11 Best Artificial Tulips In Vase And Glass Tulip Vases

Tulip is one of the most cheerful and elegant flowers you will find in a garden or a flower market. Its timeless and playful bloom. It’s also a perfect gift for most of the occasions. Tulips are available in a variety of colors and every beholds a different meaning and connotation. The best part is you will find a tulip best suited for every occasion you can think of. Be it a homecoming, housewarming, birthdays, wedding or a proposal day; tulips are perfect for every occasion.

With the advent of real looking artificial tulips have made it convenient for everyone to enjoy the goodness of tulip all year long. the florists happily use faux tulips to create a beautiful, elegant and sophisticated flower arrangements in all seasons and for every occasion.

Let’s find out some of the best fake tulips in a vase available in the markets. However, first let’s find out the symbolism, reasons they are popular and some of the flowers that compliment tulips in a flower arrangement.

Symbolism of Tulip

Tulip is a spirited flower with a wide range of symbolism based on its colors and specific settings. Tulip has a humble and bashful beauty. People usually associate tulips with perfect love, passion, royalty, and spring. Tulips are considered a sign of luck and wealth.

Once you plant a tulip it will return every year in spring without fail. This symbolizes reincarnation, renewal, refreshed perspective and the eternal nature of the soul.

Red tulips stand for love, perfection in love and sacrifice in love. It represents the declaration of someone’s love or romantic intentions. With red tulips someone might be asking the other person to place their trust in them.

Whereas, yellow tulips represent a cheerful mood and a sweet, pleasant, welcoming smile. It is a delightful way of letting someone know your warm wishes and positive thoughts about them.

White tulips symbolize a message of forgiveness. It is also symbolic of pure intentions and spirituality or spiritual love. While the purple tulip represents royalty or leadership.

Every tulip has a different symbolic meaning or connotation. Florists around the world, work hard to create the tulip flower arrangement that represents your feelings and intentions.

Why tulips are so popular?

There are various reasons for tulip being so popular among the people and the florists as well. Mostly it is very popular because of their beautiful and elegant appearance. Tulips have a stunning head and a very hearty, long green stem. Florist prefers tulips as they can literally stand on their own which makes it very easy to mold them in any type of floral arrangement. They are very impressive when used as a vertical floral arrangement.

Another reason that makes tulip everyone’s favorite is its feasibility. Particularly in springtime, their prices are very much reasonable and affordable. in other seasons, the prices of tulip might vary.

As tulips are edible, some people actually eat them. They recycle their flower arrangements by using the tulip petals in a salad.

For obvious reasons, tulips are a favorite for wedding decorations. Brides, in particular, love the feel and look of the tulip as their wedding bouquet. Interior designs use tulips to balance out space in or between the rooms. Due to the symmetrical structure of tulip, florists like a tulip flower arrangement in a vase to create a symmetrical environment in rooms and

What flowers look good with a tulip?

A variety of flowers look good and even accentuate the appearance of a tulip flower arrangement.

Florists highly rely on spring perennials because of their dynamic color variations and vibrant personalities that compliment tulip a lot. Thanks to the real looking artificial flowers, these flowers are now available all year round to allow you to enjoy the spring flavors in all seasons.

Florists have been seen placing dicentra, aquilegia, candytuft, and wallflower to create a gentle meadow effect. Blending different colors to create a dramatic effect like lime green euphorbia along with pink and purple mixes of ‘Shirley’, ‘Angelique’ and ‘Queen of Night’ works wonders with tulips.

Let’s find out the 11 best fake tulips in the vase that will blow your minds:

1. Artificial Beige and Yellow Tulip Flowers with Ceramic Vase

The Artificial Beige and Yellow Tulip Flowers with Ceramic Vase is a classic tulip flower arrangement best suited for your homes and office décor. The pack contains an assortment of 20tulip heads and a bunch of fern leaves arranged in a ceramic vase. You can easily bend and adjust the formation of the flower arrangement to add your personality to it. Flowers and leaves are made of PVC latex that feels like real tulip petals.

  • Made of PVC latex.
  • Includes a Ceramic Vase.
  • Perfect for home and office décor.
  • Ideal for wedding bouquet and centerpieces.
  • Yellow and Beige Tulips

2. Real Touch Tulip Bouquet with Vase

The Real Touch Tulip Bouquet with Vase is perfect for your home and office décor. The white tulips are made of polyurethane (PU) foam that gives it’s a very real and natural appearance. Steel wire is used for inside and plastic as the outer cover to make the stems flexibility and increase its bendability. They are easy to carry and clean, which makes them low maintenance and portable. Pack contains 2 big tulip heads and a glass vase.

  • Made of polyurethane (PU) foam, steel wire, and plastic.
  • Highly bendable and flexible stems.
  • Perfect for home and office décor.
  • Ideal for wedding centerpieces and bouquets.

3. Elegant Artificial Tulip in Vase

The Elegant Artificial Tulip in Vase is another graceful and sober piece of decor for your offices, homes and special occasions like weddings. The white tulips are made of high- quality silk with added textures and shading to make it look real and lively. The glass vase is 4” * 4” cube with crystal clear clarity to highlight the tulips placed inside the vase.

  • Glass cube vase measures 4” * 4”.
  • Tulips made of silk.
  • Perfect for office and home décor.
  • Minimalist and compact design.

