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10 Best Tulip Wedding Decorations and Centerpieces

Tulips are one of the most elegant and suave flowers found across the planet. It is widely cultivated, used and appreciated by people and florists. Its charming appearance allows the florist to make sophisticated, exotic and innovative flower arrangement for various occasions and events. Tulips are widely used for home and office decor as well as they are perfect for wedding decorations.

Thanks to the faux tulips, now you can enjoy the tulips bloom all season and in all varieties at your leisure. They are easy to cut, trim and bend to allow you to create a beautiful and innovative tulip flower arrangement.

Now let’s find about some varieties of tulips that are widely used by the florist across the world. However, before that let us know the uses of tulips in wedding decorations.

How to use tulips for wedding decoration?


Tulip bouquets always bring a regal look for the bride. Tulip bouquets are also used for bridesmaids and bride’s mother as well. Bouquets are a universal decorative piece that goes well with the walls, entrance area, dining tables, guest books tables, and even on the roof.

Table scape

Be it the dining table, center table, cake table, or any other table placed in the wedding venue; tulips can instant bring a fresh and delicate look to the place. Tulips are very sober, elegant and cheerful looking flowers that accentuates the wedding moods for sure. Tulip bouquets on tables as centerpiece decorative are very popular among the event managers, florist and couples with similar vigor.


Tulip wedding decorations are almost incomplete without the beautiful centerpieces. These centerpieces are intricately designed to bring elegance and panache to your style and wedding as well. These centerpieces flaunt various flowers arrangements like the ‘S’ shaped, oval, vertical, horizontal, cascade and others.

Cake topper

Artificial tulips are often used as cake toppers. These tulips are designed to be placed at the top of the wedding cake or placed at the sides of the table around the cake. That depends on the theme or the design of the cake.

Bridal attire and hair style

Be it a regal tulip hairband, a thin, sleek waistband, or a wrist corsage; tulips are perfect for any bridal look. Tulips looks chic and voguish for hair styling as well. Either your style your hair in tulip shape or put one or two tulips on your hair bun, tulips will add grace to your look.

Groom’s attire boutonniere

Tulips make beautiful and cute boutonniere. You will look dapper with a small, sleek and swanky little boutonniere on your chest pockets. You can ask your groomsmen to wear similar and well- coordinated tulip boutonnieres for a better photo opportunity.

Let us find out the Best Tulip Wedding Decorations and Centerpieces that will make your special a spectacle:

Best Tulip Wedding Decorations and Centerpieces

01. Mini Artificial Tulip Wedding Centerpiece

The Mini Artificial Tulip Wedding Centerpiece is an amazing decorative for home and office décor. The vivid purple colored tulips look very real and feels natural. The tulip petals are made of silk and the leaves and stems plastic made. The tulip arrangement comes with a marbled ceramic pot filled with small pebbles. This cute little tulip wedding centerpiece can be placed on a coffee tables, bedside tables, book corners, kitchen counter top, office desk, office reception and various other spots.

  • Perfect for wedding, home and office decor.
  • Made of silk and plastic.
  • Looks real and feels natural.
  • Comes with ceramic pot.

02. Dutch Style Fake Green Tulip

The Dutch Style Fake Green Tulip is made of high- quality PU. The tulips are designed to look real and natural. Their texture feels as real as possible. The flower heads are 13” in length and 1” as head diameter. The pack includes 24 pieces of artificial tulips that can easily be arranged in any vase, jar or pot. They are perfect for home, office and wedding decoration.

  • Perfect for home, office and wedding decoration.
  • Looks natural, feels real.
  • Made of high-quality PU.
  • Pack contains 24 pieces of Tulip Heads.

03. Tulip, Gerbera, and Daisy Assorted Centerpiece

The Tulip, Gerbera, and Daisy Assorted Centerpiece comes with a beautiful glass cube vase and faux acrylic water. The flower petals are made of high- quality silk. The assorted flowers look very real, vibrant and lively. The color of the flowers is vivid and does not fade away even when placed under direct sunlight. You can conveniently use the tulip wedding centerpiece for a home, office, event and even wedding decoration.

