various sizes and shapes that increase your scope for choices.

The best part is sunflowers are available year-round. However, they are abundantly available in late summer and fall. They are so versatile that they can be blended with other flowers and foliage to create stunning sunflower party decoration items.

Read on to know more about sunflower party decoration ideas and what kind of parties are perfect to decorate with sunflowers.

Let’s begin with the types of parties that are perfect for sunflower decor:

Types of parties that are perfect for sunflower decor

1. Birthday Party

Birthday parties are the commonest type of party in recent times. Every year people celebrate their and their loved one’s birthdays in simple or lavish ways. Sunflower is an easy-to-go option for these parties as they naturally brighten the ambiance. Sunflowers are naturally bright and bold flowers that lighten everyone’s mood in an instance. Sunflower birthday decorations are the easiest to work with and bring out amazing results.

2. Wedding Reception

Be it a fall, summer, or any Hawaiian Tiki wedding theme; sunflowers go with a variety of wedding themes. Sunflowers easily go with every aspect of wedding decorations. From boutonniere of the groom or hand band of the bride, table centerpieces to wall hangings sunflowers look great ad add grace to your events.

3. Homecoming

Homecomings are always a happy occasion to celebrate with your family and friends. Choose sunflowers to bring a happy smile on everyone’s face for decoration. Decorate your home with sunflower vine garlands, bouquets, or assorted sunflower heads to make it a bright and cheerful event.

4. Thanksgiving

It’s always great to have a family dinner on Thanksgiving in your homes. Sunflowers can easily make your dinner special with easy faux sunflower decorations. From sunflower table runners to sunflower in the door; make your Thanksgiving a bright and bold event.

5. Bachelors/ bachelorette

Sunflowers are even a great option for your Bachelors/ bachelorette party. Afterall you are celebrating the last day of your bachelor’s life. Make it a bright and colorful event. Bring sunflowers to your venue and celebrate the new possibilities of your new life.

6. Theme Parties

Sunflower is a versatile flower that brings a lively mood to any theme decorations. Sunflowers are vivid and vibrant that easily brighten the party ambiance. You can use sunflowers in various innovative ways to bring out the best for your theme parties. You pair sunflower with other flowers like roses, primroses, and daisy to add grace to the venue.

Here’s our list of 16 Best Sunflower Party Decorations that will set the mood for your party:


1. Handmade Sunflower Bouquet

This beautiful and attractive sunflower bouquet is made with love and perfection. The bouquet is handmade with silk sunflowers and leaves. It is decorated with ribbon to enhance its looks. The faux sunflower bouquet can be carried by the bride or the bridesmaid at weddings or placed on the vase to make a beautiful centerpiece for a party. You can innovate and create your own style of decoration with these attractive and adorable sunflower bouquets. The bouquet is an assortment of big and small sunflower heads along with stems and leaves.

  • Handmade bouquet.
  • Made of silk and eco- friendly plastic.
  • An assortment of big and small sunflower heads.
  • Perfect for weddings and parties.

2. Artificial Sunflower Decoration Pack

The complete Artificial Sunflower Decoration pack is all you need to decorate your parties from start to end. The package brings you artificial sunflower heads, vines and cake toppers in this comprehensive value pack. The artificial sunflower heads are 1.8 inch each, made of eco- friendly silk and plastic. The vine is about 7.2 ft long with flowers of 5.5 inches in diameter. Each vine garland holds 72 leaves and 8 leaves which is made of long-lasting and lifelike looking material. While the cake toppers are 1.6 inches in diameter and 4.5 inches in total height. They are made of bamboo and felt which makes it suitable for decorations on cakes and cupcakes.

  • An assortment of sunflower heads, vine garland, and cake toppers.
  • Made of high- quality, eco- friendly material.
  • Perfect for wedding, birthday or holiday party decoration.
  • Real looking fake sunflowers.

3. Sunflower Theme Tissue Paper Fan

This Sunflower Theme Tissue Paper Fan is a fantastic way to decorate your homes, classrooms, and office for a grand summer or fall party. the colors on these sunflowers are very bright and vibrant that can brighten your party in an instance. the pack of tissue paper sunflower fans consists of various sizes such as 9.5, 16 and 24 inches. If you are planning a Luau Hawaiian Tiki party then these fake sunflower fans are perfect for you.

  • Made of tissue paper.
  • Vibrant and bright colors.
  • An assortment of various sized sunflower fans.
  • Perfect for parties, get-togethers, etc.

