different types of artificial trees

Types of Artificial Trees | 32 Different Fake Trees and Plants

Even if you’re a passionate gardener, you might secretly love artificial trees and plants deep down in your heart for their no-maintenance and no-dying qualities.

Gone are the days when artificial plants were labeled as shameful, fakey, and expensive.

Today’s contemporary artificial plants are designed with 100% botanical imitation technology and real touch technology to be real, and even UV resistant technology prevents fading when kept outdoors. Believe it or not, customers are even tempted to water them and even doubt them growing.

The trend of flaunting artificial plants has skyrocketed over a few years in social media. Be it a Youtuber or influencer, decor lover, or homemaker, everyone is going towards fake plants to catch immediate attention without any effort!

Why Fake Trees Are a Better Choice?

Artificial plants let you off the hook from

  • Watering it regularly,
  • Changing the soil frequently,
  • Fertilizing and spraying with harmful chemicals,
  • Pruning to encourage growth,
  • Protecting them from pests, animals, and diseases
  • Considering natural factors like sunlight, rain
  • Confusing to select the right position for your plant
  • Spending a lot of money on water bills and fertilizers
  • Cleaning their mess
  • Spending a lot of time and energy
  • Undergoing deep research on how to keep plants alive for a long time

The second most common thing in which artificial plants get a bad reputation is they are considered unhealthy. But that’s unconvincing! According to psychology today, whether a plant is real or not, simply viewing the greenery can help to lift our mood, restock the stores of our mental processing power and enhance creativity.  Looking at decorative plants in hospitals can reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.

Like it or not, fake greenery is better than no greenery!

If you’re reading up to this, you might be definitely obsessed with the idea of fake greenery. But finding the best artificial plant alone may feel like finding the magical needle in the giant haystack.

We’ll help you walk through the whole process with our ultimate guide of the best artificial plants which can work alone without other elements and complete the look of your house! 

types of artificial trees

32 Types of Fake Trees

1. Artificial Agave Plant

Agave is admired for its attractive leaf symmetry and not flowers. If you’re looking to add a green touch to any bare space, this is a beautiful statement piece for its thick, fleshy realistic leaves, and subtle color. Due to the spikey tips, most people recognize agave plants like cacti.

Think About Real Agave Plants

Undeniably, agave plants can never be grown or kept alive for a long time unless you live in the desert! They contain prickly spines, which may be harmful to pets and children.

Advantages of Artificial Agave Plant

  • Available in height from 3 ft to 3 in
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Don’t contain prickly spines, which can be harmful to pets and children
  • Come with pot and also without a pot to plant it in your garden
  • Affordable prices

2. Artificial Aralia Plant

No doubt about it, the slender, large, luxurious foliage of aralia plants is soothing to the eye and adds a bold tropical look to your home. It is also called fatsia japonica in Japanese, where (fat) means eight, referring to the eight lobes of the leaves. Plant them in woven baskets or rustic pots and place them in the corners to look more appealing.

Think about Artificial Aralia Plant

If you’re thinking of keeping a real aralia plant under sun exposure, it’s not a good decision. Real aralia needs full shade or indirect sunlight to be healthy. But a UV-resistant artificial aralia plant can smile under the sun in your garden.

Advantages of Artificial Aralia Plant

  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Made up of silk and other synthetic fabrics and look lively for a lifetime
  • Designed with 100% botanical imitation, real touch technology
  • No need to worry about natural factors
  • Adds a tropical look with no maintenance

3. Artificial Bamboo Plant

Trending bamboo needs no introduction! They are perfect for adding a twist in modern furnishings and giving an undeniable royal appearance! Being the fastest growing plant on the planet, it is admired for its compressive strength, sustainability, and texture. Like its nature, bamboo brings strength, longevity, growth, resilience to the home and is a beautiful housewarming gift.

Fun fact: How many of you know that bamboos are not trees but giant grass?  They grow like shallow grass but grow with woody culms instead.

Think About Real Bamboo

As mentioned earlier, bamboo grows fast, which can turn out aggressive too! They can create fast-growing privacy against your nosy neighbors, but at the same time, don’t obey fences and property lines too.

