Sunflower Table Centerpieces and Arrangements

11 Best Sunflower Table Decors and Arrangements

Flower arrangement is an art that needs skills, determination, finesse, passion, and love. Florists across the world take this art very seriously. Flower arrangement is not only about expensive and exotic flowers. It’s more about the art of creating something beautiful and enchanting even with the simplest or commonest of flowers. Sometimes florists add wildflowers or forage leaves for innovation and inspiration.

As the world has started admiring and embracing the beauty of fake flowers that look real as well, the scope of flower arrangement has widened exponentially. Artificial sunflower arrangements are very popular among the florists. Sunflower stands as a symbol of hope, love, and longevity. Nothing beats the longevity of a flower than a fake one. Thus, florists are seen creating variations of faux sunflower arrangements suitable for various occasions, themes, and purposes.

Before jumping on to the list for the best fake flower arrangements in the market, let us find out the classic and popular flower arrangements in the world.

Classic Types of Flower Arrangement

1. Horizontal flower arrangement

The flowers are delicate and beautifully arranged horizontally. They can be arranged in a row or on a zig-zag basis on a horizontal base or platform. Usually, there is one large flower placed as a focal point surrounded by dropping flowers and leaves. They are mainly designed as centerpieces on dinner tables for weddings, parties, gatherings, and other similar occasions. When placed on a casket, it is meant to honor the deceased.

2. Vertical flower arrangement

The vertical arrangement is one of the most popular flower arrangements in bouquets and baskets. It’s very tall and usually made of long-stemmed flowers like roses, carnations, tulips, and sunflowers. Shorter floral fillers are used to balance out the vertical structure of the flower arrangements. Vertical while making a fake floral arrangement, you can acquire some long-stemmed flowers that are usually short-stemmed to create variety and novelty.

3. Triangular flowers arrangements

As the name suggests, the triangular flower arrangement features flowers arranged in a triangular shape. This is achieved by placing long-stemmed flowers in the middle and

gradually decreasing the length of the flowers in the bouquet, basket or pot. You can also cut and trim the flower to bring in the triangular shape. Once the arrangement is complete, it is wrapped in a transparent and glossy cellophane paper. It is widely used for weddings and parties.

4. The crescent flower arrangement

The crescent flower arrangement follows the shape of a crescentic moon like a ‘C’. Usually, flowers with flexible stems are used in this type of floral arrangement to derive the best results. However, florists cut and trim the stems of other flowers to create the magnificent structure of a crescent. The flowers are arranged in a basket, pot, vase or a flat-surfaced container to form the base. This type of flower arrangement is best for coffee table decorations or wedding table decoration.

5. The ‘S’ shaped flower arrangement

As the name goes, this flower arrangement is arranged in the shape of an ‘S’. This is one of the most artistic floral arrangements as it possesses the potential to accentuate the look of a particular place to the next level. Huge baskets, pots, or bouquets are used as a base while lots of leaves and floral fillers are used to create the magnificence of the ‘S’ shaped flower arrangement.

6. The oval-shaped flower arrangement

This type of floral arrangement is the most widely used arrangement by florists across the world. It is very dense and bushy, which highly contributes to its formal look. The flowers, stems, and leaves are seamlessly cut and trim to create an oval shape. Then it is placed in a basket, bouquet or a simple bunch as per the requirements and occasion. It is very popular for wedding decorations but it is also used to decorate homes, offices, churches, stages, and other venues on various occasions.

7. The cascade flower arrangement

The cascade flower arrangement is one of the most glamorous floral arrangements acknowledged by the florists around the world. The flowers, leaves, and stems along with green grass is used to create a ‘waterfall of flower’ appearance. This type of arrangement is mostly used in wedding ceremonies and anniversaries as presents or decorations. They can be as vibrant, sober, subtle or flashy you want them to be.

8. The fan-shaped flower arrangement

This is one of the commonest styles of flower arrangement widely accepted by florists around the world. The flowers are arranged in the shape of a fan and the empty space is filled with baby breaths and other floral fillers. This looks gorgeous, stylish and elegant, which makes it so popular. You can use one type of flower or more based on your preference.