  • Made of high- quality silk.
  • Vivid and vibrant colored petals and leaves.
  • Perfect for home, office and wedding decorations.
  • No wilting, no fading.

04. Tulip Silk Centerpiece

The Tulip Silk Centerpiece has a lively, charming appearance that can brighten up any room or set up in an instance. The tulip wedding centerpiece includes beautiful lifelike tulips and a round glass jar filled with faux acrylic water. The tulip wedding centerpiece is meticulously designed to fit nicely on counters, tables, ledges, counters, windowsills and mantles. It is ideal for home, events, and wedding decorations.

  • Made of high- quality silk.
  • Lifelike appearance.
  • Comes with rounded glass jar.
  • Ideal for weddings, events and home decoration.

05. Handmade Pop Up Tulip Greeting Card

The Handmade Pop Up Tulip Greeting Card is an innovative idea as a gift and decoration as well. The card can be used as a decoration by placing it on a corner table or beside the birthday cake on the center table. Made of eco- friendly paper and non- toxic colors, these cards are perfect for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving or wedding greetings

  • Perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas greetings.
  • Can be used as birthday decorations.
  • Made of eco- friendly and non- toxic material.
  • 3D pop up greetings card.

06. LED Solar Tulip Lights

The LED Solar Tulip Lights are designed to help you decorate your home and garden. The LED lights can be placed inside or outside your homes as it does not require any wires or electrical connection. It derives power from the solar panel attached to it and stores in a rechargeable battery (Ni-MH AAA). The tulip flower petals are made of fabric material that looks real and attractive.

  • Includes solar panel, rechargeable battery.
  • Tulip flower made of fabric material.
  • Bright, 7 shade LED lights.
  • Perfect for home, garden, party or wedding decoration.

07. Multicolored Faux Tulip Bouquet

The Multicolored Faux Tulip Bouquet is designed to create a bright, colorful and lively decor for your events, wedding, home and office. The bright and vivid colors won’t fade away easily even when placed under direct sunlight. The tulip flower heads are made of high- quality PU to make it look real and lively. The pack contains 5 pieces of each colors- range, red, yellow, light purple, deep purple, and white. You can easily cut and trim the stems to create various styles of tulip flower arrangement.

  • Ideal for weddings, events, home and office decoration.
  • Made of high- quality PU.
  • Pack contains 5 pcs of red, yellow, white, purple, and orange each.
  • Vibrant colors, no fading.

08. White Artificial Tulips

The White Artificial Tulips are made of PU to make them look lively, real and natural. The stems are made of plastic from outside and steel wire from inside. So, you can easily bend and adjust the tulips as per your requirements. You can even cut and trim to create your desired tulip flower arrangement. The pack contains 10 pieces of fresh and charming looking fake tulips.

  • Ideal for wedding, stage, event and home decoration.
  • Made of PU, steel wire, and plastic.
  • Looks real, and feels natural.
  • Pack contains 10 pieces of tulip heads.

09. Pink Medley Tulip Wreath

The Pink Medley Tulip Wreath is designed to make your wedding, events and stages look stunningly beautiful. The tulip petals are made of high- quality silk to make the flowers look naturally real and alive. Tulip wreaths look magnificent on walls, doors, cars or pillars. You can hang it on the ceremony arch to create a stylish wedding decoration. Not just weddings, it will be awesome as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, homecoming party, baby showers and any other occasion.

  • Made of silk.
  • Perfect for wedding ceremony decoration.
  • Natural looking, real touch feel.
  • Ideal for Valentine’s Day homecoming parties, etc.

10. Artificial Purple Tulip Flower Bouquet

Made of PU material, the Artificial Purple Tulip Flower Bouquet feel as real as possible. This real touch feel is achieved by the use of polyether polyurethane foam that is designed to provide a natural look and feel. Stem is made of steel wire that can be easily bend to create desirable tulip flower arrangement. The bright and vibrant is not easy to fade even when put under direct sunlight. It’s perfect for home and office décor. You can also use it for wedding decorations or any other special event.