Getting rid of it may take years since their shoots will come up, even if you dig deeper. Artificial bamboos can never grow and are even able to shift from one place to another place.

Advantages of Bamboo Plants

  • Available in heights from 8 ft to 3.75 ft
  • Designed with wood and synthetic fabrics and look real
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Don’t overgrow from the size of a houseplant
  • Provides a royal look to your home with no maintenance
  • Affordable prices

4. Artificial Banana Plant

Artificial banana plants are hot for the summery look, brought by their vibrant green, stellar foliage. The wide, thick leaves in the banana plant look fresher all the time and bring a sizable touch of tropics in your home, office, etc. In Asian culture, banana plants symbolize eternal life and are a beautiful gift idea for newlyweds to wish for long-lasting love and relationships.

Think about Banana Plant 

Banana plants need a moderate climate to grow, and you might not reach the expected results if you’re living in cold temperatures below 68°F. Their fruits attract flies, and their delicate leaves can tear easily in windy conditions.

If you live in a place with cold temperatures and want to add a tropical look to your indoors, why not go for an artificial banana plant? 

Advantages of Artificial Banana Plant

  • Available in heights from 8 ft to 1 ft
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Designed with synthetic fabrics and looks realistic
  • It doesn’t attract insects
  • It doesn’t tear in harsh winds
  • Looks alive for a lifetime with no maintenance
  • Affordable prices
  • Saves maintenance bills for watering

5. Artificial Birch Tree

Birch trees are wildlife’s best friend!  They provide food, shelter, and nesting space for a variety of living things. The smooth barks of the birch trees are attracted and eaten by beavers and porcupines.

Aphids grow on their leaves, and caterpillars eat them. Hummingbirds and squirrels consume sweet liquids which are pooled into the holes of the bark. And last but not least, woodpeckers have their family on top of the tree. Sense the rainforest’s tranquility by having the artificial birch tree at your home.

Think about Real Birch Trees: 

Realbirch trees are greedy consumers of water and need special irrigation facilities. They can attract birch borers which leave holes in the trunk, causing leaves and branches to wilt and affect the tree. With artificial birch plants, you don’t have any problems.

Advantages of Artificial Birch Plants

  • Recommended for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • No maintenance required
  • Made up of synthetic fabrics, which maintains the real look for a lifetime
  • It doesn’t attract animals, insects, pets and get affected
  • Single time investment, save water and maintenance bills

6. Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant

If you’ve ever mistaken a plant’s flower, which looks like a bird that is about to fly, you have come across an artificial bird of paradise plant. Without any doubt, this will make your home alluring with this beautiful centerpiece and attract your guest’s attention. The leaves of this plant resemble the banana leaves, which fans out in different directions and completes the deluxe look. As the name sounds, this plant is heavenly beautiful!

Think about Real Bird of Paradise

The distinctive orange flowers, which look like a flying crane, are the highlight of the plant. Bird of paradise blooms can bloom indoors, although it is rare. Additionally, the leaves are thin at the edges and tend to tear in harsh wind conditions or curl inwards due to chilly temperatures.

Advantages of Bird Of Paradise Plants

  • Available in heights from 7 ft to 3 ft.7 In
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Made up of plastic, silk, and polyester, which retains the lively look
  • The leaves don’t curl inwards due to natural factors
  • The flower is already designed in artificial trees, and you don’t have to wait for the blooming period like in real plants
  • Single time investment, and save energy and maintenance charges

7. Artificial Boxwood Topiary Tree

The fantastic quality of topiary boxwood trees is their evergreen, whimsical shape, providing instant structure to any formal or informal landscape. Boxwood trees withstand frequent trimming and shearing, which makes them look great for topiaries and hedges.

They can accentuate entrances, driveways and are an excellent choice for year-round container displays.

Think About Real Boxwood Trees

Even though the distinctive shape of a topiary boxwood tree impresses us, some people complain that boxwood trees give off a bad smell, similar to a cat’s pee.