9. Minimal Flower Arrangement

This type of flower arrangement is popular for indoor decorations. It brings a personality to your homes, offices or any other indoor spaces. The arrangement includes very fewer flowers beautifully arranged with baby breathes, leaves, twigs and other elements to bring the desired volume. However, the focal flower is the highlight of this minimal flower arrangement.

10. Oriental Flower Arrangements

The focus of the Oriental Flower Arrangement is emphasized on the beauty of the flowers in a systematic and harmonious way. Mostly, the florists follow principles of form, line, and meaning to bring the full potential of the beautiful flowers.


The traditional flower arrangements are more focused on the usage of flowers in a beautiful way. Mostly a wide assortment of flowers is used to create a captivating and fascinating floral display.

Let us check out 11 Best Sunflower Table Centerpieces and Arrangements that will transform your home or office to the next level:

1. Cascade Sunflower Table Centerpiece

The Cascade Sunflower Table Centerpiece is a beautiful and comprehensive wedding floral bundle. It comprises 17 pieces of floral arrangements like bouquets, boutonnieres, corsage, and centerpieces. The flowers and leaves are made of high-quality silk and satin fabric that makes it look lifelike and realistic. You can also use these floral decorative as sunflower table décor or centerpieces for your home and office décor.

  • Made of soft & high- quality silk.
  • Assortment of 17 pieces of floral arrangement.
  • Includes bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, etc.
  • Perfect for a wedding ceremony.

2. Versatile Silk Sunflower Centerpiece

This Versatile Silk Sunflower Centerpiece is an amazing decorative for your homes and offices. You can also use the centerpiece for home, office, or outdoor décor. The package includes a bouquet with 12 large and 27 small sunflower heads placed on a handmade vase. You can cut and trim the stems of the flower to give it create shapes and structures based on your preferences.

  • Perfect for weddings, churches, stages, etc.
  • Use for home and office décor.
  • Made of soft silk.
  • Assortment of 12 large and 27 small sunflower heads.

3. Fake Sunflower Oriental Style Centerpiece

The Fake Sunflower Oriental Style Centerpiece is designed to accentuate the beauty of a place through the bold and bright colors of the sunflower. The centerpiece displays the oriental style of flower arrangement with vivacious small and big artificial sunflower heads. The sunflower heads and leaves and made of soft silk material whereas non- toxic and harmless plastic is used for the stems. It comes with a ceramic white pot.

  • Made of high- quality silk and plastic.
  • Harmless and non- toxic item.
  • Perfect for weddings, home, and office décor.
  • Assortment of big and small sunflower heads.

4. Artificial Sunflower Bundle with Vase

The Artificial Sunflower Bundle with Vase serves as a wonderful and attractive centerpiece. It can be used for wedding, stage, event, church, garden, home, and office decoration. The flower petals and leaves are made of silk. Plastic is used for outer stalk with a steel wire running through it for flexibility and firm structure. The pack includes a glass vase to hold the flower bundle in any style of flower arrangement of your choice.

  • Easy to bend, cut or trimmed stems.
  • Made of silk and plastic.
  • Assortment of sunflower heads leaves yellow forage.
  • Perfect for home décor, wedding decoration, etc.

5. Assorted Silk Sunflower Centerpiece

The Assorted Silk Sunflower Centerpiece is designed to comply with the fall or rustic theme. This centerpiece includes sunflowers heads along with berries, baby breaths, and various other floral fillers to create a bright and beautiful sunflower table centerpiece. You can place them on your coffee table in homes or on your office desk. You can choose them for your wedding decoration as well.

  • Made of high-quality silk.
  • Assortment of sunflowers, leaves, forages, filler, etc.
  • Perfect for weddings, events, special occasions, etc.
  • Includes a glass vase.

6. Rustic Sunflower Berry Candelabrum

The Rustic Sunflower Berry Candelabrum is an amazing option as a Sunflower table centerpiece for home décor. The candelabrum looks stunning as a wedding centerpiece as well. The candelabrum is decorated with bright flowers, berries and forage surrounding it. The black candelabrum looks elegant, stylish and stunning when placed as a sunflower table décor for rustic, fall, or vintage themed parties and events.