4. Mini Silk Tulips in Ceramic Pot with Marble Effect

The Mini Silk Tulips in Ceramic Pot with Marble Effect is an amazing addition to your home décor that’s eye-catching and impressive. The pack includes purple tulips, white sprouts and green leaves placed on a marble textured ceramic pot. The entire flower arrangement creates a sense of serenity and calm. You can place them on your coffee table, bookshelves, kitchen top, office desk, near bathtubs, or spa corners.

  • Made of high- quality and soft silk.
  • Perfect for a home, office or cafe décor.
  • Includes tulips, sprouts, and leaves.
  • Comes with a ceramic vase.

5. White and Yellow Artificial Tulip in Vase

The White and Yellow Artificial Tulip in Vase is an eco-friendly option for people inclined to create minimum carbon footprint on the world. The tulip heads and leaves are made of 100% high-quality silk that makes it look as real as possible. The fake tulips ensure no wilting and fading. The paper vase is designed to allow you to have a strong and sturdy alternative for a conventional vase.

  • No wilting and fading.
  • Made of 100% silk.
  • Includes an eco- friendly paper Vase.
  • Perfect for home and office décor.

6. Artificial Plastic Tulip Arrangement in Metal Pot

The Artificial Plastic Tulip Arrangement in Metal Pot is a great decorative accessory for wedding and event decoration. You can easily to decorate your home and office as well. The plastic tulips are 100% non-toxic, harmless and eco-friendly. They are arranged in a European style in the metal pot that can be easily used as a beautiful centerpiece in any room or setting.

  • Natural and real looking tulips.
  • 100% safe, non-toxic, and eco- friendly.
  • Ideal for wedding, gifts, home, and office décor.
  • Made of 100% high-quality silk.

7. Silk White Artificial Tulip in Vase

The Silk White Artificial Tulip in Vase is a great choice for home, office and garden décor. The tulips are designed to offer an elegant, sophisticated and sober look to your rooms and settings. The natural-looking tulips are arranged in a rounded glass vase. You can gist this tulip as at weddings, house warming parties, Christmas, new year and other occasions and events.

  • Made of silk, plastic, and glass.
  • Pack includes a vase.
  • Ideal as a gift for Christmas, house warming, wedding, etc.
  • Perfect for wedding, home, and office décor.

8. Wilt Free Faux Tulip in Vase

Wilt Free Faux Tulip in Vase is a very lucrative tulip flower arrangement for as a centerpiece. The pack contains a bundle of natural-looking tulips arranged with leaves. It is placed in an oval cylindrical glass vase that accentuates the beauty of the entire flower arrangement. The flowers and leaves are made of highly soft silk that provides the natural and real appearance to the tulips.

  • Made of silk.
  • It can be used as centerpieces, bouquets, etc.
  • Ideal for home, office and wedding decoration.
  • Cream Tulips.

9. Minimalist Artificial Tulip in Plain Cylindrical Vase

The Minimalist Artificial Tulip in Plain Cylindrical Vase is a great choice for the minimalist souls out there. The minimal style, built and arrangement in enough to brighten the place. The pink tulips are made of high-quality silk which gives a real and natural look. you can place them at a coffee table, book nooks, kitchen countertop, dining table, bedside table and various other places as you find it fit.

  • Made of silk.
  • Pink Tulips.
  • Perfect for home décor.
  • Ideal as a gift for house warming parties, homecoming, etc.

10. Faux and Artificial Tulip in Vase

The Faux and Artificial Tulip in Vase is designed with care and love. The tulips look as real, fresh and lively as possible. They are made of 100% polyester and designed in a form of lush, delicate bloom. The Faux tulip arrangement is decorated on a beautiful glass vase. You can place this flower arrangement in your living spaces, dining tables, kitchen corner, book nooks, or office desk.

  • Made of 100% polyester.
  • Ideal for home and office décor.
  • Bright, vivid red tulip arrangement with leaves.
  • Looks real, fresh and lively.

11. Assorted Tulip, Cymbidium Orchid, and Hydrangea Arrangement in Vase

The Assorted Tulip, Cymbidium Orchid, and Hydrangea Arrangement in Vase is designed for homes, offices, events, and weddings. It’s a versatile flower arrangement is made of high-quality silk, plastic, and foam. Primarily its yellow foliage designed to create a dynamic statement as a centerpiece or decorative for interior décor. You can this as your wedding centerpiece as well.

  • Assortment of Tulip, Cymbidium Orchid and Hydrangea.
  • Perfect for home, office and wedding decoration.
  • An ideal centerpiece for coffee or dining table.
  • Made of silk, plastic, and foam.


The best way to enjoy the best of tulips is to either welcome you in springtime or embrace the fake tulips all seasons of the year. Today people and florists are using more and fake tulips for various floral arrangements that are designed to stay with all year.

These artificial tulips are available in various colors, textures, material, and combinations to allow the florist to come up with better arrangements every day.

Today you will find a variety of artificial tulip in a vase to help you decorate your homes, office, and various events or occasion. You don’t have to consult a professional florist to allow you to bring beautiful fake and artificial tulip in vases. Today these tulips in vases are available in the market that is readymade and ready to use for you in an instant.

Hurry up and bring in the beauty, cheerfulness, panache, and style of a tulip in your life today.

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