Advantages of Artificial Boxwood Trees

  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Made up of synthetic fabrics and look real
  • It doesn’t need frequent trimming
  • It doesn’t give off a bad odor
  • They can stay the same in all weather conditions
  • No need for maintenance and look alive for a lifetime

8. Artificial Cedar Tree

Cedar trees are widely recognized by their triangular slope, with their beautiful weeping branches that look majestic and fluffy. They add elegance to any corner which has enough space. Cedar trees have also emerged to be a widely chosen, easy alternative for Christmas trees.

Even though they don’t look so full and have delicate branches, keep in mind, everything is in your hand. Decorate your artificial cedar tree with lightweight ornaments like tinsel garlands, pinecones, ribbons, glitter balls, tree skirt, LED light string, and the eye-catchy treetop!

Think About Real Cedar Trees

Growing cedar trees isn’t difficult, but they can grow out of space. They hold an increased risk of catching fire when you wrap them with LED strings. Additionally, dogs love their tasty barks, and this might affect their growth.

Advantages of Artificial Cedar Trees

  • Available in heights from 7.5 ft to 11 inches
  • Easy to set up alternative for Christmas trees
  • Recommended for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Made up of synthetic fibers which retain a fresh look for a lifetime
  • Fire-resistant plants are available
  • It doesn’t attract pets
  • Single time investment, no maintenance needed

9. Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree

Who else wants to feast your eyes on these light pinkish babies in your living room? You don’t need to get tickets to Japan and America to catch pictures of their beautiful spring seasons.

Cherry blossoms, also called sakura, not only represent beauty and pleasures but also help us to spend time with our loved ones. They are also beautiful gift ideas, a way of telling them to expect the best future with optimism.

Think about Real Cherry  Blossoms

The blooming period of cherry blossoms lasts for only one to two weeks. Cherry trees need full sun and can’t grow indoors. According to southern living, even if they grow quickly, they can’t last for long. No worries, get these alluring artificial cherry blossom trees which are available at the best prices.

Advantages of Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

  • Available in heights from 10 ft to 1 ft. 6 in
  • Available for both outdoor usage and indoor usage
  • You don’t need to wait for their blooming period to admire the beauty.
  • Since the real plants don’t give off any smell, this artificial cherry blossom tree can fool even the discerning eye.
  • Single time investment for affordable prices, no maintenance needed

10. Artificial Coconut Trees

Coconut trees are second to none for their liberal offering to humans, so-called the tree of life. Without a shadow of a doubt, coconut trees are a wild, wonderful statement to your home to make it look like a mini jungle. Just picture in your mind, with a not-too-tall coconut tree with their fronds rustling by the wind given by your ceiling fan.

Coconut trees symbolize strength, fertility, longevity, productivity, and good health and are an excellent choice to give to people.

Think About Real Coconut Trees

If you’re thinking of keeping a Coconut tree in your house, it is not a good choice. Coconut trees can overgrow from the size of the houseplant. Without proper attention at the right time, coconuts and their huge fronds can fall on someone’s head and cause traumatic injuries.

Advantages of Artificial Coconut Trees

  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Made up of synthetic fabrics and provides a life-like look
  • It doesn’t cause accidents due to the sudden falling of coconuts and fronds
  • Don’t overgrow from the size of a houseplant
  • It doesn’t need irrigation facilities
  • Single time investment, at affordable prices

11. Artificial Croton Plants

Scattered with autumn hues, like orange, yellow, green, bright specks, and stripes, this plant catches the attention of everyone with its variegated foliage.

These boldly colored croton plants take the interior design to the next level, especially if your house is done with natural muted tones or monochromatic. Honestly, this vibrantly colored plant is second to none when you want to transform the ordinary look of your home.

Think About Real Crotons

What should we say? A blessing in disguise? According to green child magazine, every part of crotons is poisonous to pets as well as children. These plants are highly attractive to your little ones, which may tempt them to nibble their leaves. And this may cause symptoms like upset stomach, loose stools and nausea.

