7 ways to make an artificial tree look fuller

7 Ways to Make an Artificial Tree Look Fuller (Useful Guide)

If you want to know how to make an artificial tree look fuller, you’re at the right place! All of us want to make our trees look fuller and prettier, especially when we buy an artificial tree. A fake tree will never give a realistic look when it stands up straight from the box.

Artificial trees are trending among all decor lovers for plenty of reasons: first and foremost, they are easy as ABC to maintain and picturesque to look at. Artificial trees let you off the hook of watering regularly, changing the soil frequently, and clearing their mess. Above everything, they don’t die! They are made up of synthetic fibers that last for years. Still, many of you might avoid dealing with artificial trees for their unrealistic look. If that sounds like you, mark our words. Artificial trees can look more real and natural than real trees with some no-sweat tips and tricks!

Aren’t you on the edge of your seat to know how to make your fake tree look fuller for your next guest to gaze at?

Let’s dive in straight!

How to Make an Artificial Tree Look Fuller?

1. Fluff Your Tree

This is the most important trick you should never skip if you want to make your artificial trees look fuller. Straight trees with stiff branches and leaves are a telltale sign that your tree is a fake one.  Christmas trees are very common with fluffing procedures. Just imagine how they will look after being stored in a box 11 months after a year. Obviously, it will look unpleasant! That’s why fluffing is the key.

How to Fluff Your Christmas Tree?

  1. Wear a pair of cotton gloves since their needles can be a little pricky. You also need a stool if your tree is tall.
  2. Place your tree at the right position near to the power switch so that anyone couldn’t trip over the extension cords.
  3. Cue the bottom section to the stand and fluff one section at a time. Make sure you have tightened the connectors properly.
  4. Let the branches fall into place.
  5. Now, it’s time to fluff their branches. Pay attention to each branch from inside to the outside. Start from the center of the tree and separate the branches upward and outward. One up and one down.
  6. Repeat the same for the center section. Go all the way upwards. Step back and see your tree. Make sure to cover up the gaps, especially the center pole. You can also take pictures in between to compare the shape before and after doing some changes.
  7. Put on the top section of the tree and the topmost branches pointing upwards to achieve a V-shaped pattern. Of course, you can also fix your tree topper there!
  8. Doing one section at a time can be overwhelming. But it helps to avoid confusion, and you will end up with a properly set up, gorgeous tree.

How to Fluff Other Artificial Trees?

  1. Unbox your tree and remove the plastic sheet wrapped over your tree.
  2. No real tree points straight up with leaves looking upwards. Pull the branches of the plant outwards. Make sure the center branch is pointing upwards, and the other branches are branching out of it.
  3. Put each individual branch in different positions so they don’t overlap with each other.
  4. Use your fingers from the inside of the branch to the outside to create a natural-looking curve. Also, gently curve the leaves pointing downwards to avoid a stiff appearance.
  5. Additionally, you can feel a thin wire while you’re shaping, which holds the structure of the plant. Feel the wire and gently work on it for all the main branches.
  6. Step back from your plant and look for gaps in between your plant.
  7. And there’s your easily fluffed up, natural-looking tree!

2. Tie Ornaments to The Branches

Tie Ornaments to The Branches

If you feel like your tree isn’t looking fuller enough, tie-up with some beautiful-looking ornaments. Ornaments help reduce the gaps between the branches and catch the attention of your guests with their standout appearance. Large decorations like pinecone and ribbons bring the beauty and grace of your tree to the next level.

3. You Can Also Fix Real Branches

Another great idea is, you can fix the real branches from trees in your backyard to fill in the gaps. Keep an eye on them so they don’t look odd and match the color on your tree. The real branches add a pop of texture and make your tree look more natural and fuller.

4. Flock Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Another good idea is flocking your tree. Powdering or spraying your trees with a white hue helps to achieve a snowy illusion indoors. Always start from the top of the tree so that some missed flock powder will fall on the branches, which will get a realistic snow fallen look and also reduces extra work. Flocking is commonly done in Christmas trees which helps make trees look full covered by a white blanket of snow.

5. Plant Your Fake Trees on Pots

plant your fake trees on pots

Fake trees will not give a taller, fuller look when they are not planted in right-sized pots. Leaving the plant in the small, plastic pots is another telltale sign that your plant is fake.  Mostly, faux trees come in small-sized, lightweight pots that are hideous. So, spend some time finding the right pot. The taller the plant, the bigger the pot. Learn more about how to plant fake trees in the right way.

6. Use Garlands and Tinsels

use garlands and tinsels

Decide whether you want to wrap your tree with garland or tinsels. Adding both can be a bit much. Hang one tinsel strand at a time and six strands per branch to not give an overwhelming look. Sometimes, if you like garlands, you have plenty of choices: cranberry, popcorn, floral, candy, etc. Wrap the garland around the tree, leaving evenly spaced dips between.

 7. Wear Tree Collars

Yes, tree stands are bare when looking. Get tree collars or tree skirts. Tree collars are beautiful decorative bands that protect the base and make it look full. Tree collars are a new option to tree skirts. It is a fashion-forward, up-to-date, unfussy way to cover that base. Additionally, they keep pets and children at bay and prevent them from toppling over.

 8. Tree Toppers For a Unique Festive Look

tree toppers for a unique festive look

Top your Christmas tree with a big-sized, eye-catching tree topper to give an instant full look. Snowflakes, stars, angels, family names, snowmen, hats, spinning, Santa Claus, and decorative bows are outstanding ideas for a perfect tree topper. No matter the size of the tree, a unique-looking tree topper sets the tone for the rest of the tree and makes it look full.

Final Thoughts

Now, you may have been loaded with a bunch of tips and tricks on how to make your artificial tree look fuller and give a natural look. Artificial trees are wonderful, sweet deals for decor lovers. No more driving into the chilly, snowy weather when you’re looking for an artificial Christmas tree.  Artificial trees are the best choices for you if you don’t have a green thumb.

To conclude, fluffing trees, wearing ornaments, fixing real branches, flocking, planting them in right-sized pots, wearing tree toppers, garlands, and tinsels makes the tree look fuller and real. What are you still waiting for? Now it’s your turn!

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