  • Feels real and natural.
  • Made of polyether polyurethane foam.
  • Perfect for home, office and wedding decorations.
  • No color fading.

Types of tulips

1. Single early tulips

They bloom early in the cooler weather and tend to last long. They have a unique cup shape with six petals along with an average height of 10- 18 inches.

For a mind blowing classic all- white bridal look you can use these tulips with clematis and peonies as a bridal bouquet or tulip wedding decorations.

2. Single late tulips

This is the tallest variety averaging 18- 30 inches with their standard cup-shaped blooms that comes in a wide range of colors. These tulips have a contrasting colored edge on the petal. The tulips like warmer climate. Due to their long stems and long-lasting bloom, they are great for cutting and trimming as well.

3. Double early and double late tulips

The double tulips are nice multi- layered blooms resembling peonies, which is why they are called peony tulips. Generally, they grow in the same zones and they have a typical bloom of six inches long with the 10-16 inches stems. They are perfect for both early and late spring that allows you to enjoy the double show.

The big, bold, lavish petals and a gorgeous texture of the double tulips create great dynamics in any flower arrangement.

4. Fringed tulips

The Fringed tulips which are also known as the “Crispa” tulips have fine fringes and soft frilly appearance. They are wide found in various bold colors like violet, pink, yellow, red, white and others. Some varieties feature a contrasted colored bloom that creates an extra flair of newness and eccentricity.

These fringed tulips look stunning when paired with slimmer flowers. They also looking ravishing when you let them stand tall and alone in a vertical flower arrangement.

5. Fosteriana tulips

Fosteriana is an early bloomer that is found in the mountains of the Central Asia. This tulip measures p to eight inches across, which has earned it the moniker “Emperor” tulip. Fosteriana features short sturdy stems with nice bowl- shaped flowers and large leaves.

6. Greigii tulips

Also known as the “Turkestan” tulips as a reference to their geographical origin, Greigii is a big, colorful bowl- shaped flower. They are six inches wide and open wide in sunshine. The maroon streaks or spots on the leaves are one of the most striking features of Greigii.

They are an amazing addition to container plantings and rock gardens as their average stem length is ten inches while ranging up to 20 inches. The Faux Greigii Tulips look stunningly glamorous in any flower arrangement.

7. Kaufmanniana tulips

The Kaufmanniana tulips are also known as water lily tulips as resembles water lilies due to their pointed open flat in bright sunlight. They have a large bloom with an average of eight inches. They are among the first blooms among tulips every season usually late March or early April. Their petals have a beautiful contrasting color.

8. Lily flowered tulips

One of the most elegant hybrid tulips that have long pointed petals is Lily flowered. The petals arch outward at the tips that provides the look of a star. They are usually six inches wide. Their unique bloom shape is reminiscent to old species of tulips that originated in turkey. They are available in a variety of colors with bright contrasting edges.

9. Parrot tulips

The parrot tulips are reminiscent of tropical parrots as they have equally bright, vibrant colors. They also feature a feathery or ruffled petals and long stems. They are among the most delicate varieties of tulips. They are available in a variety of colors like orange, purple, white, pink, yellow, red, and green. They look stunning with other bright and lush flower to make an exotic flower arrangement.


Tulips are naturally so beautiful that they look stunning in any flower arrangement. They look magnificent and exotic with various other flowers which allows the florist to explore and innovate. The fake tulips are amazing a choice for the florist as they can be used in all seasons, particularly when the real ones aren’t available.

These tulip decorations and tulip wedding centerpieces are especially designed to accentuate the decor of your wedding. These elegant, graceful, and charming tulips decorative are enough to brighten the mood of your guests. You can get creative by using various styles, shapes and colors of tulips in various tulip flower arrangements to create unique decoration themes and designs.

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