Advantages of Artificial Crotons

  • Available in heights from 5 ft. 6 in to 1 ft
  • Available for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Non-toxic
  • Pets and children safe
  • They will not lose leaves in cold conditions like real plants
  • Single time investment for affordable prices, no maintenance needed

12. Artificial Cypress Trees

Next time, you don’t have to book a flight ticket to the west coast to take a picture of the majestic cypress trees. They are even used as a substitute for Christmas trees and to create borders and privacy screens. Cypress tree stands apart due to its unique, cone-shaped feathery appearance. People believe that cypress trees are connected with eternal life after death.

Think About Real Cypress Trees

Real cypress trees are rare to find, and it’s better to go for an artificial cypress tree at the last minute!

Advantages of Artificial Cypress Plants

  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Made up of synthetic fabrics and looks realistic
  • Used as an alternative for Christmas trees
  • It doesn’t need regular trimming
  • Easily available
  • Affordable price
  • No watering, fertilizing required

13. Artificial Dogwood Tree (Cornus)

According to the biblical story, dogwood trees existed in Jesus’ time. And it was the dogwood which was chopped down to make into a cross. Dogwood flowers are a reminder of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

During the Victorian period, dogwood flowers represented affection and love by a man for a woman. On the whole, dogwood trees are beautiful decorative trees, unique for their grey bark which resembles an alligator hide.

Think About Real Dogwood Trees

Even though your sapling looks tiny right now, it can grow until  30 ft. They can neither grow in dry climates nor indoors.

Advantages of Artificial Dogwood Trees

  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Made up of artificial fabric to mimic the appearance of a real plant
  • Designed with 100% botanical imitation technology
  • They don’t grow more than a size of a houseplant
  • No maintenance required

14. Artificial Dracaena Plant

 Featuring the narrowest, glossy leaves branching out from the slender grey stems, this dracaena plant has been a green thumb’s favorite for a long time. They are a right fit that acts a striking look to any table with a splash of the darkest green texture. Dracaena is a word from Greek that denotes a female dragon due to the red resins found between the stem that was likened to be dragon blood.

Think About Real Dracaenas

Do you have cats at home? Think twice before you want to have a real dracaena plant. The dracaena leaves contain toxic alkyds, which can cause dracaena poisoning when your cat ingests their leaves.

Advantages of Artificial Dracaenas

  • Available heights: 6 ft to 1ft. 7 in
  • Available for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Designed with real touch technology to look real
  • Pets safe, no toxicity
  • No need for regular watering, fertilizing
  • Save maintenance bills and energy

15. Artificial Eucalyptus Tree (or Artificial Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Tree)

The reason eucalyptus plants are another popular houseplant is their attractive, circular to oval-shaped, green-gray leaves. And obviously, their distinctive citrusy aroma makes our noses turn to identify a eucalyptus plant nearby. And you would have guessed where the name“ silver dollar eucalyptus tree” comes from. It’s due to the appearance of the leaves, which are circular shaped and silvery-white underneath.

Think About Real Eucalyptus:

According to gardening know-how, silver dollar plants need full sun and cannot withstand temperatures below 50°F(10°C). So, if you’re thinking of planting it indoors, you might not get the expected results. Some of you may also not be fond of the smell of eucalyptus plants spreading all over your house.

Advantages of Artificial Eucalyptus Plants

  • Available heights from 6ft. 11 into 7 in
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Designed with synthetic fabrics to make it look alive
  • Don’t give off the minty scent every time
  • No need to worry about natural factors
  • Space-saving plant
  • Single time investment, no maintenance required

16. Artificial Ficus Tree

Popularly known as the weeping fig, it works on the opposite for us. It is also known as a cheerful tree, which enhances your mood every time you look at it. This plant is a common houseplant for its bushy figure, glossy, waxy leaves,  and flexible branches. Flexible branches? Yes, you can even train them to grow how you like them. Many decor lovers don’t use this as an ordinary ficus plant. It is believed that Buddha attained enlightenment under the ficus tree.

