17 Best Sunflower Wedding Centerpieces & Decorations [For Themes]

Wish to bring on some bright colors to your wedding theme then sunflower is an undisputed choice for you. This bright and beautiful flower has charmed wedding decorations for a long time. It brings in some rustic touches when used alone or you pair it with roses or daisy for an elegant look.

Ready to embrace the longevity and beauty of fake sunflower arrangements at your wedding? Well, even a few years back you might not have thought of using artificial floral décor at your wedding considering it to be tacky. However, recently celebrities, designers, artists, and others have started to appreciate the longevity of the paper blooms.

We have come up with a classic, elegant, and rustic pieces of sunflower wedding centerpieces and decorations to help you find the perfect arrangement for your wedding.

Why choose sunflower wedding decoration as your wedding theme?

It the symbol of good luck, prosperity, and longevity. It stands loyalty and hope. It brings joy, beauty, and love. Its sunflower.

It all what you want and expect your wedding and married to be. And that the reason, the sunflower wedding theme is an all-time hit. It adds a rustic flavor to the theme and your wedding.

Sunflowers are bright, bold and beautiful, which intends to make your wedding theme more colorful and brighter.

These bright little sunflowers everything that is needed to make your wedding more auspicious and charming at the same time.

If you opt for fake sunflower decoration then the best part is, the flowers will look as fresh as the bride and the groom even at the end of the ceremony.

Here’s our magnificent list of the 17 best sunflower wedding centerpieces and decorations that will blow your mind:

Best Sunflower Wedding Centerpieces and Decoration

1. Artificial Silk Sunflowers Mini Fake Flowers Centerpieces

The silk sunflowers are made of high-quality silk fabric and plastic that ensures it looks beautiful and attractive. The silk faux sunflower consists of 7 branches, 22 mini sunflowers, and 18 leaves, make up a gorgeous floral bunch. The branch wires are flexible thus, they can be easily bent to create versatile styles. The flowers are rich in texture and look natural and fresh. They need a minimum to no maintenance. No need for soil, sun or water, unlike real flowers.

  • Made of high-quality silk and plastic
  • Ideal for weddings, parties, office decoration, church, home décor, etc
  • Consist of 22 mini sunflowers on 7 branches
  • Looks real, attractive and fresh

2. Artificial Silk Sunflower with Handmade Rattan Vase

These silk sunflower arrangements have a classic rustic look to it. The sunflower is made of high-quality silk that enriches it appearances. The silk sunflower looks as real as possible due to its fine texture and design. It comes along with a beautiful handmade vase made of willow rattan. It has 6 bunches; each contains 7 stems and each stem has 7 big flowers. All in all, the pack contains 42 flowers in total.

  • Made of high-quality silk
  • Comes with handmade willow rattan vase
  • Contain 42 big flowers
  • Ideal for parties, weddings, banquets, etc.

3. Artificial Sunflower Bundle with Vase

The silk sunflower centerpiece offers you an assortment of various sized sunflowers in one to create a rustic look. Yellow flowers are made of 100% high-quality silk that can be easily passed as the real one. The bright sunflowers come with a gray glass vase that makes a beautiful centerpiece for weddings and parties. You can easily place them in your home and office as per your requirement.

  • Made 100% silk
  • Looks real, fresh and vibrant
  • Easy to clean
  • No maintenance required

4. Artificial Sunflower with Vase

Made of high plastic and silk, the sunflower bunch is stunningly attractive. The sunflowers are made of non- toxic and harmless materials to ensure your and mother nature’s wellness. The flowers are arranged inside a cute little vase that can be used as a centerpiece. You can use them for various occasions like weddings and parties in your homes, offices or stages as well.

  • Made of high-quality silk and plastic
  • Non-toxic and harmless
  • Perfect for weddings, dining rooms, courtyards, home décor, stages, etc.
  • Package includes a cute little vase

5. Silk Sunflower Arrangement Flower Centerpiece in Clear Glass Vase with Faux Water

This Silk Sunflower arrangement in a clear glass vase is very impressive and elegant. The packages contain 6 sunflower heads arranged in exquisitely. The silk sunflower arrangement comes along with a cube designed clear glass vase. The vase contains acrylic water where the sunflowers are placed. This centerpiece looks elegant and graceful. It is an ideal choice for weddings, parties, events, banquets and other special occasions. this fake sunflower arrangement is designed to bring in an exotic and sophisticated appeal to your occasion particularly if it’s a wedding.