4. Mini Artificial Sunflowers

The Mini Artificial Sunflowers are bright and lifelike. These fake sunflowers are made of high-quality silk and plastic to make them look as real possible. The flowers have two layers of bright and vibrant yellow petals along with brown small petals at the center. The head of each mini sunflower is approximately 1.8 inches across. You will find 100 pieces of these beautiful and attractive mini sunflowers in each of the packages. You can use these silk sunflowers to decorate your weddings, birthday parties, family gathering on Thanksgiving, Christmas or Halloween.

  • Made of high- quality silk and plastic.
  • Each head of the sunflower measures 1.8 inches across.
  • The package contains 100 pieces each.
  • Ideal for birthday parties and weddings.

5. Sunflower Hairband

The Sunflower Hairband is an adorable piece of decoration for your boho-chic look. You can obviously use these hairbands in its usual form or you can decorate your party venue with these as well. The fake sunflower hairbands can be hung over the doors or along the wall to create a nice Hawaiian ambiance. These hairbands are perfect to gift your friends, wife, sister, mother or any other special woman in your life. You can use them to decorate your birthday parties, thanksgivings, Christmas, bridal showers, baby showers, or homecoming parties. Made of environment-friendly soft plastic, this sunflower hairband is durable, strong, shiny and attractive.

  • Made of environment-friendly plastic.
  • Looks real, attractive and adorable.
  • Perfect for party decorations.
  • Ideal for fall, summer, or Hawaiian themes.

6. Sunflower Candle

This sunflower candle is an amazing decorative item to brighten your party with. The candle is designed in the shape and style of a sunflower. This bright yellow sunflower shaped candle is a novelty to add to your events. It is made of 85% of vegetable wax and 15% of beeswax. This handmade sunflower candle looks as real as possible. The package contains a single candle. This candle perfect for decorating your homes and offices during parties, events, and get-togethers.

  • Made of eco- friendly vegetable wax.
  • Ideal for parties, events, and get-togethers.
  • Bright and vibrant colors.
  • Safe and easy to use.

7. Giant Sunflowers

Giant sunflowers are gorgeous beats that are designed to lighten up your party decorations. These fake giant sunflowers are 15 inches big featuring 10 prominent layers. No more ugly tapes to hold to your décor with the walls, the sunflowers come with double-sided adhesive foam. These vibrant yellow fake sunflowers are made of tissue papers that make it look lifelike blooming flowers. The pack contains 8 large sunflowers.

  • Pack contains 8 large sunflowers.
  • Made of tissue paper.
  • Giant, lifelike blooming flowers.
  • Ideal for summer, fall or sunflower themed parties.

8. Edible Sunflower Cake Topper

Edible Sunflower Cake Topper is the next level decoration item when it comes to your sunflower or fall-themed parties. These cake toppers are made of wafer paper (potato starch, vegetables, and water) and food colors. These edible sunflower cake toppers are 100% gluten-free and safe to eat. They do not have any side effects or harmful consequences on your body. The edible cake toppers are FDA approved. These cake toppers are perfect for your birthday parties, wedding receptions, or any other sunflower themed parties. The pack contains 12 pcs od cake topper decoration.

  • FDA approved.
  • 100% Gluten-free.
  • Made of wafer paper and food color.
  • Perfect for cake and cupcake decoration.

9. Hippie Sunflower Headband Crown

This Hippie Sunflower Headband Crown is a great way to innovatively decorate your party venue. Traditionally, it is a headband, so you can wear it to your party or you can decorate your walls or doors with this. Yes, it will look amazing hanging on your doors or walls. All you have to do is let your creative juices flowing to come up with innovative ideas to decorate your venue. The faux sunflower tied along with braided ropes and comes with beads as well. It is beautiful, classy and elegant.

  • Perfect as party accessories to wear and decorate.
  • Fake sunflowers tied with braided ropes.
  • It can be used as a wall or door hanging.
  • Ideal for fall, Halloween or summer themed parties.

10. Beautiful Fake Sunflower Bouquet Arrangement

This Beautiful Fake Sunflower Bouquet Arrangement is designed to jazz up your party mood. The silk sunflowers look real-life and lively. You can easily arrange them in a vase, jar or pot and transform it into an attractive centerpiece for your tables. The sunflowers are made of silk cloth and the stem with eco- friendly plastic. The stems of the sunflower bouquet are very flexible yet study so that you can bend them as per your requirements.