Think about Real Ficus Trees

Ficus trees are slow growers. Another common issue is, their leaves can drop in large amounts. A change in temperature and humidity level can create a mess. It is not a suitable option for people with latex allergies.

Advantages of Artificial Ficus Trees

  • Available in heights from 6ft. 6 in to 3 ft
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Designed with artificial materials that retain the alive look for a lifetime
  • No need to clear their mess
  • No need to worry about latex allergy
  • Looks real with no maintenance

17. Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The distinctive feature of a fiddle leaf fig tree is its big, fiddle-shaped leaves which are veiny heavily. Yes, that’s where its name comes from. Instagrammers, bloggers, and decor lovers love this plant for its picturesque look. Believe it or not, it’s really hard to distinguish an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree from a real one.

Think About Real Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

They are slow growers and cannot produce flowers and fruits when you grow them indoors. You need to protect them from spider mites, pillbugs, butterflies, gnats since they like to suck on the plant fluid.

Advantages of Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

  • Available in heights from 7 ft to 1 ft 6 In
  • Available for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Made up of plastic, silk, and natural wood to look exactly like an alive fiddle leaf fig plant
  • No need to protect them from pests
  • No maintenance required

18. Artificial Hibiscus Tree

No more dull-looking flowers when you forgot to water them for a day! Hibiscus plants are gorgeous flowering, ornamental plants which show off the beauty of your interior design with the prettiest look. And the darkest green of their glossy leaves is a perfect backdrop for their flowers.

Hibiscus flowers are one of the popular gifts to receive by both men and women, which represents personal growth, fame, success, and glory.

Think About Real Hibiscus Trees

Even though hibiscus trees are easy to maintain, they need regular watering in dry climates for their flowers to not look dull. They easily attract spider mites and aphids, which can cause leaf damage and discoloration.

Advantages of Artificial Hibiscus Plants

  • Designed with silk flowers that look real
  • No need to wait for their blooming period
  • Designed with real touch technology
  • It doesn’t attract insects
  • It doesn’t require sunlight
  • No need maintenance

19. Artificial Holly Tree

Holly tree is an ornamental plant that will be all the rage during the Christmas season. People are impressed with the idea of decking the halls with boughs of holly trees today.

Christians believe that the holly tree is a symbol of Jesus Christ. When the sharp leaves represent the crown of thorns worn by Christ, the berries represent blood. Give holly trees to your special ones to wish them a happy household.

Think about Real Holly Trees

Real holly trees contain spiky thorns on their leaves which can be injurious to pets and children. Holly berries can be toxic to pets, animals, and also children.

Advantages of Artificial Holly Trees

  • Recommended for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Designed with synthetic fabrics which look realistic
  • Not harmful to pets and children
  • Designed with plastic berries which are not toxic to children
  • No maintenance required

20. Artificial Lemon Tree

Lemon trees are a beautiful addition to your landscape. They make your house look warm as summer sunshine and perfect centerpieces to take the interior design of your kitchen to the next level. Lemons neutralize negative energy and symbolize longevity, love cleansing, freshness, and friendship.

Think About Real Lemon Trees

Lemon trees need tons of water and tons and tons of sunlight. They cannot be grown indoors and need a lot of space. They need constant watering, fertilizing, and maximum sunlight. However, artificial trees don’t need any of these.

Advantages of Artificial Lemon Trees

  • Available in heights from 6 ft to 11.4 in
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Designed with brightly colored lemons
  • It doesn’t need a lot of space
  • No need to worry about natural factors
  • No maintenance required

21. Artificial Magnolia Tree

The large leathery leaves and showy flowers are the most beautiful features of the magnolia tree, making it a common ornamental plant. They look similar to willow trees but have bigger leaves than willow. An interesting fact about magnolia trees is, they are 100 million years old and existed before bees. Wondering who helped with their pollination? Beetles were their best friends.

Think about Real Magnolia Trees

It’s a sure thing that magnolia cannot be grown as a houseplant. Its shallow roots can spread wide and destroy even sidewalks and driveways.

