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10 Best Wooden Wind Chimes For Your Home And Outdoor Decorations

Clink..Clink.. remember this sound of wind chimes? Aah! that soothing and relaxing melody that is emanated by the soft rustling of the tubes along with air sets positive energy in your ambience.

Wind chime repels negativity and are said to have an effect on money, health, and peace of home. Especially the wooden one.

Why not then make a wind chime a part of your home decor?

How to choose a perfect wind chime for your home

  1. Look for areas where it is windy.
  2. Measure and think about the size of a wind chime that would be suitable for your home.
  3. Look at the overall feel and atmosphere the area has.
  4. Choose the perfect wind chime which completes the look.
  5. Keep in mind that you can pick an offbeat kind of wind chime as well as it will give your place a unique look.

Benefits of wind chimes

  1. Wind chimes attract positive energy.
  2. Wind chimes are proven to uplift the mood of customers while entering into a shop
  3. Wind chimes with 5 rods are considered extremely lucky and can bring wealth and happiness


Surfing through the ocean of the internet, we have created this list of 10 best wooden wind chimes for your home and outdoor decor.

1. Butterfly Wind Chime

Recall those childhood days when you were just a free soul, intact from all the miseries and grims of life. Remember? How you would run after those butterflies? Those magical creatures who enchanted you?

Kindle that spirit of childhood and innocence in your life again with these butterflies wind chimes. The azure blue of the ocean painted on the bamboo tubes with butterflies in the same hues will surely calm your nerves.

The music produced by them is like pure magic and the woods that are picked carefully are just perfect for your inner child.

2. Home wind chime

Home is where the heart is. You can be anywhere in this whole world, it can be your favourite destination, that you dreamed of since you remember. You can be at that office, where you always wanted to work, but where does your heart is? Your home. The only place that can give you the doses of dopamine just by mere sight.

Keeping the same feeling in mind, this home wind chime is made. The wind chime has a small house like structure atop the wooden tubes which adds just extra layer of happiness to your already happy home.

The wooden tubes are painted with floral theme to add aesthetic appeal. The woods and the strings are of top notch quality.

3. Coconut wind chime

Mother Nature is so generous that at times it gives us so much what we cannot imagine. One such gift is coconut, a fruit and a nut which has multiple uses. Eat it to keep your body healthy, drink it for skin and apply it for healthy hair.

Another use of these coconuts is a graceful wooden wind chime. The shells of coconut, when crafted by a master, can become a unique piece of art that will increase the beauty of your home.

This coconut wind chime is an example of that. The shells are converted to soft and small disks attached to a string give a classy look. A perfect piece to gift someone on house warming party.

4. Owl wind chime

Potterheads are always in search to own something which is unique and depicts their love for wizards.

This owl wind chime is the answer to the search. The Hedwig present on this wind chime will represent your loyalty and love to the Potterhead community. Apart from this, Owls are smart, wise and kind of mysterious, so if you check any of these qualities, announce it to the world that hey! I may look like a stupid bird, but remember, one pounce and done! Game over.

The tubes are hand tuned so that every time wind plays with them, you get some beautiful notes in your ears.

5. Classic Bamboo Wind Chime

Old is gold. And when it comes to home decor, some people are really into classic pieces with vintage style craft.

A classic bamboo wind chime is perfect for you if you want your home to give vintage vibes. The wind chimes have skillfully crafted six bamboo tubes which jingle in synchronism when air finds its way along with them.

The strings and hooks are also in simple yet attractive design which catch eye in just one look.

6. Bird Wind Chime

I wish..I was a bird! Nothing to worry, just chirping here and there, peeking through woods and staying in the lap of mother nature.

How many times have you imagined something like this? We bet, the free spirit and playfulness of these aerial creatures must have sparked the spirit to break through all the shackles, if not many times then at least once.

If we had that ability we would have done that for you, but at this present moment we have this bird wind chime for you. The red firey bird sitting atop like on the canopy will inspire you to keep your head and spirit high which would always be nourished by the serene music of wooden tubes of this chime.

7. Shoop wind chime

Feng Shui says that to have bamboo in your home is lucky, it represents wealth, health, prosperity. Psychology says that music increases your productivity, happiness level and your over all mood, well, we want both than why not combine both?

A bamboo wind chime is perfect for this. This S hoop wind chime should be chosen for this purpose. The wind chime has a S hoop so that you don’t need t be ready with hammers and nails, just hang it at your favorite place and enjoy the sublime effect.

8. Turtle Wind Chime

Slow and steady wins the race, remember the fable of hare and tortoise? In today’s fast and tough lifestyle, this lesson becomes even more important.

Everyone is in the race to finish the job, to earn more, to buy more and to enjoy more but in this quest, are we really living our life? Life is not always in the run, sometimes all you have to do is sit back and relax.

A gentle reminder for that would be this turtle wind chime, a small cute turtle which sits on the top of the wind chime that life is not all about running, with patience you can achieve all the things.

Make this turtle wind chime a part of your cozy corner so that whenever you feel exhausted, this shell-friend of yours can rejuvenate you.

9. Marine Wind Chime

Ocean, the blue mysterious beauty, whose secrets we still cannot fathom.

The ocean is boundless, still, it stays in the limit. Waves come and kiss the sand just to go back.

With so composure that it holds, the ocean inculcates the same in us. And music along with it is just beyond words.

But all days cannot be beach days, so why not bring this enigma to your home? Own this marine wind chime. With hand made paintings and feelings engraved on this wind chime, hold this heavenly feel in your home.

10. Natural wind chime

Fancy furniture’s, theme based color schemes and top brands everywhere. Don’t you want to change this norm? Don’t you feel that simple is beautiful? And is minimalism life style your cup of tea?

If you have that positive nod for these questions then yes! We are with you. We understand that everyone is different and at times all you want is t just have that simple and good lifestyle, some nice supper and humble home.

A natural wind chime will give this feeling to your home, it is minimalistic and radiates positivity. The biggest advantage of this wind chime is that, even if your home does includes all high-class décor, this sweet little wind chime will mingle with them so nicely that you will feel like yes! This was the missing piece I was looking for.

Wind Chimes can make atmosphere tranquil, their softness is their strength. Spread the same message with your own wooden chime. Choose anyone from the list and tell the world that yes! Soft is strong.

Want to say something? Speak up the comment section below. We are all ears… 🙂


1. Where can I get good wind chimes?

You can choose from a wide variety of wind chimes. Offline stores and online platforms all are available for this purpose. Our list is an exhaustive search result which you can use to buy your favorite one.

2. How can I hang them?

You can hang the wind chimes with a hook that you can attach using a drill machine. A S hoop wind chime is the easiest in this. You can just hang them wherever you feel like.

3. How many rods must be present in wind chimes?

You can choose any number of rods in the wind chime. However, 5 rods are considered the harbinger of luck. They are believed to bring wealth and happiness.

4. Can wind chime have a positive effect on one’s life?

According to Feng Shui, that is the ancient science of home decor, wind chimes have a magical effect on the ambiance of your home and on your personality. The sweet tinkling music radiates good vibes and makes you feel happy.

5. Can I gift wind chimes?

Of course, why not? Wind chimes are perfect for house warming parties. It will give the message that you wish them all happiness and wealth in their life. Plus, whenever the tinkling music will hit in their ears, they will be reminded of you making it a memorable token of love.

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