  • Made of silk and plastic.
  • Assortment of flowers, berries, forage, etc.
  • Perfect for weddings, Halloween, events, etc,
  • Ideal for themes like vintage, rustic, fall, etc.

7. Assorted Sunflower and Berry Flower Arrangement

The Assorted Sunflower and Berry Flower Arrangement is a bright, bold and sunny floral bundle. The bundle includes sunflowers, berries, baby breaths, green leaves, and yellow forage. The pack contains two such bundles and no vase is included in the package. You can easily cut and trim the stems and fillers to create a traditional or vertical style of sunflower table décor for your home offices or special occasion like weddings.

  • Made of silk, foam, and plastic.
  • Assortment of sunflowers, berries, & yellow forage.
  • Perfect for weddings, events, home décor, etc.
  • It does not include any vase.

8. Cute Artificial Sunflower Centerpiece

The Cute Artificial Sunflower Centerpiece has a beautiful, vibrant and cheerful aura that permeates throughout your homes and offices as well. The pack contains sunflowers, the baby breathes, small leaves few other floral fillers. The fake sunflowers are made of soft and

high- quality silk fabric and eco- friendly plastic are used for stems. The rounded glass jar is plain and simple that focuses on highlighting the flower arrangement more than itself.

  • Made of silk, plastic, and glass.
  • Includes rounded glass jar.
  • Perfect for home and office décor.
  • Contains sunflowers, baby breathes and leaves.

9. Sunflower and Mixed Green Forage Centerpiece

The Sunflower and Mixed Green Forage Centerpiece is a perfect decorative for your homes and offices. The Sunflower table centerpiece is designed to create a small, compact yet impressive and attractive piece of home décor. The pack includes sunflowers, small fruits, leaves, and other mixed green fillers. It is placed on a small ceramic rectangular pot with floral print.

  • Made of silk, plastic, foam, ceramic.
  • Assortment of sunflower and mixed green leaves and fillers.
  • Small, compact and easy to maintain.
  • Perfect for home and office décor.

10. Oval Fake Sunflower Arrangement

The Oval Fake Sunflower Arrangement is a spectacular piece of decoration. The pack contains an assortment of bright sunflowers, little white and purple wax flowers, baby breaths, and various other floral fillers. This oval sunflower table arrangement can easily be used as a centerpiece for home and garden décor. You can also use them as a wedding centerpiece for dining tables, or guest tables, or anywhere you find it suitable.

  • Made of high-quality silk.
  • Assortment of sunflowers, wax flowers, baby breaths, etc.
  • Classic oval flower arrangement.
  • Perfect for home, office and wedding decoration.

11. Vertical Artificial Sunflower Arrangement

The Vertical Artificial Sunflower Arrangement is another stunning Sunflower table centerpiece decorative that can brighten up your rooms in an instant. The assortment includes sunflowers, yellow forage, and intricate floral fillers. This vertical sunflower table arrangement is great to decorate your homes and offices in a rustic or vintage fashion. It is decorated in a metal can that compliments the flower arrangement.

  • Nice vertical arrangement in a metal pot.
  • Can be used as a centerpiece for weddings, homes, office events.
  • Made of silk, plastic, and metal.
  • Assortment of sunflowers and yellow forage.


You don’t have to be a professional florist to introduce floral arrangements or floral centerpieces in your homes, offices, events, occasions, or life. Faux sunflower table arrangements have made it easier and very convenient for you to embrace the vibrancy and lively nature of flowers in your life without any hassle. You don’t have to track and monitor the water levels, sun exposure, air quality, temperature levels or other factors that need to be considered for real sunflower table arrangements.

Now all you need to do is find a beautiful, bold, really like, and lively fake sunflower table centerpieces and arrangements to embrace them in your life. Be it a special occasion, event, or your home décor; trust an artificial sunflower to brighten up your mood and ambiance.

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