Advantages of Artificial Magnolia Trees

  • Designed with silk flowers to look natural and glossy
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Available in your required height
  • It doesn’t need a lot of space
  • Don’t overgrow from their size
  • No maintenance required and looks alive for a lifetime

22. Artificial Maple Tree

Undoubtedly, this maple tree brings an ancient, authentic look to your home with its brilliantly colored foliage. Another awe-inspiring fact is, maple trees are one of the oldest trees on earth, so old that they live with dinosaurs.

According to psychologists, watching the alluring ovate and pointed leaves brings peace, self-confidence, and strength to a person. If someone close to you is a decor lover, no doubt, present them this maple tree which will bring an instant smile to their face.

Think about Real Maple Trees

Even though their foliage is attractive, they have weak branches that harsh winter conditions can likely damage. This can further make maple trees more susceptible to  infections or the rotting of wood.

Advantages of Artificial Maple Trees

  • Available in heights from 6 ft to 1ft. 8 in, miniature models are also available
  • Made up of silk and other synthetic fabrics to mimic the appearance of a real plant
  • Built-in with strong branches, not like the real ones
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Available with LED strings to make your evening special
  • No maintenance required

23. Artificial Money Tree

Everyone in our lifetime would have wished for a money tree with real money growing on it. Even though it’s a pipe dream, get a money plant to welcome fortune into your home. You can let climbing money plants hang loose on your walls or even use them as living curtains. A potted money plant looks perfect on your bedside table to make your morning refreshing.

Have you ever wondered where the name comes from? When a poor man prayed for money, he saw the money plant, took it home, and made money selling plants grown from its seeds. The poor irony is not many of us know that hard-working poor man than the money plant.

Think about Real Money Plants

Money plants don’t like direct sunlight and can turn brown quickly. If you plan to use them in exterior gardens or cover-up facades, go for artificial money plants that won’t fade under sunlight. You can even use UV-resistant sprays on artificial plants to prevent fading.

Advantages of Artificial Money Plants

  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Designed with plastic and synthetic fabrics
  • No delicate stems and leaves like real ones which will be prone to damage
  • Prevents fading with UV resistant technology
  • Looks real and natural
  • No maintenance required

24. Artificial Monstera Plant (or Artificial Swiss cheese plant)

Chances are there; you might have noticed the trending graphic design of the swiss cheese plant from wallpapers, logos to blankets. There’s a reason why they are popular in interior design. Its overgrown, full, and wild look makes your house look plant-packed, even if you’ve one. The perforated holes in the leaves resemble a swiss cheese, and that’s how its nickname comes from.

Monstera plants are a perfect gift idea for elders and a way of wishing them a long life with honor and respect.

Think About Real Monstera Plants

Real monstera plants are pricey due to their rarity. The prices vary from 100 USD to 500 USD which depends on the size, type, and variegation pattern. Additionally, they need a lot of nutrients and fertilizers for a long time. If not taken care of properly, it can also die. However, the artificial monstera looks real and doesn’t die!

Advantages of Artificial Monstera Plants

  • Available in heights from 4 ft.6 in to 11 in
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Designed with UV resistant technology to prevent fading
  • Non-toxic
  • Made up of synthetic fabrics and look natural
  • Looks full and wild
  • Single time investment, no maintenance charges

25. Artificial Oak Tree

Remember that huge tree near your home you loved to climb with the best buddies from your childhood? It’s possible that it might be an Oak tree. Everyone loves them since they provide a huge shade for us and offer food and shelter to squirrels, birds, and insects. They are also a good symbol of strength, resistance, longevity, and wisdom.

Think about Real Oak Trees

Oak trees are unpredictable. Some Oak trees grow so fast that even the potted ones will root bound in one season. A larger oak tree will drop a large number of acorns and dried leaves, which makes a huge mess.