  • Harmless, 100% safe and eco- friendly.
  • Real & lively looking fake sunflowers.
  • Durable, strong, and flexible.
  • Perfect for wedding and party decoration.

 11. LED Fairy Lights with Sunflower Garland

This beautiful LED Fairy Lights with Sunflower Garland is an amazing party decoration item. It’s perfect for a day and night party or ceremony. This copper wire with a silver coating is 5.4 ft long which comes with an AA battery operated 20 LED lights. The sunflower vine garland is equally long and seamlessly entangled with the silver wire of the LED lights. You can easily hang them in your homes, offices or garden areas to set your party mood. They are designed to bring a warm and white light that creates a pleasant atmosphere.

  • 54 ft long wire with 20 LED lights.
  • Battery operated, Hang anywhere.
  • Perfect for birthdays, weddings & other parties.
  • Sunflower Vine garland.

 12. Sunflower Swag Garland

Made of high-quality silk, this fascinating Sunflower Swag Garland is a brilliant and easy to use party decoration item. You can easily use this sunflower party decoration garland in your homes, offices and outdoor party venue without much hassle. The swag garland is 80cm long and features an assortment of sunflower heads, vine, and leaves. Mainly eucalyptus leaves are used along with some other varieties. These faux sunflowers are made of high silk to bring a natural and lively look. They are perfect for various party themes and goes with almost all occasions you can think of.

  • An assortment of sunflowers, leaves, and vine.
  • Made of high-quality silk.
  • Lively and natural appearance.
  • Perfect for birthday, Christmas party, weddings, etc.

13. Artificial Sunflower Wreath

Artificial Sunflower Wreath is a good option for Halloween or Christmas parties. You can hand them on the doors, trees or garden benches. The sunflower wreath is made of high- quality and soft silk cloth. The material gives the flowers a fresh and lively appearance. The colors are vivid and prominent without the tendency to fade away with time. You can use them to decorate your cars as well as them like a headgear.

  • Perfect for Halloween, Christmas, and weddings.
  • Made of high- quality and soft silk fabric.
  • Looks real, lively and unfading.
  • Vivid and realistic color.

14. Sunflower and Daliha Garland

This Sunflower and Daliha Garland is perfect decorative to help you create a Fall or Halloween themed party. They are designed to go with the yellow, brown, green and orange foliage. The Garland is 48 inches long and with several sunflowers, dahlias, and leaves. It is made of high- quality polyester for vivid colors and realistic looks.

  • Perfect for Fall, Halloween party.
  • Made of high-quality polyester.
  • Decorate the home, offices, outdoor spaces, etc.
  • Assortment for sunflower, dahlia, leaves.

15. Large Artificial Sunflower

This Large Artificial Sunflower has to be on your items list for your next sunflower themed party decoration. It is a pack of 6 giant sunflower heads along with long and thick stems. These sunflowers are can be used as a single flowers or all together like a bouquet. It’s your call. The fact is it looks great either way. The sunflowers are made of eco- friendly plastic with vibrant colors and amazing detailing. It has a natural aura and lively personality that brightens up your party and mood.

  • Pack contains 6 Large sunflowers.
  • Eco- friendly and harmless plastic made.
  • The diameter of sunflower head 4.7inches.
  • It comes with a long and thick stem.

16. Heart-Shaped Sunflower Wreath

The brings a lovely aura to your parties. The sunflower wreath is handcrafted on natural twigs vine base adorned with the faux sunflowers and clear textured leaves. The heart-shaped rattan is wholly covered by the leaves and fake sunflowers which makes thick and natural. This wreath offers a realistic look that elegantly enhances the grace of your party venue. The LED light string is about 77 inches long that covers the rattan base of the wreath creating a heavenly appearance.

  • 77 inches long LED light string.
  • Heart-shaped rattan base with natural twigs.
  • An assortment of Faux sunflower and leaves
  • Perfect for all types of parties.


Sunflowers are versatile and vibrant flowers that possess the potential to make your parties cheerful, attractive and bright. you can literally use them for every occasion you can think of. They easily blend with other flowers and foliage to help you create innovative décor themes and styles.

Sunflowers are so lively that instantly brighten up places and mood. Without any doubts, sunflowers are your go-to- flower-choice for any party theme you come. With abundant availability of artificial sunflowers, it has become easier to decorate your events in hours and sometimes days ago. This way you can avoid missing out essential décor elements that you have been planning for weeks.

Embrace faux sunflowers to in your decoration list to create a happy, lively and long-lasting party decoration styles.

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