  • Made of soft silk fabric
  • Package includes 6 sunflower arrangements
  • Comes with a cube clear glass vase
  • Ideal parties, weddings banquet, etc

6. Artificial Sunflowers, Daisies, and Primroses Mix Arrangement Centerpiece

Unlike the above flower arrangements, this sunflower centerpiece comes as an assortment of sunflowers, daisies, and primroses. The assortment of the flower is designed to highlight a rustic and boho-chic style. It displays a mélange of shades of green foliage and berries. The assortment is completed with a mason jar style vase. it features a twine wrapping that accentuates its looks. You can easily keep it on display at your home and office, on the porch or on the window sill. This centerpiece is so apt for wedding themes and décor.

  • An assortment of sunflower, primroses, and daisies
  • Comes with a mason jar style vase
  • Apt for weddings and theme parties
  • Ideal for home and office

7. Artificial SunFlower and Pumpkins Table Centerpiece

Another flower assortment arrangement that brings in various flowers and berries along with sunflowers. The assortment is created to ideally suit themes like fall or rustic. Thus, it consists of mainly yellow and green foliage and berries where the show stopper is a sunflower. The pumpkin-shaped vase is a cherry on the top of the entire look of the centerpiece. Place it on the dinner table at your wedding or any fall-themed party, this centerpiece is going to grab everyone one’s eyes.

  • Lifelike and realist looking fake sunflowers
  • Made of premium foam and a faux pumpkin
  • Ideal for weddings, parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas
  • Premium quality with a lightweight structure

8. Artificial Sunflower & Sedum Arrangement in Vase

This is one of the most elegant and simple looking centerpieces on our list. The centerpiece features white sunflowers combined with sedum. The sunflower and the sedum are made of polyester. It is arranged on a clear glass vase that contains faux water at the bottom. The sunflower wedding centerpieces are designed with the finest quality materials. The faux sunflowers can be easily wiped with a clean and soft dry cloth if required.

  • Made of high-quality polyester
  • Sunflower and sedum assortment
  • Comes in a clear glass vase
  • Ideal for weddings and home decor

9. Artificial Sunflower Berry Candelabrum Silk Arrangements

This centerpiece is designed with silk sunflower arrangements is an assortment of various flowers. The centerpiece features a black candelabrum with a plate where the flowers are beautifully arranged. This bright and diverse mixture of yellow sunflowers, faux red berries and foliage make a beautiful piece of decoration for a wide range of occasions. It’s ideal for weddings, Halloween or fall-themed parties, thanksgivings, and Christmas along with various other events and occasions.

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Ideal for weddings, thanksgiving, Christmas, etc
  • A mixture of sunflowers, berries, and foliage
  • Comes with black candelabrum

10. Faux Sunflower Candelabrum

This heartwarming candelabrum is perfect for your fall-themed or holiday theme wedding. This sunflower centerpiece contains berries and foliage along with big sized flowers. The fake sunflower arrangement is everything that you would need to brighten your wedding decorations. The stunning candelabrum can be used as a candle stand as well. This makes the centerpiece more attractive and eye-catching.

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Lifelike looks with a real appearance
  • Ideal for weddings and fall
  • Contains sunflowers, berries, and foliage

11. Artificial Silk Yellow Sunflower in Rectangular Ceramic Vase

Looking for a simple, elegant yet bright piece of a centerpiece for your wedding? Well, this centerpiece comes with a rectangular ceramic vase in white color along with bright yellow sunflower arrangements. The package contains 4 big and 12 small fake sunflower heads along with bright green leaves to complete its realistic appearance. It brings a vibrant yet sober look to the décor. The flowers and leaves are made of high-quality silk and linen and plastic are used for the vase.

  • Flowers and leaves are made of silk
  • Linen and plastic used for the vase
  • Ideal for wedding, office and home décor
  • Realistic appearance

12. Fall Table Centerpiece with Sunflower, Pumpkins, and Mums

A wreath style centerpiece for your dining tables, which looks colorful and gorgeous. It is designed to help you to bring some colors and vibrant personality to your home or office décor. It can be easily used for weddings, parties, and other special occasions. The centerpiece features a variety of flowers such as sunflowers, mums, peonies, and others. It also features pumpkins and stunning fall greenery around the cradle.