Advantages of Artificial Oak Trees

  • No overgrowing from the size
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Designed with synthetic fabrics and looks natural
  • Designed with 100% botanical imitation technology
  • It doesn’t attract animals and pests
  • Plastic acorns don’t make a mess
  • No maintenance required

26. Artificial Olive Tree

Step aside, succulents! Olive trees are the hottest trend since 2017 until now. People love them for their pretty look with attractive purplish olives, their right size to look elegant in compact spaces. You can keep them beside your sofa, on your office desk, beside your fireplace ( make sure it’s ROHS certified), near your bookshelf, or on the kitchen cabinet.

Think About Real Olive Trees

Olive trees can only grow and flower in Mediterranean climates and can’t survive temperatures below 17 degrees. Additionally, dropping olives can create a mess and rot on the ground, which will attract flies.

Advantages of Artificial Olive Trees 

  • You can choose the height of your tree from 6 ft to 1 ft.1 in
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Designed with synthetic fabrics and wood to make them look real
  • No bothering about natural factors, watering, fertilizing
  • Plastic olives don’t drop and attract flies
  • No maintenance required

27. Artificial Orange Tree

Add warmth to your kitchen with these artificial orange trees. The orange plant pairs up best with pastel colors and lighter tones. They help to soothe the colors of the brightly colored oranges. Another interesting fact is orange colors help to stimulate appetite and are an excellent centerpiece to keep on top of your dining table.

Think About Real Orange Trees

The major pro, you get oranges for 5-10 years. Now the con is, they attract insects. Fruity trees can create a mess and chemical spraying, which is harmful to you.

Advantages of Artificial Orange Trees

  • Available in heights from 4ft to 5 in
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
  • It doesn’t need watering, fertilizing, and pruning
  • It doesn’t create a mess with rotten oranges
  • It doesn’t attract flies
  • No efforts required to maintain them
  • Available at affordable prices

28. Artificial Palm Tree

Just picture how your home transforms into a tropical beach when the warm breeze blows through the spiked fronds and provides a rustling sound. Interior designers are mad with this new trend of wrapping the tree trunk with twinkling LED lights to create a striking point in your garden. Palm trees are excellent choices to create an indoor tropical look for people who live in an apartment with no garden.

Think About Real Palm Trees

Real palm trees cannot survive cold temperatures, and larger ones of palm require professional assistance. Being large skyscrapers, the huge, spiky fronds might fall off when you don’t trim them and can be a direct threat to passers-by.

Advantages of Real Palm Trees

  • Available in heights from 8 ft to 2 ft
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
  • The leaves don’t cause any dangerous accidents
  • Available with LED strings to bring a festive look
  • Designed with 100% botanical imitation technology by experts and florists
  • No maintenance required looks lively for lifetime

29. Artificial Rubber Tree

The large, leathery leaves with the variegated pattern are the most distinctive feature of the rubber plant. Whether indoors or outdoors, it complements any decor theme with its waxy leaves and larger-than-life appeal. Their round, blunted leaves are a chic statement for the corners to soften sharp angles. Rubber plants are also known as wealth plants.

Think About Real Rubber Plants

Even though rubber plants can be grown indoors without direct sun exposure, they have an increased growth rate and can outgrow their role as houseplants. People with latex allergies should avoid growing rubber plants.

Advantages of Artificial Rubber Plants

  • Available in heights from 7 ft to 1 ft
  • Made up of synthetic fabrics and mimic the appearance of a real plant
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Don’t overgrow
  • No waxy leaves
  • Great alternative for people with latex allergy
  • No maintenance required

30. Artificial Weeping Willow Tree

Do you wonder why it’s weeping when it looks so gorgeous with drooping branches and pretty green foliage? The actual reason is the roots couldn’t hold the trees steadily in wet soil since they are very shallow-rooted. Some people keep them in entrances to ward off evil spirits, and some place them to give a welcoming look while guests walk through their front porch.

Think about Real Weeping Willow Trees

Since weeping willows have long shallow roots, it’s less possible to survive harsh weather conditions. Additionally, they are a great home to moths, caterpillars, and willow bark beetles which can affect them when they show up in large numbers.