  • Comes with a cradle
  • A mixture of sunflower, peonies, mums, and others
  • Features pumpkins and green foliage
  • Ideal for the fall wedding theme and decoration

13. Artificial Silk Sunflowers Hanging Vine

Fake hanging vines are widely used for decorations across the globe. This faux, sunflower hanging vine is made of silk. The pack contains 4 vines each featuring 12 pcs of the flower head. These vines are very versatile and flexible so it allows you to use it in many ways. You can place them on walls, tables, windowpane, or create your wedding ceremony arch. Bravo! It’s realistic looks to make the place look lively and vibrant.

The flower and green leaves are made of silk and plastic is used to make the stems. The vines are made of poison less, non- toxic and harmless materials.

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Made of silk and plastic
  • Realistic appearance
  • Non-toxic and harmless

14. Artificial Sunflower Swag

This decorative sunflower swag is designed to bring a fresh summer look to your place. The swag is made of eco- friendly and harmless plastic and silk. Its vivid colors and lifelike texture will create an amazingly cheerful ambiance for your home and office. The swag can be used for weddings as well for car decoration or wall decorations. The vibrant yellow sunflowers swags are perfect to add to your wedding arch as well.

  • The total length of swag is 29 diameters
  • Vivid & bright sunflowers
  • Ecofriendly silk and plastic
  • Perfect summer wedding themes

15. LED Artificial Sunflower Garland Vine

Brighten up your homes and offices with these impressive LED silk sunflower vines. The LED lights are battery-operated with warm white-colored lights. The vine is designed to create a fairy style ambiance that perfect to decorate your homes and offices. These LED sunflower vines can easily be used for day and night events. In the day time, the silk sunflower with bright n the place with its vivacious and realistic appearance. Meanwhile, in the night, the LED lights will add to its beauty and charm.

  • Made of soft silk
  • Battery operated 20 LED lights
  • 9 big sunflowers
  • Ideal for wedding and reception (day and night)

16. Artificial Sunflower Table Wreath

This bright and beautiful wreath is an awesome and complete piece of decoration. You can place a wreath anywhere you wish and it will give you equally wonderful results every time. The wreath consists of big and small sunflowers along with vibrant green leaves. The flower and leaves are made of high-quality silk that brings out the best of the wreath. You can place them on the walls, car, wedding ceremony arch, doors, and many other places.

  • Made of silk
  • Consists of big and small sunflowers
  • Ideal for weddings, and other occasions

17. Orange Fake Sunflower Arrangement

Traditionally sunflowers are a bright shade of yellow, but sunflowers are also available in other shades like red, peach and orange. Thus, you will find fake sunflowers in other shades as well just like this beautiful orange sunflower arrangement. The sunflower arrangement consists of 10 single pieces of flowers. You can place them all together or arrange them separately according to your preferences and requirement. Bring a freshness of a romantic atmosphere to your home décor or any event. These faux sunflowers are amazing for weddings as well

  • Made of silk
  • Consist of 10 piece
  • Perfect for weddings and home decor

How to use sunflower wedding decorations that would leave your guests dazzled?

There are hundreds of ways to seamlessly use artificial sunflowers at your wedding. From centerpieces to wedding arch, sunflower artificial flowers look gorgeous in every form.

The wedding attires 

  • You can use sunflower boutonniere with a classic summer for the wonderful groom’s attire.
  • Whereas the bride can wear a headband/ crown on her head or a slick sunflower belt at the waist to complete her sunflower wedding theme.

The Venue 

  • From the entrance door to the ceremony, the arch can be beautifully decorated with silk sunflowers if you know how to do it.
  • Hand sunflower pomanders at the door and place glass mason jars with faux sunflower through the path to the seating area to start with.
  • Decorate a wall placing sunflowers to hold the escort card for your guests. Or you can keep the escort cards on sunflowers and place them in a jar or something on a table.
  • Place sunflower centerpieces at the table along with single silk sunflowers on the cloth napkin to add minor details.
  • The ceremony arch can be decorated with sunflower vines, bouquets, wreaths, and various other little elements.

The Food 

  • Order a cake with sunflower decorations on it. They work perfectly as Sunflower wedding cake topper.
  • You can offer sunflower cupcakes as well and arrange them on a tower-like structure.
  • You can incorporate sunflower in your menu and serve them bright and colorful food items for your guests as well.

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