Advantages of Artificial Weeping Willow Trees

  • Recommended for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Designed with synthetic fabrics and looks natural
  • No shallow root systems
  • No need to care about harsh weather conditions
  • It doesn’t attract insects and animals
  • No maintenance required

31. Artificial Wisteria Tree

You will actually agree if we tell wisteria plants to pop out from a fairytale. Because they are breathtakingly beautiful beyond words! Look at the magnificent, purplish hues of the enchanting vines drooping with blooming flowers which can transform your ordinary landscape into a paradise on Earth.

It is also believed that these aggressive growers can create poisons that can be deadly to demons. Since wisterias can live for more than 100 years, it symbolizes longevity and endurance.

Think About Real Wisteria Plants

As mentioned earlier, they are aggressive growers who can cause damage to your house by creeping through. Once you’ve planted them, they are hard to remove, and it’s not at all recommended to grow even near your house.

Advantages of Wisteria Plants

  • Available in heights from 7 ft to 24 inches
  • Made up of high-quality synthetic fabrics and looks natural
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Available in the forms of garlands and trees
  • Don’t contain wisteria and lectin, which can cause allergies to pets and children.
  • Don’t overgrow from the size of a houseplant.
  • No maintenance required, and look alive for a lifetime.

32. Artificial Yucca Plant

Yucca plants are recognized by their large, sword-shaped leaves growing on top of thick, woody stems. Another attractive feature is, they grow large clusters of whitish flowers vertically from the stem. According to decor lovers and professionals, the yucca plant is a rockstar when you place it in a full sun garden.

Think About Real Yucca Plants

Some species of yucca plants contain thorny tips, which can be harmful to your pets and children. They can cause serious injuries to you if you handle them carelessly. Even spineless plants contain toxins called saponins which cause serious gastrointestinal symptoms in cats when ingested.

Advantages of Artificial Yucca Plants

  • Available in heights from 5 ft to I ft
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Made up of synthetic fabrics to look natural
  • Don’t contain thorny tips which are harmful to pets and children
  • Don’t contain harmful chemicals like saponins
  • No maintenance required

Factors to Consider When Buying Artificial Plants

To put everything in a nutshell,

  • Type of plant- Start looking for more natural-looking plants with woody branches and attractive, green foliage. Plants with fruits hanging on them can give a plastic-ey look when you keep them at eye level.
  • Material- Silk leaves will offer a more natural, glossy texture than plastic leaves. They look great under sunlight. Plastic leaves can withstand harsh weather conditions and are less prone to wear and tear.
  • Usage- To be honest, we hate the fading of artificial plants as much as you do. So, we have outdoor plants designed with UV-resistant technology to prevent fading even if you keep them under sunlight. You can also use UV-resistant sprays.
  • Height of the plant- Last but not least, have a wild guess about the depth and dimensions of your home and the space you have allotted for the green newcomer.Selecting the right size of the plant will liven up space and your mood.
  • Leaves and branches- The more leaves and branches, the fuller it will look. Some branches are even outfitted with metal wires and detachable branches to make the fluffing process easier.

How Much Does an Artificial Tree Cost?

Artificial trees cost between 5 USD to 500 USD which depends on the type, height, brand, quality, design, suitability for outdoor and indoor usage, and additional advantages like the inclusion of pots and LED string. However, we can help you determine which artificial plant is the right choice for your home according to your preferences and budget.

Why Are Artificial Trees So Expensive?

Rather than considering it as expensive, artificial trees are single-time worth investing choices to save money. To be clear-cut, artificial trees are lifetime investments.  Even though a real plant is cheaper than an artificial one, the usage of water, a variety of fertilizers, and professional assistance, if needed, can cost a pretty penny.

types of artificial fake trees

Final Thoughts

Obviously, real plants clean the air, is good for the environment, and look pretty awesome. But only people with green thumbs know that they require lots and lots of energy and effort to keep them alive.

If you’re a person who loves the idea of welcoming green friends to your home, but the thoughts of high maintenance hold you back, artificial plants are what you need.

Artificial trees are short-cut, last-minute modern decor ideas, especially for most of us who’re good at killing plants. They are a godsend for commercial centers, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and public areas.

A better way to say fake flowers done well can be art!

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